15:00:45 <amoralej> #startmeeting NFV SIG Relaunch meeting (2020-07-21)
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15:01:10 <amoralej> Feel free to add your topics or ideas for the meeting in https://review.rdoproject.org/etherpad/p/NFVSIG-meeting
15:01:18 <amoralej> #topic roll call
15:01:23 <amoralej> who is around?
15:02:12 <cfontain> amoralej: hi
15:02:13 <ykarel> o/
15:02:23 <amoralej> #chair ykarel cfontain
15:02:23 <centbot> Current chairs: amoralej cfontain ykarel
15:02:43 <amoralej> dholler, are you also around?
15:03:31 <amoralej> i'll give a couple more minutes before starting
15:03:35 <amoralej> to add topics to the agenda
15:03:39 <amoralej> or join
15:04:30 <amoloney> Hi everyone!
15:04:39 <amoloney> Its that time of the (every 2nd) week!
15:05:02 <amoralej> hi amoloney
15:05:03 <amoralej> ups
15:05:24 <amoralej> amoloney, i had started other meeting
15:05:26 <amoralej> sorry
15:05:35 <amoloney> rats I either didnt do the # thing correct or
15:05:38 <amoloney> ok thanks!
15:05:39 <amoloney> :)
15:05:51 <amoralej> i didn't see other conflicting meeting, sorry
15:06:08 <amoralej> i probably didn't check the right place
15:06:17 <amoloney> Is there another conflicting meetings? I am happy to reschedule if so!
15:06:35 <amoralej> i did a one-time NFV Sig relaunch meeting
15:06:43 <amoralej> just today
15:07:16 <amoralej> we'll arrange a periodic one for future but at a more suitable and non conflicting time
15:07:34 <amoralej> not sure if i should close this meeting now to leave your office hours
15:07:57 <cfontain> amoralej: there isn't much people, maybe we can reschedule the NFV relaunch meeting ?
15:08:24 <amoralej> yes, let me look for an alternative timing
15:08:31 <cfontain> ack
15:08:44 <ykarel> ack
15:10:14 <amoralej> i don't see any scheduled meeting at wednesday 15:00 utc in https://www.centos.org/community/calendar/#list
15:10:27 <amoralej> i'll reschedule for tomorrow
15:10:41 <amoralej> is that fine for you?
15:11:23 <ykarel> ok for me
15:11:38 <amoralej> cfontain, ^
15:11:52 <cfontain> amoralej: yes, works for me
15:11:55 <amoralej> #info the meeting has been rescheduled for Wednesday July 22nd at 15:00 UTC
15:12:07 <amoralej> #endmeeting