13:01:29 <jstanek> #startmeeting SCLo SIG sync-up (2019-06-25)
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13:01:38 <jstanek> #meetingname sclo-sig-syncup
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13:01:58 <jstanek> Hi everyone, and welcome to another SCLo sync meeting!
13:02:13 <smooge> hello
13:03:12 <jstanek> As usual, the floor is mostly open – I just have a question for Arrfab/bstinson if they are here.
13:04:19 <Arrfab> jstanek: busy but semi-lurking here :)
13:05:37 <jstanek> Arrfab: I undestand, I would just like a quick refresher on the status of EOL SCLo packages that should be moved to Vault:
13:05:50 <jstanek> I was under the impression that EOL packages were moved to Vault automatically, but the following ML discussion and bugs indicate otherwise:
13:06:01 <jstanek> https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-devel/2019-May/017382.html
13:06:15 <jstanek> @mantis 16037 16125
13:06:16 <centbot> jstanek: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
13:06:28 <Arrfab> @mantis 16037
13:06:29 <centbot> Bug 16037 - remi - open - new
13:06:30 <centbot> scl-cassandra3 doesn't properly filter its provide - https://bugs.centos.org//view.php?id=16037
13:06:39 <Arrfab> @mantis 16125
13:06:40 <centbot> Bug 16125 - hhorak - open - new
13:06:41 <centbot> devtoolset-X-elfutils-libs provide library that is the same as in the system - https://bugs.centos.org//view.php?id=16125
13:06:59 * jstanek hopes that he will remember the bot commands correctly some time…
13:07:08 <Arrfab> jstanek: not sure I understand : you want to remove pkgs, right ?
13:08:10 <Arrfab> if that's not written in the SIGGuide, let's be sure to document it together but kbsingh is your man, as I don't know myself the process, as all those trees are generated outside of cbs/koji
13:08:47 <jstanek> Arrfab: yes; but this was discussed at least once before (about a year ago, IIRC) and I was really suprised that the packages are still there
13:09:33 <jstanek> Arrfab: and was not really sure how to proceed. I will check the SIG guide, or talk to kbsingh then – thanks
13:12:15 <jstanek> #info kbsingh is in charge of vault/mirror trees, and should be the correct contact person for their move/removal.
13:13:01 <kbsingh> sure, happy to help
13:13:35 <kbsingh> you need to make sure that the tag's are removed from the cbs-content-control, and content is removed up the tree's that the content sync's from ( its a manual process, typucally bstinson has co-ordinated these are point release time )
13:13:57 <kbsingh> if a specific package is to be removed, thats a bigger challenge
13:15:02 <pvalena> jstanek: hi again
13:15:25 <jstanek> kbsingh: ok, I can make sure that the tags disappear from the cbs-content-control
13:17:28 <jstanek> kbsingh: content is removed up the tree's that the content sync's from – what do you mean by that? can you give me an example?
13:17:49 <kbsingh> there are multiple machines that have content before it hits mirror
13:17:57 <kbsingh> and none of the machines know what is coming up from other machines
13:18:02 <kbsingh> they all only sync the full tree's out
13:18:12 <kbsingh> so removing a package needs to start bottom of the tree, and work its way out
13:18:54 <jstanek> ok, now I understand :) bstinson is the person to contact for this, then?
13:23:05 <kbsingh> jstanek: definitely first port of call :)
13:23:54 <jstanek> #info packages must be removed manually after tags stop syncing, bstinson should be able to help (or point to someone who can)
13:24:20 <jstanek> kbsingh: great, thanks for the explanation :)
13:26:27 <jstanek> by the way, SIGGuide does not say anything on this topic, perhaps it should be expanded (preferably by someone who knows what he is writing about :) )
13:33:32 <kbsingh> basically, over the last 16 years
13:33:41 <kbsingh> we've tried really hard to neve remove content from existing repos
13:33:55 <kbsingh> there is never any good way to really purge stuff
13:34:11 <kbsingh> but for tag's being trimmed at point release time, Its definitely worth adding something to the sig guide
13:35:16 <pvalena> kbsingh: to be clear, enabling the vault repo is not a correct way to revive the package on your own risk?
13:35:44 <kbsingh> pvalena: unsure how you mean ? if you need something, and know the risks, then vault is the way to get it once its been archieved out
13:37:32 <pvalena> kbsingh: great! That's exactly what I understood.
13:42:27 <jstanek> friendly reminder that we have ±15min left, so if anyone has anything else to discuss, now it's the time :)
13:56:40 <jstanek> Seems this is everything for today, then. Thanks Arrfab and kbsingh for help, and everyone else for attending!
13:58:01 <jstanek> #endmeeting