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  1. oVirt updates (sbonazzo, 16:12:08)
    1. upstream released version 4.4.1 followed by a small async for fixing hosted engine hyperconverged deployment (sbonazzo, 16:12:52)
    2. oVirt communities are organizing an online conference for September 7th https://blogs.ovirt.org/ovirt-2020-online-conference/ (sbonazzo, 16:13:35)
    3. call for presentations is open till July 26th and free registration is already open for anyone willing to attend (sbonazzo, 16:14:05)
    4. looking for technical presentations but also users stories and integrations with other projects (sbonazzo, 16:14:35)
    5. recently added to virt repos a new repo shipping kata containers http://mirror.centos.org/centos/8/virt/x86_64/kata-containers/ (sbonazzo, 16:15:20)
    6. still missing release rpms for advanced-vitualization and kata-containers, first one pending publish to mirrors, second one still to be done (sbonazzo, 16:16:45)
    7. those kata-containers rpms are being used by an external project, we're not adversiting it. (danilocesar, 16:17:42)
    8. they are the same currently present in Fedora (danilocesar, 16:17:55)
    9. they are being consumed by a project that uses centos-8 and advanced virtualization repo. (danilocesar, 16:18:25)
    10. AV 8.2.1 will be released next week, so I will update the packages in two or three weeks from now (danilocesar, 16:22:07)

  2. Xen update (gwd, 16:24:28)
    1. Successful XenSummit last week; lots of good talks, design sessions, and virtual pub sessions. (gwd, 16:24:49)
    2. Xen 4.14 in progress, should be out in a week or two (gwd, 16:25:19)

  3. AoB (gwd, 16:26:03)

Meeting ended at 17:02:01 UTC (full logs).

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  1. sbonazzo (22)
  2. gwd (15)
  3. danilocesar (12)
  4. centbot (4)
  5. anthonyper (2)
  6. rbowen (1)
  7. bstinson (1)

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