14:08:38 <leanderthal> #startmeeting CentOS Cloud SIG meeting (2020-05-07)
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14:08:55 <leanderthal> #topic rollcall come on; put your hands UP!
14:09:12 <cyberpear> o/
14:09:19 <leanderthal> #chair cyberpear
14:09:20 <centbot> Current chairs: cyberpear leanderthal
14:09:39 <leanderthal> amoralej, ykarel - i think i said yesterday that the cloud sig meeting is an hour from now; it's now now
14:10:06 <amoralej> o/
14:10:07 <leanderthal> mjturek, we'd love to hear from multi arch as well, in preparation for the ussuri release
14:10:10 <leanderthal> #chair amoralej
14:10:10 <centbot> Current chairs: amoralej cyberpear leanderthal
14:10:38 <ykarel> o/
14:10:43 <leanderthal> #chair ykarel
14:10:43 <centbot> Current chairs: amoralej cyberpear leanderthal ykarel
14:10:47 <mjturek> o/ so not much on the power side. We've spent the cycle switching to centos8 and are very close to containers being published
14:11:28 <leanderthal> #chair mjturek
14:11:28 <centbot> Current chairs: amoralej cyberpear leanderthal mjturek ykarel
14:11:39 <leanderthal> that's awesome!
14:12:31 <mjturek> \o/
14:12:40 <leanderthal> #topic ussuri requests!
14:13:55 <leanderthal> #info RDO is going to release ussuri the week of 18-22 may - one week after openstack releases ussuri - and we'd like to send any requests / concerns ahead of the drop NOW to CentOS infra / the board
14:14:23 <leanderthal> does anyone have anything they'd like to talk about ahead of the ussuri release?
14:14:23 <amoralej> #info first promotion of RC builds to -testing is ongoing https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/27344/
14:14:36 <leanderthal> perfect
14:14:38 <amoralej> so the plan is to first push rc builds
14:14:43 <amoralej> asap
14:14:52 <amoralej> in both -testing and -release
14:14:58 <amoralej> let me check how ci is going
14:15:39 <amoralej> ongoing
14:15:53 <amoralej> so we probably push the -testing tags today or tomorrow
14:16:27 <amoralej> bstinson, ^ is that fine or we need to make centos core aware of massive tagging?
14:17:04 <leanderthal> oh, sweet! i love it when bstinson is already in here....
14:17:29 <bstinson> amoralej, leanderthal: i think a heads up to Arrfab would probably be appropriate
14:17:38 <amoralej> ok
14:17:43 <amoralej> so steps are
14:17:44 <leanderthal> bstinson, wise
14:17:52 <amoralej> 1. bit rc1 push to -testing
14:18:00 <amoralej> s/bit/big
14:18:08 <amoralej> 2. big rc1 push to -release
14:18:37 <amoralej> 3. smaller ga push to -testing
14:18:45 <amoralej> 4. smaller ga push to -release
14:18:56 <amoralej> first two will be asap
14:19:08 <amoralej> 3 and 4 will happen after upstream GA
14:19:15 <amoralej> ~ 20 may
14:19:43 <leanderthal> #action leanderthal will email arrfab (and the centos-devel list) to give everyone a heads up
14:19:59 <Arrfab> hey
14:20:00 <leanderthal> oh hello Arrfab !! !
14:20:04 <leanderthal> #chair Arrfab
14:20:04 <centbot> Current chairs: Arrfab amoralej cyberpear leanderthal mjturek ykarel
14:20:10 <amoralej> actually GA is 14 may
14:20:10 <bstinson> you read my mind, it would be nice to see announcements like this on the -devel list
14:20:50 <leanderthal> amoralej, would you mind repeating the last few things since Arrfab is in the channel?
