16:13:31 <gwd> #startmeeting Virt SIG
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16:13:40 <gwd> #chair anthonyper danilocesar
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16:14:15 <gwd> danilocesar: Remind me what you're working on WRT the Virt SIG?
16:14:54 <danilocesar> gwd: So, I'm updating the packages in the virt8-advanced-virtualization-candidate with the latest packages from Advanced-Virtualization
16:15:15 <danilocesar> gwd: the sincronization script is running, it already build half of the packages.
16:15:28 <danilocesar> it's doing qemu-kvm now...
16:15:36 <danilocesar> that's it, basically
16:16:03 <gwd> OK.  anthonyper you want to give a Xen update?
16:16:25 <gwd> danilocesar: Thanks.
16:16:30 <anthonyper> #topic Xen updates
16:17:05 <anthonyper> #info xen-kernel packages updated
16:18:08 <anthonyper> But maybe the repos hasn't been updated, I have to look if updating the common tag also update the xen-* repos.
16:18:26 <anthonyper> That didn't work with the testings repos.
16:19:09 <anthonyper> gwd: I think that's it.
16:20:01 <gwd> OK, great thanks
16:20:05 <gwd> #topic Open Discussion
16:20:38 <gwd> danilocesar: I don't know what this Advance Virtualization thing is; could you give a brief summary?
16:22:48 <danilocesar> gwd: is a more updated set of virtualization packages that the ones shipped by RHEL. it's shipped by layered products in red hat and we're building it as sig-virt using  the virt8-advanced-virtualization-candidate tag and "virt8-advanced-virtualization-el8"
16:23:14 <danilocesar> I got a message from the sig-virt team last time saying that it worked. But I have no idea how people are consuming that package.
16:23:25 <danilocesar> which repo/corp? they have enabled to use it.
16:24:49 <danilocesar> gwd: I would ask sbonazzo, but he's not here
16:24:58 <danilocesar> and I didn't find any docs about it
16:25:05 <ymankad> gwd I can help answer the question. There are two versions of virt packages in RHEL. The lower version goes in Base RHEL, and the "advanced" version (newer) goes in the Layered Products such as RHV
16:25:34 <ymankad> gwd, danilocesar from a CentOS standpoint - that would be CentOS and oVirt
16:26:15 <gwd> danilocesar: Normally how SIG content is consumed is that there's a package in CentOS Extras that adds the repo into their yum repo path
16:26:53 <gwd> So for Xen, for instance, you `yum install -y centos-release-xen`.   Might there be such a package for advanced-virtualization?
16:28:01 <gwd> Not here anyway: http://mirror.centos.org/centos/8/extras/x86_64/os/Packages/
16:29:06 <ymankad> gwd, http://mirror.centos.org/centos/8/virt/x86_64/advanced-virtualization/Packages/
16:29:23 <gwd> ymankad: Yes, but the question is how people consume that.  Do they add the repo path manually?
16:29:26 <cyberpear> These would be used by OpenStack, oVirt, and KubeVirt; right?
16:29:46 <danilocesar> ymankad: that's the one I found too. but not the -candidate.
16:29:57 <cyberpear> I think that the repo is/will be pulled in by the depending oVirt/KubeVirt/Openstack repos?
16:30:27 <danilocesar> I will send an email, it's probably easier.
16:30:40 <gwd> Yup.  Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
16:31:22 <ymankad> gwd, so to use it with CentOS 8, yes, users would have to add the repo path manually, and run a 'yum update'
16:32:13 <ymankad> gwd, but the packages are intended to be used by OpenStack, oVirt, and other products -- which wrap these virt packages in their own rpms
16:32:43 <ymankad> gwd, like ovirt-44 rpms: https://resources.ovirt.org/pub/ovirt-4.4-pre/
16:33:25 <ymankad> cyberpear, yes - how you have understood it
16:35:11 <gwd> ymankad: Cool, thanks for the info.
16:35:18 <gwd> Anything else for the Virt SIG meeting?
16:35:28 <gwd> (^ speaking to everyone, of course)
16:35:36 <danilocesar> I'm good
16:35:43 <ymankad> I'm good too
16:36:18 <gwd> #endmeeting