16:10:34 <gwd> #startmeeting Virt SIG
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16:10:40 <gwd> #chair sbonazzo
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16:11:20 <anthonyper> gwd, hi
16:11:26 <gwd> #chair anthonyper
16:11:26 <centbot> Current chairs: anthonyper gwd sbonazzo
16:11:46 <gwd> sbonazzo: You want to start?
16:11:58 <sbonazzo> gwd ok
16:12:08 <sbonazzo> #topic oVirt updates
16:12:52 <sbonazzo> #info upstream released version 4.4.1 followed by a small async for fixing hosted engine hyperconverged deployment
16:13:35 <sbonazzo> #info oVirt communities are organizing an online conference for September 7th https://blogs.ovirt.org/ovirt-2020-online-conference/
16:14:05 <sbonazzo> #info call for presentations is open till July 26th and free registration is already open for anyone willing to attend
16:14:35 <sbonazzo> #info looking for technical presentations but also users stories and integrations with other projects
16:15:20 <sbonazzo> #info recently added to virt repos a new repo shipping kata containers http://mirror.centos.org/centos/8/virt/x86_64/kata-containers/
16:15:43 <sbonazzo> maybe danilocesar can elaborate on it
16:16:45 <sbonazzo> #info still missing release rpms for advanced-vitualization and kata-containers, first one pending publish to mirrors, second one still to be done
16:17:24 <sbonazzo> that's it for me, danilocesar anything to add?
16:17:42 <danilocesar> #info those kata-containers rpms are being used by an external project, we're not adversiting it.
16:17:55 <danilocesar> #info they are the same currently present in Fedora
16:18:25 <danilocesar> #info they are being consumed by a project that uses centos-8 and advanced virtualization repo.
16:18:36 <danilocesar> that's all I can mentioned here I think.
16:19:03 <danilocesar> sbonazzo: what do you mean by release rpms missing for Advanced virt?
16:19:13 <danilocesar> is something that I should I do?
16:19:29 <sbonazzo> you can't just "yum install centos-release-advanced-virtualization" in order to activate the repos
16:19:43 <sbonazzo> I pushed the patches for building it and build happened
16:19:54 <sbonazzo> just missing publish to extras repo
16:20:07 <sbonazzo> pending on CentOS release engineering
16:20:16 <danilocesar> is there a BZ already opened?
16:20:35 <sbonazzo> danilocesar: no but hughesjr and bstinson are aware of it
16:20:40 <danilocesar> ok
16:21:00 <danilocesar> nothing else for me
16:21:05 <sbonazzo> gwd back to you
16:21:07 <danilocesar> ah, one thing:
16:21:12 <gwd> sbonazzo: Out of curiosity, what conference software are you going to use?  We just ran the XenSummit using a BigBlueButton instance and it worked quite well
16:21:28 <danilocesar> AV 8.2.1 will be released next week, so I will update the packages in two or three weeks from now
16:21:49 <sbonazzo> gwd we're going to use youtube + google meet unless we find something better
16:22:07 <danilocesar> #info AV 8.2.1 will be released next week, so I will update the packages in two or three weeks from now
16:23:08 <sbonazzo> gwd: I'll have a look at BigBlueButton, thanks for the hint
16:24:28 <gwd> #topic Xen update
16:24:49 <gwd> #info Successful XenSummit last week; lots of good talks, design sessions, and virtual pub sessions.
16:25:10 <gwd> Videos will be posted online within a week or two
16:25:19 <gwd> #info  Xen 4.14 in progress, should be out in a week or two
16:25:25 <gwd> anthonyper: Anything to add?
16:25:40 <anthonyper> gwd, no
16:26:03 <gwd> #topic AoB
16:26:27 <gwd> sbonazzo: Do you have any idea how to get you to be a sig co-chair, so that you can approve people to join the sig?
16:26:57 <sbonazzo> gwd I've no idea, maybe bstinson can help
16:27:14 <sbonazzo> or rbowen
16:28:32 <bstinson> sbonazzo, gwd: i'd suggest opening a ticket with the board https://git.centos.org/centos/board
16:28:48 <gwd> bstinson: Thanks, I'll do that.
16:28:54 <gwd> Anything else to discuss?
16:49:00 <rbowen> For larger context, we're working on making the whole SIG process easier, so if co-chairs is a useful thing we can add that to the working doc.
17:00:24 <sbonazzo> rbowen: make sense
17:00:47 <sbonazzo> gwd: I need to drop, have a great evening
17:02:01 <gwd> #endmeeting