14:21:01 <amoralej> sure
14:21:22 <amoralej> so, the plan for RDO Ussuri release is
14:21:22 <leanderthal> #chair bstinson
14:21:22 <centbot> Current chairs: Arrfab amoralej bstinson cyberpear leanderthal mjturek ykarel
14:21:52 <amoralej> 1. Big rc1 tag to ussuri-testing
14:22:09 <amoralej> https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/27344/
14:22:22 <amoralej> that will happen as soon as it passes ci
14:22:27 <amoralej> and we get ack from Arrfab
14:22:53 <amoralej> 2. Big rc1 tag to ussuri-release, asap after pushing to -testing
14:23:21 <amoralej> 3. Smaller GA tag to ussuri-testing, after upstream GA (14 may)
14:23:41 <amoralej> 4. Smaller GA tag to ussuri-release, asap after tagging to -testing is done
14:23:58 <amoralej> 5. create centos-release-openstack-ussuri and push to extras
14:24:47 <amoralej> so, the question is how (if needed) we should made you aware and wait for centos team to do the tagging itself
14:24:56 <amoralej> to not overload automation
14:25:50 <ykarel> just to have number, 300+ builds will be tagged in step 1
14:26:11 <Arrfab> amoralej: only problem is that koji still send one notification per tag-build
14:26:26 <Arrfab> so tagging 300 pkgs means 300 notifications
14:26:52 <Arrfab> so 300 jobs in queue. actually the logic in the queue is checking if next item in queue is for same tag, and if so discard, move on
14:27:17 <Arrfab> so as long as it's all tagged in one shot and not intermediate tag-build, that's fine
14:27:47 <amoralej> wdym by one shot
14:27:56 <amoralej> it's one tag-build command per build
14:28:02 <Arrfab> what we can also do , and probably more efficient though, is : stopping the mqtt listener, you tag all, we resume, and we kick one signing+push process
14:28:22 <Arrfab> amoralej: what I meant was in case you're using multi-call
14:28:34 <amoralej> no
14:28:37 <Arrfab> but internally koji still does one notification per tag-build operation
14:28:39 <amoralej> we are not using multi-call
14:28:45 <Arrfab> *ack*
14:29:11 <Arrfab> so my proposal would be the : stop mqtt, you tag-build all, I kick "manually" once and resume worker
14:29:29 <amoralej> ykarel, ^
14:29:41 <amoralej> so before we merge it
14:29:52 <amoralej> we will let you know
14:29:56 <Arrfab> so that we don't hand with hundreds of jobs in queue, keeping node busy for nothing, as most of the pkgs when processing those would be caught anyway, so that would be time consuming from a "koji dist-repo" side, for nothing
14:30:06 <amoralej> yeap, makes sense
14:30:20 <ykarel> amoralej, ack noted
14:32:10 <Arrfab> amoralej: so you mentioned GA on May 14th, but a pre-release from RC ?
14:32:15 <Arrfab> any idea when ?
14:32:16 <amoralej> exactly
14:32:25 <amoralej> rc1 will be probably tomorrow
14:32:32 <amoralej> Arrfab, we are running ci on it
14:32:53 <amoralej> ykarel, is there any known  blocker for rc push?
14:33:23 <ykarel> amoralej, nothing yet, waiting for ci results
14:33:39 <amoralej> Arrfab, tagging will happen after merging https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/27344/
14:33:44 <Arrfab> amoralej: so you'd like to do a RC push tomorrow ?
14:33:57 <amoralej> if it passes ci, yes
14:34:07 <amoralej> to -testing
14:34:29 <amoralej> well and to -release is just a matter of re-running ci again
14:34:41 <amoralej> would that be fine?
14:35:15 <Arrfab> amoralej: I guess you don't expect a lot of changes between RC and GA, so only some pkgs bump
14:35:22 <Arrfab> so real push would be tomorrow
14:35:26 <amoralej> exactly
14:35:30 <amoralej> from rc to ga
14:35:35 <amoralej> ~50 pkgs?
14:35:57 <Arrfab> can also be "orchestrated", but wouldn't hurt if not done and using standard process
14:36:17 <amoralej> yeah, we can do the same for GA
14:36:19 <amoralej> no problem
14:36:24 * cyberpear has question for Open Floor
14:36:43 <Arrfab> amoralej: I'll be in meeting[s] tomorrow , including with bstinson , but wondering about the ETA for when you want to do this
14:38:00 <amoralej> Arrfab, so you'd prefer to do it on monday?
14:38:09 <amoralej> there is a chance we can do it even today
14:38:16 <amoralej> if we are lucky enough
14:38:16 <leanderthal> cyberpear, i got you! if you like, you can add it to https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/centos-cloud-sig though?
14:38:18 <amoralej> to pass ci
14:38:30 <amoralej> in first try
14:38:31 <Arrfab> amoralej: not today, other meetings in sight and busy during evening ;-)
14:38:39 <amoralej> ok
14:39:09 <Arrfab> amoralej: but tomorrow would be good for me. just trying to see when I'm supposed to have a look in #centos-devel and you to wait for me before massively tagging builds :-)
14:39:23 <amoralej> ok
14:39:43 <Arrfab> *normally* I'm supposed to have jira tickets, blablablalba, but can eventually create it myself , and also eventually tag you in it ?
14:40:02 <cyberpear> ok added
14:40:42 <amoralej> Arrfab, sure
14:41:25 <leanderthal> and mjturek - you won't need anything for power, but you've got something in the pipeline for containers?
14:41:32 <amoralej> Arrfab, btw, since we merge until tag is done is ~ one hour
14:41:50 <leanderthal> is there anything you need from the centos groups for this release?
14:42:05 <Arrfab> amoralej: and because I like to "live on the edge", tomorrow morning my cable operator is switching line so switching from vdsl2 to cable, and so internet connection cut (normally should stay up in parallel)
14:42:23 <amoralej> uuhhh :)
14:42:37 <amoralej> let's cross fingers
14:42:42 <leanderthal> holy free holies
14:42:52 <Arrfab> amoralej: I'd say beginning of the afternoon (our timezone) would be better for the GA push ?
14:43:02 <amoralej> ykarel, ^
14:43:08 <amoralej> GA or rc
14:43:13 <amoralej> tomorrow is rc
14:43:16 * Arrfab has still his smartphone with 4G as tethering solution
14:43:20 <amoralej> you mean tomorrow's push
14:43:21 <amoralej> right?
