16:08:25 <gwd> #startmeeting Virt SIG
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16:08:29 <anthonyper> gwd, hi
16:08:33 <gwd> #chair sbonazzo adp-prgmr anthonyper
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16:08:57 <gwd> sbonazzo: you want to start?
16:10:04 <gwd> #chair srn_prgmr
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16:10:22 <sbonazzo> gwd ok
16:10:31 <sbonazzo> #topic oVirt updates
16:10:51 <sbonazzo> #info upstream is preparing to release oVirt 4.4.1
16:11:50 <sbonazzo> #info ovirt-4.4 repository will get an update to apache-sshd from 2.2 to 2.5 which may cause some issues during the transition due to API/ABI breakage
16:12:37 <sbonazzo> #info oVirt community is organizing an online conference on September 7th
16:12:52 <sbonazzo> #link https://blogs.ovirt.org/ovirt-2020-online-conference/
16:13:06 <sbonazzo> #info call for presentation is open
16:13:46 <sbonazzo> I think that's it on my side. dholler? ykarel?
16:14:25 <sbonazzo> sorry, worng ping
16:14:28 <sbonazzo> wrong
16:14:42 <dholler> nothing from me
16:14:51 <sbonazzo> thanks, gwd that's it then
16:15:07 <gwd> #topic Xen Updates
16:15:29 <gwd> #info Upstream Xen 4.14 release coming Real Soon Now; currently scheduled for 17 July
16:16:07 <gwd> #info XenProject Virtual Developer and Design Summit next week, everyone welcome to join
16:16:14 <gwd> anthonyper: Anything to add?
16:16:52 <anthonyper> #info Xen pkg on CentOS 8 still in progress.
16:17:16 <anthonyper> In the wrong direction :-( with a needed pkg now missing.
16:17:42 <anthonyper> #info Xen pkg on CentOS 6 and 7 should be up to date.
16:18:00 <anthonyper> gwd, nothing else I think.
16:18:14 <gwd> #topic AOB
16:18:17 <gwd> Anything else to bring up?
16:18:20 <adp-prgmr> Linux 5.4, the latest LTS, has CPU support we'd like. Is it possible to get the xen4centos kernel package bumped to 5.4?
16:18:44 <srn_prgmr> we've been doing some testing.
16:19:19 <gwd> That sounds like a good idea to me.
16:19:52 <gwd> I think the main thing is whether such a big version bump (4.9 -> 5.4) will cause people problems, and what (if anything) should be done about that.
16:20:03 <anthonyper> I did work on an update of the pkg, but for to build on el8. I've pushed my WIP branch in github when karl asked for it.
16:20:33 <anthonyper> But there's some work needed to have it build on el6 or el7. Or at least el7.
16:21:11 <gwd> srn_prgmr: Was your testing on el8 or el7?
16:21:22 <srn_prgmr> el7. and apparently we just found a hard lockup...
16:21:33 <srn_prgmr> will be digging into that.
16:21:40 <adp-prgmr> as in literally while we've all been talking, heh.
16:21:49 <gwd> Nice. :-)
16:22:31 <srn_prgmr> we could ask on the mailing list if anyone has concerns. not sure how much burden it would be to maintain both for a while, I think that depends on how many linux-based security patches come up.
16:23:31 <gwd> Well, how about this: We tag a kernel updated to 5.4 in -testing (so it shows up on buildlogs); and email centos-virt asking if anyone wants legacy 4.9 packages.
16:23:43 <gwd> If nobody responds, we update to 5.4 once it's gotten a sufficient amount fo testing.
16:23:47 <srn_prgmr> wfm
16:23:51 <adp-prgmr> Thank you.
16:24:08 <gwd> If someone asks for legacy packages, we can make provision for them.
16:24:14 <srn_prgmr> do you need anything from us?
16:24:33 <gwd> Well I'm curious why anthonyper needed extra work to get it to build on el7
16:24:50 <gwd> Did you have to install a new version of gcc from epel or something?
16:25:09 <anthonyper> Because I've been lazy and didn't add any %if centos8 in the pkg.
16:25:26 <anthonyper> There's at least python dependency that changes.
16:25:40 <gwd> Oh, I see. :-)
16:25:40 <anthonyper> It's probably not much work.
