15:16:37 <amoloney> #startmeeting CPE PO Office Hours
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15:17:28 <amoloney> #info About the CPE team: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/cpe/
15:17:36 <rbowen> Hello, all!
15:17:41 <amoloney> #topic Open Floor
15:20:55 <amoloney> sorry for the delay folks, hope everyone has been having a good week so far!
15:21:15 <amoloney> CPE are launching our Q3 projects this week
15:21:36 <amoloney> and we are also going to send out our Q2 achievements
15:21:51 <amoloney> .....which I should have sent to you rbowen  today...
15:22:39 <amoloney> am I too late to submit them tomorrow? I will be drafting the post this evening and sharing with the team for review & edits tomorrow during our team program call
15:22:41 <rbowen> Sounds like a blog post! :)
15:22:58 <rbowen> well, the newsletter went out this morning, but it's never too late for a blog post.
15:23:21 <amoloney> excellent :)
15:24:47 <rbowen> I know I said I'd come armed with questions, but I have nothing today.
15:25:49 <amoloney> I will also be sending out an email to the devel lists on how CPE are currently working through our backlog, how we define initiatives, etc and would love the CentOS communities feedback too, so keep an eye for that landing later tonight!
15:26:35 <amoloney> rbowen: no worries, I  havent got too much more to share either but am happy to answer any questions others may have
15:26:39 <amoloney> or just chat ::)
15:26:45 <amoloney> * or just chat :)
15:27:03 <Evolution> fine. I'll say hi
15:27:05 <Evolution> :-P
15:27:21 <amoloney> Hi traitor
15:27:24 <amoloney> Im mean Jim :)
15:27:32 <amoloney> * I mean Jim :)
15:27:40 <Evolution> I mean, you're mean too :-P
15:28:52 <Evolution> amoloney: how's the progression on stream tooling coming along?
15:30:21 <amoloney> I am, deep down haha
15:31:15 <siddharthvipul> Evolution: \o hellooww
15:31:43 <Evolution> siddharthvipul: o/
15:31:44 <amoloney> nicely, the guys got RealTime for Stream!
15:44:02 <smooge> Hallo.
15:46:01 <amoloney> afteroon smooge!
16:05:31 <amoloney> thanks all, cya in two weeks!
16:05:34 <amoloney> #endmeeting