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15:01:53 * siddharthvipul is here to bug amoloney ^^
15:02:17 <amoloney> #info About the CPE team: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/cpe/
15:02:25 <amoloney> Hi siddharthvipul  - bug away :)
15:02:43 <amoloney> #topic open floor
15:04:16 <hughesjr> hey amoloney .. i am hanging out as well, to see if there are any questions i might be able to help with
15:04:35 <hughesjr> (if there are any CentOS specific ones)
15:04:46 <amoloney> Hi everyone! Im here for the next hour if you want to ask questions/discuss CPE work/Find out more about the team, etc
15:05:37 <amoloney> And I have my fabulous assistant hughesjr for CentOS related q's
15:05:38 <siddharthvipul> hughesjr: hey, how have you been? :D
15:05:40 <amoloney> :)
15:07:27 <hughesjr> siddharthvipul: hey vipul .. i have been ok .. working on updates (as usual :D) .. 5 yesterday for c6. c7. c8 ... 10 c7 today (and also 5 for c7-extras)
15:07:50 <amoloney> Congrats on the release too all!
15:08:03 * carlwgeorge waves
15:08:27 <amoloney> Hi Carl!
15:23:09 <carlwgeorge> so quiet today :)
15:28:09 <amoloney> dont tempt fate Carl hahaha
15:31:54 <amoloney> Actually it may be of interest to folk here that the CPE team have recently held our Quarterly Planning Session for Q3 (quarter 3 - July, August + September) last Thursday to review initiatives that we have in our backlog to decide on what to work on for Q3
15:32:21 <amoloney> our project tracking board is here  https://tree.taiga.io/project/amoloney1-cpe-team-projects/kanban?epic=null
15:32:27 <rbowen> I was going to ask if/when that will be announced but didn't want to be a troublemaker. :)
15:32:42 <amoloney> and we discussed cards in the 'Ready for QP' column
15:32:54 <amoloney> See thats Carl tempting fate :)
15:33:19 <rbowen> Can you briefly mention/define each of the things on the list?
15:33:51 <amoloney> The list is in priority order, starting top most priority, etc
15:33:57 <amoloney> Sure, can do!
15:35:51 <amoloney> Top o' the list is the Fedora data centre move. This is a must do for our team as we are a subset of a wider Red Hat data centre move. Fedora is currently running on a reduced services offering. More details are in the taiga card in the Scoped for QP lane
15:36:50 <amoloney> Next one is CentOS Stream. This is being worked on in Q3 by the CPE team and was deemed the next top priority project. The team are aiming to release compose logs this quarter and have much more variance and package builds in Stream
15:38:22 <amoloney> I think this particular space here can appreciate how tricky it has been for the CentOS members of the CPE team building both CentOS Linux and Stream over the last few weeks/months so I want to again say a huge congrats to you for getting CentOS Linux released! And thank everyone for their patience :)
15:39:54 <amoloney> Third TODO for Q3 is Noggin - this is the FAS2 replacement project that CPE have been working on and have successfully included a feature that allows users to select multiple agreements when signing up/in. This is so we can include CentOS auth in the same solution and allow our team to support both communities through one portal
15:41:09 <rbowen> That work was already ongoing, right?
15:41:11 <amoloney> We are aiming to deploy Noggin to staging towards the end of July for  community testing and feedback and look forward to your engagement with us on it! More comms to come soon on feature set within Noggin and an estimate timetable of testing phases
15:41:44 <amoloney> Yes the integration work is currently happening, but most is complete
15:42:07 <amoloney> here is the Noggin teams github bboard https://github.com/orgs/fedora-infra/projects/6
15:44:35 <amoloney> The next initiative that was a Packager Workflow Healthcare investigation . This initiative will look at creating and running a script targeted to rpms to help identify failures or breaks along the package lifecycle. We hope to learn more about why packages break, and where most often, to then form a Proof of Concept to fix those issues in a later phase of the project
15:45:08 <amoloney> They are the four short listed initiatives the CPE team are looking to work on through Q3
15:48:23 <rbowen> I, for one, hope that we get a blog post or two out of the Packager Workflow investigation, showing what's possible and what's being considered.
15:48:25 <rbowen> hint, hint
15:50:24 <amoloney> The additional initiatives are Fedora Messaging Schemas which will add/upgrade existing shcemas the Fedora infrastructure uses for fedora-messaging, then Docs CI/CD which looks at a quicker rebuild time for changes to documentation and gives the author a preview of the entire site for context, then FMN replacement which is related to he Fedora Messaging schema which will see the team retire fed-msg and port
15:50:24 <amoloney> dependencies to fedora-messaging, then upgrading datanomer & datagrepper and finally image builder in composes which asks for an image builder in the compose process
15:50:36 <amoloney> and thats it in a nutshell!
15:51:07 <amoloney> Alll of the above have pdfs attached in their respective taiga cards with more detail per initiative for further bedtime reading :)
15:51:40 <amoloney> and yes rbowen you will get your blog post(s) from the packager healthcare investigation :)
15:53:05 <rbowen> So, it sounds like a lot of those things are Fedora-centric (which isn't bad, but, I have to ask). What's in it for us?
15:53:16 <rbowen> (Yeah, I know we're almost out of time. I did that last time, too, didn't I?)
15:53:38 <amoloney> I think so but Im still blaming carlwgeorge  :)
15:53:58 <Evolution> am I too late for the office hours? can I still cause trouble for amoloney and others?
15:54:29 <amoloney> Evolution: I have no doubt you will never stop...
15:54:41 <pingou> Evolution: nope too late!
15:54:44 <pingou> we're packing now
15:54:58 <pingou> :D
15:55:12 <hughesjr> rbowen: rhel engineers will be building stream .. notthe general publix
15:55:42 <hughesjr> it is rhel developement
15:55:57 <amoloney> anyway the CentOS Community will benefit from the integration of their auth system with Noggin as the team will be ablet o provide support to one system fully as opposed to two at varying levels
15:56:31 <hughesjr> however the general public will have pull request inputs to the packages , access to see the build logs, and bug report capability
15:56:34 <pingou> having an account in one community will automatically grant you one on the other
15:56:35 <amoloney> CentOS could potentially benefit from the packager script too if we can scale it/replicate it to suit those needs too
15:57:14 <amoloney> and yes there is the benefit of having access to Stream too as Johnny said
15:57:44 <hughesjr> rhel (and therefore centos) are not genral public build models
15:59:03 <rbowen> Well, sure, but I'm presuming that the packaging work will benefit both SIGs and EPEL work.
15:59:11 <amoloney> so we hope to be able to provide value to the CentOS community through those initiatives, but it would be even better to leverage the CentOS board to brief in specific community desires & wants to me before our quarterly planning sessions so we can review more CentOS-Centric projects
15:59:40 <amoloney> Using the tracker that was recently launched would be a great way to do that openly
15:59:46 <pingou> rbowen: that is a reasonable assumption :)
15:59:58 <rbowen> That's what I understood anyways. :)
16:00:25 <amoloney> rats gotta go, but thanks for having me here and I'll be back on 7th July if you have more questions for then! :)
16:00:28 <amoloney> #endmeeting