17:02:03 <rmartinelli> #startmeeting CentOS PaaS SIG
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17:02:07 <rmartinelli> hi DanyC_
17:02:15 <rmartinelli> hi brig-man
17:02:18 <brig-man> Hi
17:02:20 <rmartinelli> hi tdawson
17:02:26 <rmartinelli> hi sdodson
17:03:23 <tdawson> hi rmartinelli
17:03:51 <rmartinelli> #chair rmartinelli DanyC_ brig-man tdawson sdodson
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17:04:04 <rmartinelli> #topic OpenShift on CentOS Current Status
17:05:12 <DanyC_> rmartinelli: so here is the new info i'd like to share. So i've manually kicked few days ago the hobs for openshift-ansible rpms for 3.7/ 3.8 & 3.9 latest tags
17:06:14 <brig-man> DanyC_: Great!
17:06:15 <DanyC_> rmartinelli: the rpms should already be in the -candidate repo. I have not tag them nor sent out an email to dev openshift mailer to ask people to run few tests. Would you be able to do that ?
17:06:36 <DanyC_> brig-man: maybe you can also run few tests cause i know you asked for this last time
17:07:12 <rmartinelli> DanyC_: one question I have: I was following this thread in the origin dev list: http://lists.openshift.redhat.com/openshift-archives/users/2018-May/msg00103.html
17:07:37 <DanyC_> rmartinelli: brig-man https://cbs.centos.org/repos/paas7-openshift-origin39-candidate/x86_64/os/Packages/ https://cbs.centos.org/repos/paas7-openshift-origin38-candidate/x86_64/os/Packages/ and same for 37
17:08:19 <DanyC_> rmartinelli: i need to join that mailer, currently only on dev, sorry for missing that one . Let me read it
17:08:23 <brig-man> Yes.  That would be great.  I'm currently have to install 3.9 via the git tree as the packages wouldn't do it correctly.
17:08:29 <rmartinelli> 1) Is this thread related? 2) as we don't have a centos-release-openshift-origin39 package, does that mean the latest version doesn't follow with its version?
17:08:59 <DanyC_> origin for 3.9 should be out, tdawson done it last time
17:09:24 <tdawson> Oh, shoot.  I totally forgout about the -release packages.
17:10:02 <brig-man> rmartinelli & tdawson:  I noticed that we didn't have the 3.9 release repo.
17:10:15 <DanyC_> tdawson: you sure ? cause i remember you created a ticket for that or am i confused ?
17:10:49 <rmartinelli> brig-man: yeah, the 3.9 version is in the SIG repo. At least it is what I understood in this thread.
17:10:50 <DanyC_> brig-man: rmartinelli tdawson aren't we talking about http://mirror.centos.org/centos/7/paas/x86_64/openshift-origin39/ ?
17:10:58 <tdawson> I built the release packages, but I didn't tag it into the extras-release - https://cbs.centos.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=20985
17:12:27 <rmartinelli> DanyC_: So to answer your question: I can send to dev list asking people to test and monitor for any other issues.
17:12:50 <tdawson> OK, it's tagged in.  I don't remember how long it takes for things to go into -extras repo.  I suspect a day.
17:13:10 <brig-man> tdawson:  Is that why I cannot install/find that repo package?
17:13:30 <tdawson> brig-man: Yep
17:13:48 <tdawson> You always forget something, I forgot to train ya'll on the release packages.
17:13:50 <DanyC_> tdawson: which cbs cmd you used for the -extras repo ? (clearly i missed / confused things )
17:14:26 <DanyC_> cause i thought there is no need to get it into the -extras repo as long as is there in http://mirror.centos.org/centos/7/paas/x86_64/openshift-origin39/
17:14:32 <tdawson> The release packages are usually done by hand, at least I always have. - https://cbs.centos.org/koji/search?match=glob&type=package&terms=centos-release-openshift*
17:15:18 <tdawson> They are documented (for general centos sig) here - https://cbs.centos.org/koji/search?match=glob&type=package&terms=centos-release-openshift*
17:15:46 <tdawson> They are different because they go into the centos-extras repository, not our usual one.
17:15:57 <rmartinelli> the good thing is that we found a new training. =D
17:16:16 <tdawson> Oh, I just realized that I am jumping in while we are talking about rpm's.
17:16:17 <DanyC_> tdawson: right i see. And i believe you don't need any ticket raised ?
17:16:26 <tdawson> DanyC_: Correct
17:16:47 <tdawson> In fact, you can make a whole bunch of them ahead of time, and then you only need to tag them in, like what I just did right now
17:17:21 <DanyC_> and for origin310/311 etc do we need a ticket so it can be created ? if so do you have an example ?
