14:01:25 <gwd> #startmeeting Virt SIG
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14:01:29 <gwd> #chair sbonazzo
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14:01:44 <gwd> Anyone else here for the Virt SIG meeting?
14:03:20 <gwd> #chair linedash
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14:05:01 <gwd> Sorry, waiting for anthonyper
14:05:26 <sbonazzo> gwd: ok
14:05:59 <gwd> sbonazzo: Well, do you want to start?
14:06:15 <sbonazzo> gwd here is anthonyper
14:06:24 <gwd> #chair anthonyper
14:06:24 <centbot> Current chairs: anthonyper gwd linedash sbonazzo
14:06:24 <sbonazzo> gwd but ok to start :-)
14:06:46 <sbonazzo> #topic oVirt updates
14:07:06 <sbonazzo> #info upstream is preparing 4.3.5 RC3, will follow on virt sig with new builds
14:07:31 <sbonazzo> #info upstream is preparing to support CentOS 8, waiting for CBS to be able to build el8 packages
14:08:08 <sbonazzo> #info Oracle joined oVirt community, looking forward to see contribution from them
14:08:52 <sbonazzo> #info formal welcome post has been published
14:08:56 <sbonazzo> #link https://www.redhat.com/it/blog/red-hat-welcomes-oracle-ovirt-community
14:09:31 <sbonazzo> #info upstream project is struggling with CI resources
14:09:36 <gwd> Oracle> Cool
14:10:06 <sbonazzo> #info if you have spare hardware, donations are welcome
14:10:09 <sbonazzo> #link https://ovirt.org/community/get-involved/donate-hardware.html
14:10:22 <sbonazzo> that's it on ovirt side
14:10:44 <gwd> #topic Xen updates
14:11:55 <gwd> #info XenProject Developer and Design summit is in 2 weeks in Chicago.  We'll probably have a session on packaging, so if anyone wants input / face time, that's a good option
14:12:14 <gwd> #info https://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/xensummit-2019/
14:12:31 <gwd> anthonyper, any updates?
14:13:42 <anthonyper> #info libvirt pkg on CentOS 6 rebuilt with patch "libxl: don't hardcode scheduler weight"
14:14:36 <anthonyper> Otherwise, nothing new, all the pkg are up to date in the release repo. (Some where still only in testing at the last meeting)
14:15:12 <gwd> Great.  Now that 4.12 is out, do we want to think about making the default 4.10?
14:15:54 <anthonyper> It's probably a good idea.
14:17:22 <gwd> #topic AoB
14:17:26 <gwd> OK, anything else to talk about?
14:18:19 <linedash> You were talking of moving to the 4.19 kernel tree for virt; will that be for EL6 also or will that stay as 4.9 ?
14:19:48 <gwd> linedash: I think that depends on a lot of things.  As I understand it vanilla 4.19 won't build with CentOS 6's version of gcc
14:20:41 <gwd> So the options are 1) get a newer version of gcc in the build system 2) patch out the things gcc doesn't like in 4.19 3) maintain two different kernel versions
14:21:12 <gwd> 4) See if we can merge into kernel-alt
14:22:16 <gwd> I think #4 is worth looking into.
14:22:17 <linedash> Understood.  Would the project also consider bundling the latest intel/amd microcode packages with these kernel?  At the moment; there's significant burden on users to organise their own microcode patching and extremely unclear documentation on how to do so
14:23:01 <gwd> I think that would be a great idea; I don't personally have time to make it happen.
14:23:35 <gwd> The absolute easiest way ATM to get that sort of thing done is to send a PR to https://github.com/CentOS-virt7/xen-kernel
14:23:39 <linedash> This is coming from the perspective of patching the latest MDS, spectre, speculative issue of the week for a kernel that isn't officailly recogniosed by microcode_ctl etc
14:24:09 <linedash> Gotcha; I'll take a look - see if I can provide some of the groundwork on how that would be done
14:24:34 <gwd> Otherwise, maybe anthonyper can take a look when he gets a chance? :-)
14:25:00 <TrevorH> the distro microcode_ctl package already has most of the newer m/c
14:25:20 <linedash> TrevorH: yes; but getting it to work on the 4.9 tree is non-trivial
14:25:37 <pgreco> sorry to jump in uninvited, if you need kernel 4.19 in el6, anyone tried to add the dts bits?
14:27:11 <linedash> TrevorH: to be specific; I found the simplest way was to get the latest microcode from the intel github page - identify the correct firmware for my CPU, place it in /boot as GeniuneIntel.bin and reference it in my grub configuration.   I pieced how to do this together from a host of mailing list and forum posts; it was extremely unclear
14:27:16 <linedash> this relates to EL6
14:27:34 <linedash> I believe it's a bit simpler in EL7+
14:29:27 <TrevorH> I can't imagine why the distro microcode_ctl doesn't do it for you but I've never run with other than the distro kerenl
14:29:54 <linedash> That's exactly why it doesn't work; because it's a non-standard kernel.
14:30:02 <linedash> non-distro-standard
14:31:45 <gwd> OK -- so we have some things to look into it sounds like.  Anything else to discuss now?
14:32:12 <sbonazzo> nothing on my side
14:32:17 <linedash> all good here
14:32:22 <gwd> OK, thanks everyone
14:32:24 <gwd> #endmeeting