08:32:55 <mkonecny> #startmeeting CPE sustaining team Daily Standup
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08:32:55 <mkonecny> #chair pingou jednorozec Saffronique|w mkonecny  jednorozec mobrien[m]
08:32:55 <mkonecny> #info meeting is 30 minutes MAX. At the end of 30, its stops
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08:32:55 <mkonecny> #info agenda is at https://board.net/p/fedora-infra-daily
08:32:57 <siddharthvipul> #chair pingou jednorozec Saffronique|w mkonecny  jednorozec mobrien[m]
08:32:57 <siddharthvipul> #info meeting is 30 minutes MAX. At the end of 30, its stops
08:32:57 <siddharthvipul> #info agenda is at https://board.net/p/fedora-infra-daily
08:33:19 <siddharthvipul> heh, we started at the same time
08:33:28 <mobrien[m]> morning all
08:33:29 <siddharthvipul> well, let's start anyway
08:33:30 <mkonecny> :-D
08:33:32 <siddharthvipul> thank you mkonecny
08:33:51 <siddharthvipul> mobrien[m]: goood morning :D how is the little one ^^
08:33:53 <mkonecny> I would start earlier, but I need to find where the document is
08:34:08 <pingou> รณ/ folks
08:34:10 <mobrien[m]> siddharthvipul: good thanks. Sleeping a lot :)
08:34:13 <siddharthvipul> mkonecny: haha that's where I was looking but my firefox gave me a little problem
08:34:36 <siddharthvipul> mobrien[m]: :"D
08:34:45 <Saffronique|w> o/
08:34:53 <pingou> mobrien[m]: enjoy! :D
08:35:34 <siddharthvipul> alright, so I will post ticket links here, we decide/evaluate the ticekts and someone updates the tickets.. capiche?
08:35:35 <mobrien[m]> pingou: don't worry the older one keeps me very busy
08:35:53 <siddharthvipul> so who wants to update centos-infra tickets today? (I mean with tags)
08:36:32 <siddharthvipul> Saffronique|w: \o helloww, didn't see you there :D
08:36:36 <Saffronique|w> Hmm so there lots of new tickets in centos-infra, but they are all created by us, migrating over from jira
08:36:53 <siddharthvipul> #topic centos-infra tickets needing review + evaluation
08:37:08 <siddharthvipul> Saffronique|w: thank you for doing that, let's evaluate those
08:37:13 <Saffronique|w> I don't think we cano update many of these tags yet, we're waiting on bstinson/arrfab etc
08:37:36 <Saffronique|w> to get idea if they are still valid, and help sizing etc
08:37:36 <siddharthvipul> Saffronique|w: there is a tag called need-more-info.. we can add that to make it easy from top view
08:38:04 <siddharthvipul> #link https://pagure.io/centos-infra/issue/12
08:38:08 <Saffronique|w> if need-more-info means we need to start grooming? sure
08:38:21 <Saffronique|w> but lets not go tag overload either ;p
08:38:30 <siddharthvipul> I think this is a subpart (or actually more duplicate) of #3
08:39:01 <Saffronique|w> can we link tickets in pagure?
08:39:09 <pingou> yup
08:39:11 <Saffronique|w> or maybe just add a comment in b oth linking to each other?
08:39:31 <pingou> you can make ticket depend on each other
08:39:51 <siddharthvipul> we can close this and just keep 3 active? I consolidated those monitoring tickets in one becuase it's updating same zabbix script
08:40:02 <pingou> in bar: blocking foo, will make foo depending on bar
08:40:18 <siddharthvipul> whao, that's nice
08:40:31 <siddharthvipul> Saffronique|w: are you taking care of the tagging?
08:41:09 <Saffronique|w> I can yep, i can link these tickets together too, 3 and 12
08:41:17 <siddharthvipul> also #13, it's already mentioned in #3, we can close that as well (or make it a child but that's already mentioned)
08:41:18 <Saffronique|w> maybe we can update the descriptions or close one ?
