08:30:42 <siddharthvipul> #startmeeting CPE sustaining team Daily Standup
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08:30:42 <siddharthvipul> #chair pingou jednorozec Saffronique|w mkonecny  jednorozec mobrien[m] siddharthvipul
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08:30:42 <siddharthvipul> #info meeting is 30 minutes MAX. At the end of 30, its stops
08:30:42 <siddharthvipul> #info agenda is at https://board.net/p/fedora-infra-daily
08:30:50 <pingou> Good Morning folks!
08:31:05 <siddharthvipul> Good morning pingou ^^ (and everyone else)
08:31:22 <mkonecny> Hi everyone
08:31:52 <mobrien[m]> morning all
08:32:02 <siddharthvipul> \รต
08:32:25 <jednorozec> .o/
08:33:21 <siddharthvipul> #topic centos-infra tickets needing review + evaluation
08:33:22 <siddharthvipul> #link https://pagure.io/centos-infra/issues
08:34:08 <siddharthvipul> we don't have new ticket but yesterday in the later stand up, nirik mentioned that we should update "need-more-info" tag with waiting on assignee
08:34:33 <siddharthvipul> cc: Saffronique|w ^
08:35:01 <pingou> hm, I thought waiting on assignee was: waiting on someone to pick up the ticket and do it
08:35:39 <siddharthvipul> pingou: yeah, I mentioned it there.. I guess we should also start putting waiting on assignee once tickets are groomed
08:35:41 <pingou> I guess we should write down the flow of the tickets, as apparently we have different understanding of it :)
08:35:50 <pingou> siddharthvipul: that is true
08:35:52 <siddharthvipul> pingou: yess
08:36:18 <pingou> the idea is, I believe, tickets are created as: Needs Review
08:36:21 <mobrien[m]> I think it was a case of once the ticket is groomed put it to waiting on assignee
08:36:21 <siddharthvipul> would definitely like to keep the flow (tags and way we sort/update things) same as Fedora in here too (will be easy for all of us)
08:36:30 <pingou> and once they are triaged, they move to "Waiting on assignee"
08:36:33 <siddharthvipul> mobrien[m]: that is correct
08:36:40 <mobrien[m]> I would imagine if waiting on more info is needed it should be left there
08:37:39 <siddharthvipul> well, let's move ahead,we can come to this in open floor
08:37:49 <siddharthvipul> I am guessing we will have time for it :P
08:37:55 <siddharthvipul> #topic fedora-infrastructure tickets needing review + evaluation
08:37:56 <siddharthvipul> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issues
08:38:15 <mobrien[m]> No new tickets on the fedora side
08:38:18 <siddharthvipul> no new tickets there as well
08:40:53 <siddharthvipul> #topic fedora-releng tickets needing review + evaluation
08:40:53 <siddharthvipul> https://pagure.io/releng/issues/
08:42:28 <jednorozec> sorry
08:43:11 <jednorozec> we have all issues groomed
08:44:04 <jednorozec> this one is interesting https://pagure.io/releng/issue/9631
08:44:42 <pingou> jednorozec  no fallout from the 1K orphaned packages so far? :)
08:45:18 <jednorozec> pingou, not yet. But I expect people will start filling issues in CET afternoon
08:45:51 <jednorozec> and we have mass rebuild running for f33
08:46:13 <jednorozec> but there are some issues so re-run is possible.
08:46:15 * pingou commented on that ticket ^
08:47:44 <jednorozec> thanks pingou.
08:48:40 <pingou> eof
08:52:43 <siddharthvipul> #topic Blockers and Open Floo
08:52:47 <siddharthvipul> #undo
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08:52:50 <siddharthvipul> #topic Blockers and Open Floor
08:53:03 <siddharthvipul> anyone stuck on something?
08:53:14 <mkonecny> I'm working on the https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/8462
08:53:16 <siddharthvipul> or need to discuss *anything*?
08:53:45 <pingou> or want to ;-)
08:53:54 <jednorozec> no blockers here, but I messed up with the mass rebuild. To my defense it is my first.
08:54:08 <pingou> jednorozec: pretty sure you're not the first one there ;-)
08:54:19 <mkonecny> And there is a need to create separate repo for schema
08:54:25 <pingou> mkonecny: btw, venus is py2 only, right?
08:54:44 <pingou> mkonecny: there is a thread on the fedora infra list about the status of planet software
08:54:52 <mkonecny> pingou: Not sure, I didn't looked at it that much
08:54:56 <pingou> (it's a pretty depressive state)
08:55:11 <mkonecny> Nobody touched it for some time
08:55:34 <pingou> mkonecny: https://github.com/rubys/venus/blob/master/planet.py#L9
08:55:52 <mkonecny> Hm
08:56:04 <mkonecny> I have the schema ready with tests
08:56:27 <pingou> cool
08:57:34 <mkonecny> I need to create a patch for fedora messaging, but this should be quick :-)
08:58:01 <siddharthvipul> btw, FYI, mobrien[m] opened a proposal in nest for doc hackfest (infra and releng)
08:58:55 <pingou> mobrien++
08:58:56 <mkonecny> Nice :-)
08:59:33 <mobrien[m]> siddharthvipul did a lot of teh work on it too
08:59:56 <siddharthvipul> mobrien[m]: lol, sure! XD free credits
09:00:00 <siddharthvipul> oh, meeting time over
09:00:18 <siddharthvipul> #topic Ending meeting
09:00:18 <siddharthvipul> #info Thank you all for coming. See you next business day.
09:00:20 <siddharthvipul> 1
09:00:23 <siddharthvipul> 2
09:00:26 <siddharthvipul> 3
09:00:33 <siddharthvipul> #endmeeting