14:43:24 <Arrfab> amoralej: yeah, sorry was confused , rc :)
14:43:38 <amoralej> ok, let's try that
14:43:39 <Arrfab> that would go to both -testing *and* -release, right ?
14:43:48 <amoralej> no, that will be only -testing
14:44:01 <Arrfab> oh, so no signing at all even
14:44:02 <mjturek> leanderthal: sorry yeah we're close on containers and next up is disk images
14:44:03 <amoralej> once we have -testing pushed, we'll prepare for -releases
14:44:12 <amoralej> push to -release may be on monday
14:44:16 <amoralej> if it works for you
14:44:20 <ykarel> amoralej, ack,
14:44:28 <Arrfab> 2. Big rc1 tag to ussuri-release, asap after pushing to -testing
14:44:37 <amoralej> well
14:44:38 <amoralej> asap
14:44:50 <amoralej> in terms of our automation means several hours
14:44:54 <amoralej> for ci
14:44:55 <Arrfab> ah, so -testing tomorrow, -release on monday (but you need to find me too, same operation) as that's the one that will really sign all pkgs
14:45:12 <amoralej> we may have -release ready by tomorrow evening
14:45:23 <amoralej> but friday evening is not a good time for anything
14:45:43 <Arrfab> amoralej: let's agree on this : when it's ready [TM], just wait for me/ack to tag-build ...
14:45:47 <Arrfab> ? :)
14:45:48 <leanderthal> mjturek, cool cool
14:45:48 <amoralej> ok
14:45:50 <amoralej> sure
14:45:54 <Arrfab> great
14:46:10 <amoralej> it will be me or ykarel
14:48:33 <leanderthal> could we run across the next two topics quickly? we're getting close to time
14:49:09 <amoralej> yeap
14:49:12 <leanderthal> #topic [leanderthal] is leaving Red Hat; last working day is 15 May but!
14:49:30 <leanderthal> #info i'm leaving red hat, but i'm still going to be in charge of cloud sig
14:49:39 <Arrfab> oh !
14:49:41 <leanderthal> my last working day is 15 may
14:50:04 <leanderthal> but the new role / new company is within cloud action and fully supports this role
14:50:15 <leanderthal> so not a whole lot will change for this group
14:50:15 <amoralej> we'll miss you leanderthal although you'll be around :)
14:50:21 <leanderthal> thx so much amoralej
14:51:03 <leanderthal> #topic chair for next week
14:51:06 <leanderthal> anyone keen?
14:51:29 <leanderthal> i'll do it so we can get to open floor and cyberpear 's question
14:51:31 <leanderthal> ;-)
14:51:41 <leanderthal> #action leanderthal to chair next week's mtg
14:52:03 <leanderthal> #topic open floor
14:52:06 <cyberpear> what's the coordination of python packages compared to base CentOS? ran into an issue with the train repo having a "too new" version of pluggy being too new to build netaddr. do certain packages build in a different build root?
14:52:56 <cyberpear> (if there's no quick answer, I can bring it back next week with a minimal reproducer in a COPR)
14:52:58 <amoralej> cyberpear, in cloudsig we have our buildroot with the packages we need to build our packages
14:53:05 <amoralej> what means that
14:53:16 <amoralej> if netaddr comes from centos
14:53:41 <amoralej> and we need package foo which is not in centos
14:53:53 <amoralej> may happen that it needs a newer version of pluggy
14:54:03 <amoralej> we update pluggy + foo
14:54:31 <cyberpear> I might have been doing it wrong, but I was trying to rebuild the netaddr from the train cloud repo, also including that repo in the buildroot
14:54:32 <amoralej> where are you building netaddr?
14:54:56 <cyberpear> COPR
14:55:02 <amoralej> that's centos7, right?
14:55:07 <Arrfab> cyberpear: don't forget that in koji a buildroot doesn't mean that all artifacts are pushed to mirrors
14:55:10 <cyberpear> 8
14:55:21 <amoralej> but in centos8 we are not rebuilding netaddr
14:55:40 <cyberpear> hmmm, maybe I messed up
14:55:44 <amoralej> in centos8 we pull python-netaddr from base repos
14:55:47 <amoralej> let me double check it
14:56:03 * Arrfab has to enter again meeting mode ..
14:56:18 <leanderthal> enjoy Arrfab - thx for joining!
14:56:40 <amoralej> yep
14:56:46 <amoralej> thanks for your help Arrfab
14:57:04 <amoralej> cyberpear, in c8 we get netaddr from centos appstream repo
14:57:14 <amoralej> i mean, python3-netaddr
14:57:50 <cyberpear> thanks.  I'll look closer and bring it up next week if I still think it's not something I messed up
14:58:02 <amoralej> ok
14:58:18 <amoralej> cyberpear, you can also ask me in #centos-dvel or in #rdo
14:58:30 <cyberpear> 👍 thanks!
14:58:49 <leanderthal> cyberpear, definitely!
14:58:59 * cyberpear yields the floor
14:59:11 <leanderthal> anything else in less than a minute?
14:59:22 <leanderthal> #endmeeting