13:00:35 <jstanek> #startmeeting SCLo SIG sync-up (2019-06-11)
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13:00:48 <jstanek> #meetingname sclo-sig-syncup
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13:01:09 <jstanek> Hello everyone, and welcome to another SCLo SIG meeting!
13:02:26 <jstanek> I have one item on my agenda for today: the retirement of deprecated SCL packages to Vault
13:05:09 <jstanek> Arrfab: I was under the impression that EOL packages were moved to Vault automatically, but the following ML discussion and bugs indicate otherwise:
13:05:13 <jstanek> https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-devel/2019-May/017382.html
13:05:40 <jstanek> at-mantis 16037
13:06:43 <jstanek> @mantis 16037
13:06:44 <centbot> Bug 16037 - remi - open - new
13:06:45 <centbot> scl-cassandra3 doesn't properly filter its provide - https://bugs.centos.org//view.php?id=16037
13:06:58 <jstanek> @mantis 16125
13:06:59 <centbot> Bug 16125 - hhorak - open - new
13:07:00 <centbot> devtoolset-X-elfutils-libs provide library that is the same as in the system - https://bugs.centos.org//view.php?id=16125
13:07:50 <jstanek> Arrfab: Any idea what might be wrong?
13:26:28 <jstanek> Well, seems no opinions on the deprecated packages so far :) The space is free then, feel free to come up wit your own questions.
13:48:27 <TrevorH> arrfab and the rest of the CentOS guys are away this week
13:51:27 <jstanek> TrevorH: Well, that is good to know… Thanks for the info!
13:52:24 <jstanek> Anyway, the time window scheduled for this meeting is closing, so I will end this meeting and let the virt-sig guys take over.
13:52:49 <jstanek> See you (hopefully) around the next time!
13:52:53 <jstanek> #endmeeting