14:01:27 <bstinson> #startmeeting CBS/Infra
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14:01:43 <bstinson> #chair alphacc Arrfab
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14:01:46 <bstinson> #topic Agenda
14:01:54 <bstinson> #info Topic: Status Updates
14:02:02 <bstinson> #info Topic: Account Requests
14:02:05 <bstinson> #info Topic: CI
14:02:09 <bstinson> #info Topic: Open Floor
14:02:15 <bstinson> #topic Status Updates
14:02:34 <bstinson> hi all, anyone around for the first CBS meeting here in #centos-meeting?
14:02:50 <amoralej> o/
14:03:50 <bstinson> hi amoralej
14:04:45 <amoralej> hi bstinson
14:05:09 <amoralej> is there any public agenda for this meeting? or agenda is always the same?
14:05:15 <bstinson> by way of a status update, most of the CentOS team is working on building CentOS 8
14:05:28 <bstinson> we're down below 20 build failures and have a few modules built
14:05:42 <bstinson> https://koji.mbox.centos.org/koji/ <- to follow along at home
14:05:52 <bstinson> amoralej: this agenda is the standard set
14:05:55 <amoralej> ok
14:06:01 <bstinson> if you have something to discuss, we can definitely add it
14:06:25 <amoralej> no, no so far, it's first time i join and i'm not familiar with how you run it
14:06:33 <amoralej> it's ok fo rme
14:06:40 <bstinson> usually it's fairly quiet around here :)
14:06:48 <amoralej> yeah, i see :)
14:07:31 <amoralej> bstinson, is there any ETA about when centos8 will be available to build in CBS?
14:08:10 <bstinson> amoralej: sometime around when CentOS 8 GA, i don't have a better estimate than that
14:08:33 <amoralej> and there is no estimation for centos 8 ga, right? :)
14:08:53 <amoralej> ok, i'll keep checking koji.mbox.centos.org
14:09:15 <amoralej> fyi, we are planning to deliver next release of OpenStack on CentOS8 only
14:09:22 <amoralej> that's why i'm asking
14:09:30 <bstinson> watch for blog posts and mailing list activity, but we try not to forecast GA dates
14:09:38 <bstinson> we'd usually be wrong anyways if we tried :)
14:09:47 <amoralej> yeah, i understand it :)
14:09:50 <amoralej> https://review.rdoproject.org/etherpad/p/moving-rdo-to-centos8
14:10:00 <amoralej> fyi ^
14:10:20 <amoralej> about the tools and procedures we have been using to build packages on CBS
14:10:49 <amoralej> should we expect some changes about it for CentOS8? or it will just keep working in a similar way?
14:11:57 <bstinson> we don't expect too many changes at the start
14:12:15 <amoralej> ok
14:13:46 <bstinson> after things slow down a little bit, we'll work on some of the packager workflow pieces
14:13:53 <amoralej> ok
14:13:54 <bstinson> this is a good meeting to bring up concerns or suggestions
14:13:57 <Arrfab> amoralej: the interesting case to discuss will be : modules or not ?
14:14:06 <amoralej> yeah, that's a good question
14:14:18 <Arrfab> as if people just want to skip mbs, adding centos 8 to cbs.centos.org will be relatively easy
14:14:28 <bstinson> i don't want to start that discussion yet
14:14:34 <Arrfab> if people want to play/build/provides modules, then that would be another fight and so discusion
14:14:49 <amoralej> i'm not totally clear, i'd say modules will provide few value for the OpenStack case
14:15:00 <amoralej> and current model based on per-release tags and repos is working fine
14:15:12 <Arrfab> bstinson: true, reason why we should also be clear that once centos 8 is GA, that doesn't mean that all toolchains for cbs would be ready for it :)
14:16:02 <bstinson> if you build against BaseOS only, nothing changes from a workflow perspective
14:16:02 <amoralej> yes, we are planning what to do once CentOS8 is GA and ready
14:16:11 <amoralej> so it's good to know issues/details
14:16:29 <amoralej> bstinson, we'll also need some modules included in RHEL7
14:16:44 <amoralej> i guess all RHEL modules will exist on CentOS8?
14:16:58 <Arrfab> amoralej: define "modules" .. as el7 doesn't understand "modules" :)
14:17:12 <amoralej> ups
14:17:17 <amoralej> i meant RHEL8 sorry :)
14:17:35 <Arrfab> amoralej: ah, then current cbs.centos.org can't be used for that
14:17:55 <Arrfab> but that's the discussion that bstinson just said he doesn't want to have right now :p
14:17:56 <bstinson> we will have the same module/streams in CentOS composes
14:17:57 <amoralej> we can't *consume* modules from current cbs?
14:18:04 <bstinson> well
14:18:07 <bstinson> yes and no
14:18:14 <bstinson> but again, this is a conversation for another time
14:18:18 <amoralej> i don't mean producing modules but consuming them in buildroot
14:18:20 <bstinson> once we know what we're dealing with
14:18:57 <bstinson> the best time for that is the meeting exactly after we push CentOS 8 GA to the mirrors
14:19:15 <amoralej> couldn't we do some planing before that?
14:19:59 <amoralej> some other groups depend on having RDO on CentOS8, so any idea about what dependencies we have is good to know
14:20:13 <bstinson> we could give some guidance, but it's still early
14:21:49 <bstinson> amoralej: let's add this to the agenda for next week, and see how far we get on builds
14:22:01 <amoralej> ok, lgtm
14:23:46 <bstinson> anything else for status updates today?
14:23:47 <amoralej> bstinson, Arrfab btw, did any other SIG share any plan for CentOS(?
14:23:55 <amoralej> CentOS8
14:24:20 <amoralej> we also depend on other SIGs for specific functionalities
14:24:29 <bstinson> i think most folks are waiting to see what CentOS 8 looks like first
14:24:33 <amoralej> i'll check quith them
14:24:34 <amoralej> ok
14:24:41 <bstinson> but, it never hurts to ask them
14:26:02 <bstinson> #topic Account Requests
14:26:46 <bstinson> #info CI: One account/project processed this weekend for Fedora Package Checks. 2 still on hold while we work out some jenkins workspace issues
14:26:52 <bstinson> kbsingh: anything to report in ACO?
14:27:12 <kbsingh> not a lot going on there
14:27:29 <kbsingh> we seem to have a high rate of non renewals
14:27:48 <kbsingh> not sure there is much to be done about that, we send enough emails
14:28:56 <Arrfab> kbsingh: yes, but it seems people don't read that .. and only real users who need certs are then really complaining when their account is disabled
14:29:02 <bstinson> yeah, i'd expect that number to rise as more automation happens
14:29:14 <kbsingh> I recommend a cron job :)
14:30:34 <bstinson> speaking of automation
14:30:37 <bstinson> #topic CI
14:30:41 <bstinson> anyone around with a CI topic?
14:30:52 <kbsingh> cloud.cico ?
14:30:57 <kbsingh> are we there yet
14:31:17 <bstinson> kbsingh: there's a PR posted to duffy, we're going to deploy that in staging this week
14:31:23 <kbsingh> nice!
14:31:24 <bstinson> production is...a little further off
14:31:36 <bstinson> we're working around a little bit of travel
14:31:59 <kbsingh> no worries, looking fwd to that
14:32:17 <bstinson> watch the ci-users list for announcements
14:32:39 <bstinson> #topic Open Floor
14:32:43 <bstinson> let's open this up
14:32:47 <bstinson> other topics for this week?
14:36:54 <bstinson> if not we can close this out in 1 minute
14:38:25 <bstinson> thanks all!
14:38:32 <bstinson> #endmeeting