#centos-meeting: NFV SIG

Meeting started by tfherbert at 16:02:35 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. packages for nfv sig (tfherbert, 16:03:30)
  2. status vpp-fdio packages (tfherbert, 16:04:35)
    1. User community for fd.io vpp seems to be converging on upstream packaging and rpm provided by vpp project. (tfherbert, 16:05:29)
    2. For more information: https://wiki.fd.io/view/VPP/Installing_VPP_binaries_from_packages (tfherbert, 16:07:24)
    3. There are no plans for newer releases for vpp 19.08 and beyond in Centos NFV. (tfherbert, 16:08:42)

  3. other packages (tfherbert, 16:08:54)
    1. OpenDaylight is still built but available in cloud sig. (tfherbert, 16:09:32)

  4. New packages (tfherbert, 16:09:45)
    1. If anyone out there has ideas for new packages for NFV and/or CNF in NFV SIG, please send email, mention in chat and follow the process in NFV SIG for proposing new packages. (tfherbert, 16:10:55)

  5. final note on vpp 19.01 and 19.04 (tfherbert, 16:13:56)
    1. Bug: https://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=15989 (tfherbert, 16:14:08)
    2. is still open. (tfherbert, 16:14:21)
    3. if there is no demand for 19.01 and 19.04 from Centos mirrors (See above that fd.io has gone for upstream packaging and package cloud repo)... (tfherbert, 16:15:01)
    4. The NFV Sig chair will ask that this bug be closed for no further action. (tfherbert, 16:15:26)

  6. Any other agenda items? (tfherbert, 16:15:49)

Meeting ended at 16:16:48 UTC (full logs).

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  2. centbot (3)

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