13:00:45 <jstanek> #startmeeting SCLo SIG sync-up (2019-07-09)
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13:00:52 <jstanek> #meetingname sclo-sig-syncup
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13:01:16 <jstanek> Hello everyone, and welcome to another SCLo SIG meeting!
13:01:39 <jstanek> The agenda is empty today; feel free to ask your own questions.
13:02:30 <cyberpear> any chance of adding the jws packages for el8?
13:02:50 <cyberpear> (since tomcat isn't in base anymore)
13:04:23 <jstanek> cyberpear: As far as I know, no collections are yet planned for el8; perhaps it will be available as a module/appstream?
13:05:33 <cyberpear> I haven't tried it, but the docs seem to indicate that JBoss Web Server look like it's an scl
13:12:53 <jstanek> I do not really know anything about jboss, so I probably cannot help here; if no one else chimes in, try asking on the SCL or JWS ML
13:14:18 <jstanek> And since CentOS 8 is not even out yet, perhaps upstream channels would be a better place to ask ;-)
13:30:36 * pvalena agrees el8 is not a thing yet :))
13:31:23 <pvalena> jstanek: actually, will there by SCLs for el8? :o)
13:31:33 <pvalena> (the current ones I mean)
13:32:26 <jstanek> pvalena: I have heard some rumors that would indicate 'yes', but nothing concrete yet
13:35:46 <pvalena> jstanek: ok, thanks- great! :)
13:46:06 <jstanek> The end of the meeting is slowly approaching – any last minute issues?
13:57:46 <jstanek> Seems that is everythig for today, then. Thanks everyone for attending, and see you in 14 days!
13:58:00 <jstanek> #endmeeting