17:17:25 <tdawson> The downside to doing a whole bunch of them, is that you forget, just like what I did.
17:17:48 <tdawson> Nope, you just need to add them.
17:18:29 <tdawson> cbs add-pkg --owner=rmartinelli core7-extras-common-candidate centos-release-openshift-origin310
17:19:11 <tdawson> Then create the rpm.  It's fairly easy to just download the srpm from one of the previous ones, change the spec file, rebuild it, and build it back again.
17:19:50 <tdawson> Well ... ok ... so that's second nature to me, that's probrubly a few more steps than some people are used to.
17:20:18 <DanyC_> tdawson: okay cause i looked into https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/PaaS/OpenShift-Targets-Tags-Repos and there is no mention about the above
17:20:43 <rmartinelli> ,
17:20:48 <tdawson> Yep, cuz I totally forgot it.
17:21:06 <DanyC_> hence why assumed / got confused with the centos-release-* .I thought that a while ago Openshift moved from extras to their own repos
17:22:04 <DanyC_> that is what triggered a change for us internally and i v well remember cause i made the change to ...anyway, seems is not enforced
17:22:05 <tdawson> I'm updating the page right now.  How about you go on with the rest of the meeting, and I will hopefully be done by the time you get to the end.
17:22:15 <DanyC_> sure tdawson
17:22:41 <rmartinelli> Anything else to discuss about rpms?
17:22:54 <rmartinelli> Automation?
17:23:18 <DanyC_> ok rmartinelli so back to our openshift-ansible rpms . so as said they are in the -candidate repo, if you send out the email to dev that will be awesome and then maybe tag them to test. I'll be out next week on holiday so won't be able to do it
17:23:25 <DanyC_> nor to attend the meeting.
17:23:56 <rmartinelli> DanyC_: I can do that. I will send today.
17:24:25 <DanyC_> nothing else in terms of automation, i'm playing a bit with jenkins and see if we can move to build the packages using the buidl-rpms.sh like OCP does
17:24:41 <DanyC_> in that way we will never get out of sync like we are now
17:25:02 <rmartinelli> alright, thanks for all the hard work DanyC_
17:25:18 <DanyC_> my pleasure, i quite enjoying it ;)
17:25:31 <rmartinelli> #topic Access to CentOS PaaS SIG systems
17:26:35 <DanyC_> on this topic from my side and fyi ive just got recently access to PaaS wiki so i should be able to edit pages too moving forward.
17:26:57 <rmartinelli> I forgot to add this topic in the e-mail, but this is a quick topic: Last meeting I volunteered to make sure all PaaS SIG comittee members has proper access to all systems. Just a heads up I'm still reviewing all systems we need access and let you know which is missing.
17:27:24 <rmartinelli> and then I'll verify if everyone has access to them
17:27:53 <rmartinelli> I hope to finish this until the end of this week the list of the systems and then check everyone's access.
17:28:02 <DanyC_> rmartinelli: excellent
17:28:21 <rmartinelli> #topic Open Floor
17:29:21 <rmartinelli> Anyone can discuss about other subjects?
17:29:28 <DanyC_> nothing i can add for now from my side
17:30:08 <rmartinelli> brig-man: Do you want to discus anything else?
17:30:57 <brig-man> rmartinelli:  No.  just let me know when the openshift-ansible packages are available for testing.
17:32:23 <rmartinelli> DanyC_: ^ Is is already available?
17:32:43 <DanyC_> brig-man: rmartinelli you can take it from candidate repo
17:32:44 <rmartinelli> I think you started the meeting saying they are already available
17:32:58 <rmartinelli> alright, thanks.
17:33:15 <DanyC_> but they have not been tagged into -testing repo nor promoted to -release -extras
17:33:38 <DanyC_> maybe next time i won't wait till we have the meeting and fire an email to dev list ?
17:34:47 <DanyC_> what i'm planning to do is to at least at minimum fire/ build new rpms once a week (even if that will be manually) but i need first to finish with the poc for the build-rpms.sh and see if that will fly
17:34:53 <rmartinelli> To me since we are in sync with everything that is happening in the SIG I'm ok if you don't wait untill the meeting.
17:35:32 <DanyC_> rmartinelli: i'm good with that. wanted to first discuss with you all
17:35:47 <rmartinelli> that's ok.
17:36:39 <rmartinelli> but do you expect me to send the email to dev list? I can still do that, but feel free to send if you want.
17:36:57 <DanyC_> no pls do it
17:37:09 <rmartinelli> ok, I will send then.
17:37:32 <DanyC_> that is what i stated ;) moving forward i know what to do now that we have agreed
17:37:54 <rmartinelli> +1
17:38:16 <rmartinelli> #endmeeting