13:01:26 <jstanek> #startmeeting SCLo SIG sync-up (2019-07-23)
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13:01:36 <jstanek> #meetingname sclo-sig-syncup
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13:01:57 <jstanek> Hello everyone, and welcome to another SCLo SIG meeting!
13:02:19 <jstanek> Nothing on my agenda for today; feel free to voice your own questions!
13:04:47 <TrevorH> someone in #centos-devel asked a question that may be relevant:
13:04:49 <TrevorH> [15:03:56] <sp00nin> Is there any way I can 'help' bring llvm-toolset-7.0 to centos SCL?
13:05:15 <TrevorH> user has subsequently left the channel
13:08:46 <jstanek> TrevorH: Esentially, ask for it :) The *-toolset SCLs has different source repo/release cycle than regular RHSCL, so I have to investigate them, but I do not think there will be much of a problem
13:09:20 <TrevorH> jstanek: I'm just a relay :)
13:09:39 <TrevorH> I did tell the user to visit here in time for your next meeting but///
13:09:44 <jstanek> TrevorH: fair enough :)
13:10:30 <smooge> TrevorH, thanks
13:10:34 <smooge> I was looking for that one
13:10:55 <jstanek> I will take a note and see what I can do, now that I know there is an interest
13:12:29 <jstanek> If anyone wants to help, submitting a working recipe (https://github.com/sclorg/rhscl-rebuild-recipes) will save some time in figuring out the rebuild order
13:42:05 <jstanek> The end of the meeting is approaching; any last-minute questions?
13:44:06 <smooge> not from me. thanks
13:56:40 <jstanek> In that case, let me wish you all a pleasant rest of the day, and see you in 14 days!
13:58:00 <smooge> remember to do a #endmeeting
13:58:56 <jstanek> #endmeeting