16:08:50 <gwd> #startmeeting Virt SIG
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16:08:54 <gwd> #chair anthonyper
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16:08:59 <gwd> #chair adp-prgmr
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16:10:44 <gwd> Hmm, sbonazzo seems not to be around; maybe on PTO or something.
16:10:48 <gwd> #topic Xen update
16:11:10 <gwd> #info Xen 4.14 released last week
16:11:22 <gwd> anthonyper?
16:12:09 <anthonyper> #info I've started to package 4.13 and 4.14 for CentOS 7
16:12:48 <anthonyper> Beside that, not much other news.
16:13:11 <gwd> Great.  What's the state of CentOS 8?
16:13:58 <anthonyper> I've got to respin a patch for the selinux policy (for upstream).
16:13:59 <anthonyper> I'
16:14:37 <anthonyper> I've tried to ask about missing package in CBS on #centos-devel, but I didn't get any usefull response.
16:14:47 <anthonyper> (missing glibc-devel.i686)
16:15:45 <anthonyper> That's it.
16:16:02 <gwd> #topic AOB
16:16:11 <gwd> OK, anything else to bring up? adp-prgmr?
16:16:30 <adp-prgmr> We'd like to report status regarding testing on Linux 5.4.  cmb-prgmr will voice it.
16:17:29 <cmb-prgmr> We've discovered a handful of bugs during 5.4 testing, mostly benign.  One has been reported to xen-devel.  Another I have a patch for.  And at this moment I'm trying to track down a bug related to DRBD.
16:18:12 <cmb-prgmr> Haven't yet found anything I'd consider a blocker for switching to 5.4.
16:18:16 <cmb-prgmr> And that's it from me.
16:20:17 <TrevorH> glibc-devel.i686 is in the BaseOS repo (or base in 7) so I would not expect anything special needs to be done
16:20:23 <gwd> cmb-prgmr: Cool, thanks for the update.  Were you guys thinking about posting a branch updating the centos-xen Linux kernel to 5.4?
16:20:43 <cmb-prgmr> gwd: Yes I want to do that.
16:21:27 <gwd> Cool, looking forward to it.
16:22:04 <gwd> Re DRBD, I heard that Vates was doing some stuff with DRBD for XCP-ng; do you think it would be helpful to be put in contact with those guys to see if they have any ideas?
16:22:13 <gwd> Or do you have your own connections to that community already?
16:23:04 <adp-prgmr> We could use an introduction here--it's too many cycles to reproduce the bug and we're tightening it but an introduction to other people that could weigh in is appreciated.
16:23:56 <TrevorH> it's not the old xen/drbd bug that requires the disable_sendpage=1 option to the drbd module is it?
16:24:02 <gwd> OK, let me put that on my to-do list.
16:24:21 <cmb-prgmr> TrevorH: Nope.
16:28:14 <gwd> anthonyper: Re glibc-devel.i686, isn't there some weird thing where the order you install packages matters?
16:29:34 <anthonyper> Nope, all dependencies are installed at once. You can't really add a repo when building a package in cbs.
16:29:56 <anthonyper> I tried before, to have a newer gcc.
16:30:04 <anthonyper> So the order doesn't matter.
16:30:41 <anthonyper> The packages used to be there, with earlier version of CentOS8, so I could build xen.
16:31:17 <anthonyper> But, I think that since centos 8.2 is out, the package isn't found.
16:31:32 <gwd> OK. Well I guess chase things on #centos-devel again when you get a chance. :-)
16:31:36 <gwd> Anything else to bring up?
16:31:42 <anthonyper> Maybe there is something weird, or a bug, which hide all *.i686 pkg when building a x86_64 pkg.
16:42:13 <dholler> gwd, the chat looks stalled, is the meeting ended?
17:01:28 <anthonyper> #endmeeting