08:31:24 <siddharthvipul> #startmeeting CPE sustaining team stand up
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08:31:43 <siddharthvipul> ping Saffronique|w pingou mkonecny jednorozec
08:31:50 <jednorozec> hello
08:31:57 <siddharthvipul> did I miss anyone?
08:32:40 <siddharthvipul> wondering if it's too early for EU folks :)
08:33:06 <jednorozec> early?
08:33:09 <pingou> รณ/
08:33:32 <siddharthvipul> as in early morning :P I get up at 9 usually, coming from that logic. But I see the flaw in that XD
08:33:54 <siddharthvipul> good morning jednorozec pingou :D
08:34:47 <jednorozec> ,o/
08:34:57 <pingou> we're almost 5 minutes past
08:35:01 <pingou> so let's get started
08:35:49 <pingou> siddharthvipul: Saffronique|w: anything new on the CentOS world?
08:36:33 <siddharthvipul> pingou: hmm I created the issue template, updated and merged the doc that points to it and opened a PR for Centos-meeting in the repo (where it's tracked)
08:37:01 <pingou> cool :)
08:37:20 <pingou> siddharthvipul: I guess tickets aren't flowing in yet? :)
08:37:23 <siddharthvipul> although I was being lazy to clone and add a new file for meeting and tried to do all from GUI, now have 2 commits for one file PR
08:37:50 <siddharthvipul> pingou: not yet, I will send reminder today with the doc link. Expecting some then
08:38:17 <pingou> nice :)
08:38:27 <siddharthvipul> there are no un-attended bugs on mantis instance for me to transfer. I do see a few that's for Brian to do.. pingou should I transfer them as well?
08:38:32 <pingou> siddharthvipul: we should also add a README to that project
08:39:20 <siddharthvipul> pingou: I will take that task :) will add CentOS Infra details and links.. and sustaining team (hopefully we will be able to add working with CPE centos section) and then we can also point it there
08:39:37 <pingou> cool
08:39:57 <pingou> I'll try to work with Kevin later today in the flow for tickets on the fedora-infra tracker
08:40:29 <pingou> which we could then see if we want to leverage it for the CentOS flow
08:40:55 <siddharthvipul> that would be neat.. if it's somewhere on IRC, if you can ping me it would be great. I can follow the conversation there
08:41:01 <pingou> it'll be
08:41:09 <pingou> mostly like #fedora-admin or something like this
08:41:15 <siddharthvipul> awesome then, looking forward to it :)
08:41:26 <pingou> but I'll ping you (and anyone else interested, just make yourself known! :))
08:41:38 <pingou> alright, on the fedora-infra side: https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issues
08:41:48 <pingou> no new tickets since the US stand up of yesterday
08:41:58 <siddharthvipul> that's a good sign
08:42:07 <pingou> the ones that have been opened have actually already been closed by cverna
08:42:32 <pingou> and there seems to be some volatility around koji and a couple of our proxies recently
08:43:05 <pingou> cverna restart haproxy on the two proxies and it looks like it helped
08:43:07 * siddharthvipul needs to know more about proxies in Fedora-Infra.. like if all that was needed a reboot (just saying), we could do it with minimal efforts
08:43:31 <siddharthvipul> with know more I mean where it is, ways we do things etc
08:43:41 <pingou> but nagios is currently complaining about koji, not sure why
08:43:52 <pingou> siddharthvipul: good idea!
08:44:29 <pingou> siddharthvipul: the fedora-infra meeting on Thursday used to have a learning section, we could see about bringing it back if you think that could be useful
08:44:41 <pingou> we could always do it on a on-demand fashion
08:44:49 <siddharthvipul> definitely, I have noticed often it gets over early..
08:45:04 <pingou> let's add one for next week then
08:45:11 <siddharthvipul> pingou: on-demand as in if we see a topic mentioned in agenda then take it else skip?
08:45:22 <siddharthvipul> sure thing.. what would be a good starter topic?
08:45:34 <pingou> siddharthvipul: https://board.net/p/fedora-infra done
08:45:42 <pingou> siddharthvipul: yes
08:45:58 <siddharthvipul> thank you for adding it
08:46:07 <siddharthvipul> I was barely done with opening link from bookmark
08:46:13 <siddharthvipul> super fast! :P
08:46:22 <pingou> siddharthvipul: btw: https://pagure.io/centos-infra/issue/1
08:46:46 <pingou> jednorozec: anything on the fedora-releng side?
08:47:04 <jednorozec> I updated sop for the signing of FMC win binaries. Unretired pending packages.
08:47:41 <jednorozec> and there is this new ticket, that explains it self. But I have no idea on where to run it https://pagure.io/releng/issue/9607
08:48:51 <pingou> hm, it needs to be run where the gpg key is accessible
08:49:10 <pingou> RPMKEY='12c944d0' # Fedora 32 key
08:51:13 <pingou> jednorozec: is https://pagure.io/releng/issue/9469 still valid?
08:52:03 <jednorozec> pingou, in should not be. toddlers are handling this now right?
08:52:59 <pingou> jednorozec: toddlers handles the pdc side
08:53:09 <jednorozec> ok
08:53:25 <pingou> (updates the EOL dates in pdc)
08:53:35 <pingou> but we could make it update koji if that's desired
08:53:41 <jednorozec> pingou, then the script should be working correctly. I suspect the PDC updates was the problem.
08:54:37 <jednorozec> but, our scripts should use some cleaning service.
08:55:17 <pingou> sounds like a "dev" task :)
08:55:48 <jednorozec> pingou, I will update the ticket and close it.
08:56:51 <pingou> cool
08:57:02 <pingou> do we have anything else we want to discuss? Any blockers to raise?
08:58:54 <siddharthvipul> I wanted to discuss the change proposal for Fedora container - removing systemd
08:59:00 <siddharthvipul> but not sure if it's the right place
08:59:54 <siddharthvipul> I was talking to cverna and he said it's a lot of process but very less of change :P so what do you think? pingou jednorozec
09:00:01 <siddharthvipul> I mean we can discuss it somewhere else
09:00:14 <siddharthvipul> well, since time is also over, we should probably do that!
09:00:35 <pingou> let's finish the meeting and discuss this in another channel so we don't impact anyone
09:00:39 <siddharthvipul> #endmeeting