08:41:32 <Saffronique|w> 3, 12 and 13
08:41:38 <Saffronique|w> can update/close later
08:41:44 <siddharthvipul> Saffronique|w: I am in favor up making 4 more explained (I just wrote a line for all these tickets) and closing other duplicates
08:41:58 <siddharthvipul> also #14 (reconfigure p8h1)
08:42:02 <siddharthvipul> mentioned in #3
08:42:30 <siddharthvipul> okay, next
08:42:33 <siddharthvipul> #link https://pagure.io/centos-infra/issue/15
08:43:09 <siddharthvipul> this needs Fabian's input.. can we mark more-info-needed? so that we don't come back to this ticket again tomorrow?
08:43:27 <Saffronique|w> kk
08:43:29 <siddharthvipul> s/more-info-needed/need-more-info
08:43:38 <siddharthvipul> Saffronique|w: arigato senpai
08:44:19 <siddharthvipul> #link https://pagure.io/centos-infra/issue/18
08:44:56 <siddharthvipul> Saffronique|w: what do you think of this? I know this needs to be done but it's not pressing (other than the part to keep everything aligned on same page (also updated))
08:45:11 <Saffronique|w> Id say lets mark all of these needs-more-info
08:45:18 <siddharthvipul> that's fair
08:45:25 <Saffronique|w> if that means we need to do a sit down and size the work
08:45:59 <siddharthvipul> Saffronique|w: yeah, since we are not really aware of a lot of things in Infra yet, we need more time to investigate
08:46:17 <siddharthvipul> if fabian was here, he would have said low trouble + $var gain :P
08:46:33 <Saffronique|w> true, but sizing is a group effort
08:46:33 <siddharthvipul> #link https://pagure.io/centos-infra/issue/19
08:46:39 <Saffronique|w> the slowest of us sets the size ;)
08:46:47 <siddharthvipul> Saffronique|w: yeah, need-more-info is suitable for now
08:46:51 <Saffronique|w> low for fabian might be high for us lol
08:46:56 <siddharthvipul> Saffronique|w: oh you mean me, sure thing XD
08:47:39 <siddharthvipul> so #19 can be a subpart of #21.. I will be researching and reading kubevirt, will write a report for that..
08:47:46 <siddharthvipul> so can convert that as a blog
08:47:48 <siddharthvipul> makes sense?
08:48:11 <Saffronique|w> yep
08:48:14 <Saffronique|w> and done
08:48:30 <Saffronique|w> let me add the need-more-info tag on the others too
08:49:04 <siddharthvipul> Saffronique|w: ah, sorry if I am going too fast.. I am trying to save some time for other places :P (fedora-infra and releng)
08:49:33 <Saffronique|w> yep we can move on, I can update these tags hwile we go
08:49:36 <siddharthvipul> pingou: should we timebox each places? (like centos-infra, fedora-infra and releng)? to touch every thing a little
08:49:51 <siddharthvipul> Saffronique|w: last one from centos
08:49:55 <pingou> (there is no new tickets on fedora-infra this morning)
08:49:58 <siddharthvipul> #link https://pagure.io/centos-infra/issue/20
08:50:03 <pingou> jednorozec: do you have much on your side?
08:50:03 <mobrien[m]> All the tickets on fedora-infra are already done
08:50:19 <siddharthvipul> \o/ awesome.. so we can jump directly to releng after this
08:50:37 <jednorozec> pingou, not really
08:50:51 <jednorozec> toddling with toddlers and preparing for the mass rebuild
08:50:59 <jednorozec> we are missing one file in releng sop
08:51:03 <pingou> siddharthvipul: so take your time, I'll have two items for the open floor
08:51:12 <jednorozec> I will discuss the changes with mohan once he is online.