16:25:49 <TrevorH> might be worth reaching out to hughesjr and/or pgreco to see what 5.4 kernels they currently already build
16:26:31 <gwd> TrevorH: Can you expand on that a bit?  How would that be helpful?
16:27:25 <TrevorH> if they build the right kernel you want then perhaps you can persuade them to turn on any missing options
16:27:26 * pgreco is here, reading back
16:27:58 <hughesjr> so .. look here:  http://mirror.centos.org/altarch/7/kernel/
16:28:23 <gwd> That would be interesting -- it would be nice not to have to maintain our own separate kernel just to get the Xen dom0 features...
16:28:50 <hughesjr> we also have an armhfp one for c8 .. we will hopefully also build that one for the rest too
16:29:31 <srn_prgmr> it would be possible to add a xen kernel config there?
16:29:33 <pgreco> gwd, also if you're worried about the 4.9 5.4 jump, we used to have all the lts
16:29:34 <hughesjr> gwd: basically .. i think we could if we gotthe config file changes required from our configs
16:29:55 <pgreco> so we could build $latest 4.14 and 4.19 too (one time)
16:30:03 <pgreco> and make the tests with smaller jumps
16:30:49 <hughesjr> i think once we have all the config file changes, we could do the builds
16:30:55 <hughesjr> and go from there
16:31:26 <hughesjr> once all the changes exist, we should be able to repply them to newer kernels
16:32:07 <gwd> anthonyper adp-prgmr Does someone want to volunteer to send hughesjr a patch to the kernel spec file that would enable the requisite dom0 functionality?
16:32:22 <srn_prgmr> gwd we can
16:32:59 <gwd> And then I guess centos-release-xen would enable altarch/$ver/kernel/x86_64?
16:33:35 <hughesjr> it could
16:33:47 <hughesjr> but we don't have one for el8 yet
16:33:58 <hughesjr> do you guys build xen for el8?
16:34:26 <gwd> anthonyper is working on one but I don't think it's complete yet.
16:35:09 <hughesjr> but for el7 .. we can certainly give it a try
16:35:13 <srn_prgmr> hughesjr we'll be able to get a rebuild when linux/xen security patches come in?
16:36:11 <hughesjr> srn_prgmr: for linux (we do that now)  .. yes .. for xen, we will have to work w/pgreco
16:36:26 <hughesjr> if you have xen specfic kernel patches
16:37:26 <srn_prgmr> hughesjr: yes, patches to the linux kernel specifically for xen. that would be the only concern moving the kernel out of xen4centos
16:37:48 <srn_prgmr> it doesn't happen very often so i don't think it will be a large burden
16:38:29 <TrevorH> can xen use secure boot?
16:38:40 <hughesjr> srn_prgmr: basically .. pgreco maintains that kernel
16:38:59 <hughesjr> TrevorH: we don't build those for secureboot
16:39:09 <gwd> Xen-related Linux kernel updates have been quite rare recently.
16:39:12 <hughesjr> (right now anyway)
16:39:51 <gwd> secureboot> I'd have to get back to you on that one.  Obviously that's going to be important in the not too distant future.
16:40:14 <pgreco> our 5.4 kernel comes from https://git.centos.org/rpms/kernel/tree/c7-sig-altarch-lts-5-4
16:40:28 <hughesjr> we can certainly do a rebuild for xen patches .. just need to get them in there
16:41:08 <srn_prgmr> ok, thanks
16:42:12 <hughesjr> i am building the 5.4.49 right now actually :)
16:44:06 <hughesjr> https://paste.centos.org/view/d006d6ff   :)
16:44:56 <gwd> OK, so do we have a plan?  Anything else that needs to be sorted?
16:45:29 <gwd> Thanks TrevorH for bringing up the idea. :-)
16:45:39 <srn_prgmr> I think so. If we have questions about the config we'll ask in centos-devel
16:47:29 <srn_prgmr> thank you
16:47:50 <gwd> OK cool.  Anything else to discuss before we close the Virt SIG meeting?
16:48:11 <srn_prgmr> not from us
16:50:38 <gwd> OK, thanks all!
16:50:40 <gwd> #endmeeting