17:01:41 <rmartinelli> #startmeeting CentOS PaaS SIG
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17:01:45 <DanyC> hey
17:01:49 <rmartinelli> Hi DanyC
17:01:55 <rmartinelli> hi brig-man
17:01:59 <tdawson> Hi rmartinelli
17:02:01 <rmartinelli> hi sdodson
17:02:05 <rmartinelli> hi tdawson
17:02:08 <rmartinelli> hi kincl
17:02:09 <sdodson> hello
17:02:13 <tdawson> Nice to see a new face running the meeting :)
17:02:19 <rmartinelli> =D
17:03:56 <rmartinelli> tdawson: Do you usually add all the members in the chair, no matter if they are available or not?
17:04:17 <tdawson> rmartinelli: I usually just add the ones that have resonded.
17:04:27 <brig-man> hi all.  My session just reconnected.
17:05:07 <rmartinelli> #chair rmartinelli tdawson DanyC sdodson brig-man
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17:05:36 <rmartinelli> #topic Openshift on CentOS Current status
17:05:53 <rmartinelli> Do we have any news about OpenShift on CentOS packages?
17:06:21 <tdawson> I haven't seen any news about any alpha or rc releases.
17:06:39 <tdawson> So, as far as I know, there haven't been any new packages built.
17:07:25 <rmartinelli> I saw the CVE about the S2i images. however, S2i is a binary script and I don't know if it's shipped in CentOS channels. Is this something to worry about?
17:07:26 <DanyC> nothing new there unfortunately
17:08:21 <tdawson> As far as I know we don't ship it ... but i'm double checking right now to make sure.
17:10:13 <tdawson> The closest thing I'm seeing is some references to it in the code, but we dont' ship any scripts and/or packages named that.
17:10:40 <rmartinelli> Good.
17:12:08 <rmartinelli> Speaking of CVEs, do the new members need to watch any mailing list to monitor CVEs related to OpenShift packages?
17:13:01 <tdawson> That's a good question.  I personally didn't monitor any, but that doesn't mean that someone shouldn't.
17:13:56 <tdawson> I usually left that to sdodson, or to to mailling lists.
17:14:41 <sdodson> I'm not too in the loop on the latest round of CVEs and whether they're limited simply to s2i binary or not.
17:15:09 <sdodson> critical fixes for origin should definitely be announced to the users list
17:16:06 <rmartinelli> right, so just watch the openshift users mailing list. Not a big deal.
17:18:49 <rmartinelli> For the training to the new members. Does anyone have any feedback to share about the training? Something uncovered byt the latest sessions?
17:19:07 <tdawson> rmartinelli: Oh, I had one thing for automation ...
17:19:55 <tdawson> It looks like the scratch builds on the master branch keep failling.
17:20:35 <tdawson> Looking at the cbs build logs shows that the spec file is missing a setting for KUBE_GIT_MAJOR
17:20:40 <tdawson> http://cbs.centos.org/kojifiles/work/tasks/7918/407918/build.log
17:20:49 <DanyC> tdawson: yes that is been like this for a while
17:21:12 <tdawson> DanyC: OK ... as long as it's known
17:21:34 <tdawson> I knew it was failling for a while, I just had never looked to see what from.
17:22:23 <DanyC> reason is because a lot of changes are taking place in master branch. What i'd like to tackle is to try and see if we can drop what we are doing now in terms of modifying the origin.spec file and run more the scripts from the hack/ dir in same way OCP does.
17:23:29 <DanyC> however doing that i need to have https://github.com/openshift/origin/pull/19331 merged so that we can have a single code path. PR is close to be merged so hopefully i'll be able to crack on with soon and see where i get too
17:23:41 <tdawson> Cool
17:24:40 <tdawson> rmartinelli: Sorry, didn't mean to sidetrack you.  I thought you were going to ask about automation next, so I was waiting for that.
17:25:17 <DanyC> by doing so will avoid in the future being caught on the wrong foot
17:25:38 <rmartinelli> tdawson: no worries, lesson learned.
17:26:16 <rmartinelli> Do we have anything else about automation?
17:26:25 <DanyC> rmartinelli: no
17:27:00 <rmartinelli> alright
17:27:28 <rmartinelli> anything to share about the trainings? feedback? sugestion for additional topics?
17:28:25 <DanyC> rmartinelli: nothing i can think off for now from my side
17:28:42 <tdawson> I *think* I've shared most everything with everyone.  I think at this point it might be just getting to know each other, and the CentOS people.
17:29:01 <rmartinelli> I am in debt on this topic, but I am reading the past training and running the builds in my CentOS vm. I hope to have some feedback next week.
17:29:51 <rmartinelli> Yeah, as we keep attending the meetings we will gain more experience about that. The good thing is that we have everything documented.
17:30:53 <tdawson> I hope it is ... and if it isn't ... I won't be too far away.
17:31:08 <rmartinelli> +1
17:31:37 <rmartinelli> Anything else to discuss before end this meeting?
17:31:58 <DanyC> not from my side
17:32:15 <tdawson> I just, once again, want to thank everyone who stepped to help.  Thank you very much.
17:32:40 <DanyC> sure tdawson
17:32:59 <rmartinelli> =D
17:33:26 <rmartinelli> always glad to help.
17:33:44 <rmartinelli> #endmeeting