08:51:34 <pingou> jednorozec: oups
08:52:02 <siddharthvipul> right! so for #20, we will have to stop jump.ci and then update with new kernel.. also, if we want to migrate from c6 to c7/8, we will have to migrate and do bunch of network forwardings/config
08:52:25 <siddharthvipul> it's a good amount of work from my perspective + service disruption for a while
08:53:10 <siddharthvipul> we would need input from bstinson or Fabian on this one.. we can sleep on it for now
08:54:48 <siddharthvipul> jednorozec: we don't have any tickets on releng, and mobrien[m], we don't have any tickets on fedora-infra
08:55:51 <siddharthvipul> #topic Blockers and Open Floor
08:56:04 <mobrien[m]> yep, fedora-infra are all evaluated already
08:58:24 <mobrien[m]> I think pingou said he had something for open floor
08:58:34 <siddharthvipul> pingou: did you? :)
08:58:39 <pingou> yes, we have currently two small fires going on
08:58:43 <pingou> one is with toddlers
08:59:04 <pingou> where apparently the new kid in town (pdc_import_compose) isn't happy:
08:59:19 <pingou> [INFO toddlers.plugins.pdc_import_compose] Creating release {'name': 'Fedora-Epel', 'short': 'fedora-epel', 'version': '7', 'release_type': 'updates', 'active': True}
08:59:30 <pingou> called in ensure_release_exists
08:59:38 <pingou> raises:
08:59:39 <pingou> beanbag.bbexcept.BeanBagException: Bad response code: 404
08:59:54 <pingou> and beanbag.bbexcept.BeanBagException: Bad response code: 400
09:00:03 <pingou> in plugins/pdc_import_compose.py", line 284, in ensure_release_exists
09:00:29 <pingou> the second is: we've had a couple of report about issues to push to F32 branches
09:00:39 <pingou> one is on the devel list, the other is at: https://pagure.io/releng/issue/9615
09:00:48 <pingou> so I'm trying to debug that
09:01:11 <pingou> toddler can wait, it'll keep on trying until we fix it, so we can always see about fixing this later
09:01:47 <siddharthvipul> pingou: by pushing, you mean packages?
09:01:48 <pingou> it'll be a little be slower for other messages, but that's it (and we could also increase the number of pods from 1 to 2 or so and that would speed things up again)
09:01:57 <mobrien[m]> Do you want help on either of these? I can have a look with you?
09:01:59 <pingou> siddharthvipul: yes, git push on dist-git
09:02:05 <pingou> mobrien[m]: sure thing
09:02:09 <siddharthvipul> just on that branch? weird
09:02:18 <pingou> siddharthvipul: agreed
09:02:30 <siddharthvipul> thank you for updating this pingou, will keep an eye on the solution. will be interesting
09:02:38 <mkonecny> I'm available if you need any help
09:03:05 <siddharthvipul> alright! apologies folks but we are over the time
09:03:09 <pingou> mkonecny: if you want to look at that toddler feel free
09:03:13 <mobrien[m]> I think we had an issue like this before with the f32 branch. Something to do with pdc
09:03:15 <pingou> otherwise we can look into it later
09:03:27 <siddharthvipul> closing the meeting..
09:03:28 <pingou> mobrien[m]: from Mohan on the ticket, the pdc side looks fine
09:03:30 <pingou> siddharthvipul: +1
09:03:38 <pingou> let's move to #fedora-apps or -admin
09:03:43 <siddharthvipul> #topic Ending meeting
09:03:44 <siddharthvipul> #info Thank you all for coming. See you next business day.
09:03:44 <siddharthvipul> #endmeeting
09:03:51 <pingou> thanks for chairing :)
09:03:56 <pingou> mkonecny and siddharthvipul :)
09:03:58 <pingou> mkonecny++
09:04:00 <centbot> pingou: mkonecny's karma is now 1
09:04:00 <siddharthvipul> oh wow, seems centbot is away
09:04:22 <pingou> #endmeeting