15:00:54 <leanderthal> #startmeeting CentOS Cloud SIG meeting (2019-11-28)
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15:01:00 <leanderthal> #topic rollcall
15:01:12 <leanderthal> let me see those hands up if you're HERE to talk #CloudSIG
15:01:45 <Arrfab> leanderthal: probably people not from US :)
15:01:51 <leanderthal> totally.
15:02:07 <leanderthal> Arrfab, today will probably be light / empty and that's okay, too.
15:02:13 <leanderthal> #chair Arrfab
15:02:13 <centbot> Current chairs: Arrfab leanderthal
15:08:05 <leanderthal> #topic follow up re: multi arch: https://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=16590
15:08:15 <leanderthal> #link https://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=16590
15:09:12 <leanderthal> Arrfab, actually, you're one of the people working on this issue
15:09:20 <leanderthal> anything i can do to help?
15:09:36 <leanderthal> https://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=16558#c35471
15:09:55 <Arrfab> leanderthal: just reading but if that concerns mirror and pkg signing, that's for kbsingh, as he's the only one able to sign/push
15:10:25 <leanderthal> fair
15:10:36 <Arrfab> nothing that I can do :(
15:10:43 <leanderthal> i'm not sure if it's the mirror / pkg signing, but i'll follow up with him; no worries
15:11:06 <Arrfab> leanderthal: do you see openstack-train on mirror.centos.org for altarch ?
15:11:25 <Arrfab> not there : http://mirror.centos.org/altarch/7/cloud/ppc64le/ and http://mirror.centos.org/altarch/7/cloud/aarch64/
15:11:47 <leanderthal> sure don't
15:11:56 <Arrfab> so as long as nothing is signed+pushed by kbsingh, nothing will appear there, and so mirrorlist can't see it and support it
15:12:07 <leanderthal> makes sense
15:18:35 <leanderthal> #action leanderthal to follow up with kb / rbowen / centos infra team / board / the world
15:18:43 <leanderthal> #topic chair for next week
15:18:51 <leanderthal> would anyone else like to chair this meeting?
15:24:13 <leanderthal> i'll do it!
15:24:16 <leanderthal> #topic open floor
15:24:27 <leanderthal> okay, but also i wanted to talk about a buildroot for centos8
15:24:46 <leanderthal> i know that rdoproject is waiting for this in particular
15:24:50 <leanderthal> #link https://review.rdoproject.org/etherpad/p/rebuild-deps-centos8
15:24:54 <Arrfab> leanderthal: and other projects too
15:24:58 <leanderthal> i'm sure
15:25:05 <leanderthal> #DEFINITELY
15:25:13 <Arrfab> it's usually discussed during cbs meetings
15:25:15 <leanderthal> do we know what the blockers are?
15:25:21 <leanderthal> the cbs meetings on mondays, yes?
15:25:30 <Arrfab> leanderthal: yes, every two weeks normally
15:25:50 <leanderthal> okay
15:25:53 <Arrfab> leanderthal: for the el8 buildroots on cbs.centos.org, alphacc and myself were initially working on something
15:26:05 <leanderthal> but?
15:26:07 <Arrfab> we even migrated cbs to different centos+mock/koji variants
15:26:26 <Arrfab> but then in discussion with bstinson, bstinson wanted us to "wait" for some composed tree to be used in cbs
15:26:51 <leanderthal> i see the logic behind that ask, but i take it you've been waiting ever since?
15:26:55 <Arrfab> that was some time ago, but 8.1.1911 dropped and bstinson has full focus on that
15:27:02 <leanderthal> fair
15:27:47 <Arrfab> he said, in last meeting iirc, that the compose for something to be used in cbs for 8 something he'd work in parallel of the 8.1 composes, which started yesterday
15:28:05 <Arrfab> I guess we'll have more news next monday :)
15:28:10 <leanderthal> okay (and also ew on the timing)
15:28:21 <leanderthal> 09 december?
15:28:26 <leanderthal> or 02 december?
15:28:36 <Arrfab> I'd say 02 December
15:28:49 <Arrfab> but let's ask bstinson when he'll be online (so next week)
15:28:55 <leanderthal> okay; i'll follow up with rbowen and bstinson then
15:29:02 <leanderthal> thx Arrfab
15:29:08 <Arrfab> alphacc: ^ you don't have anything new wrt that, right ?
15:29:26 <leanderthal> #action leanderthal to follow up with rbowen and bstinson re: rebuild-deps-centos8
15:30:41 <leanderthal> okay, cool cool; anything else for open floor?
15:30:59 <leanderthal> unless alphacc has something to add re: rebuild-deps-centos8
15:36:22 <Arrfab> leanderthal: well, .el8 buildroot is one thing and not sure what you mean by "rebuild-deps-centos83 ?
15:38:57 <leanderthal> i meant buildroot
15:39:33 <Arrfab> leanderthal: ah, because there is another thread about -devel pkgs that we built but never pushed out for 8 and people complaining :-)
15:40:04 <leanderthal> that's the name of the etherpad where rdoproject is keeping track about buildroot and centos8 and such (i think)
15:40:12 <leanderthal> ah, okay.
15:42:44 <leanderthal> #endmeeting