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13:00:51 <jstanek> Hi everyone, and welcome to another SCLo SIG meeting!
13:01:01 <cyberpear> o/
13:01:21 <jstanek> Nothing new on my plate, feel free to voice your own questions and issues
13:02:45 <cyberpear> I've got a couple of SCLs I'd like to get packaged... can you point me in the right direction to join the SIG?
13:03:47 <cyberpear> for RHEL 8, the jws5 SCL: https://ftp.redhat.com/redhat/linux/enterprise/8Base/en/JBEWS/SRPMS/
13:04:09 <jstanek> cyberpear: see https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/SCLo, section "Steps for adding a new collections"
13:04:32 <cyberpear> and for 7, the devtools SCLs, specifically go-toolset-1.12 https://ftp.redhat.com/redhat/linux/enterprise/7Server/en/DevTools/SRPMS/
13:05:00 <cyberpear> cool, thanks for the reference, I'll go thru it
13:07:00 <cyberpear> so it looks like I can join the SIG by sending a message to the sclorg mailing list?
13:08:32 <cyberpear> then request a tag, then I'll be able to build them... is that correct?
13:08:46 <jstanek> This should be a first step, yes; someone on the steering commitee then should be able to grant you the necessary rights
13:09:15 <jstanek> follow that with the request and build – correct
13:10:28 <jstanek> In case nobody gets to you in time for the next meeting, just ping me and I can start querying the relevant ppl :)
13:10:45 <cyberpear> thanks! I'll get starterd today
13:11:21 <jstanek> cyberpear: cool, hope to have you onboard soon :)
13:12:44 <jstanek> Just a disclaimer, though: AFAIK most of the ppl in the SIG have other, at times more pressing responsibilities, so it may seem as a rather slow process at the start…
13:13:13 <cyberpear> yeah, understandable
13:13:48 <cyberpear> question about collection naming... those 2 collections are RH code, but don't have the rh- prefix... should we add it when rebuilding for SCLo, or add an sclo- prefix?
13:15:33 <jstanek> the *-toolset collections are a bit of an exception as far as the naming goes… the rule of thumb is that you should keep the same name as on RHEL (in case of rebuild)
13:15:47 <cyberpear> okay, that makes sense
13:16:57 <jstanek> you would use the sclo- prefix if you would like to extend the collection somehow, or made other kinds of noticeable (by a user) changes
13:17:59 <jstanek> "use" as in "add to the collection" that you would like to ship modified
13:24:48 <cyberpear> is it preferable to patch an SCL when rebuilding, or somehow force it to build against older dependencies?
13:26:18 <cyberpear> the jws5 SCL needs the scl-utils-build package from CentOS 8.0, and the current version doesn't work with the published SRPMs without modification
13:27:58 <jstanek> a small patch should be fine, as long as the end user does not notice anything…
13:29:07 <jstanek> I don't think we have any SCLs on CentOS 8 yet, so you might have to prospect this yourself, unfortunately…
13:30:30 <jstanek> by the way, are you targeting CentOS 8 with the jws5, or are you trying to get it to build on CentOS 7?
13:41:54 <cyberpear> there's also SRPMs for 7, but probably best to start w/ 8
13:43:17 <jstanek> definitely, I was just not sure if you are not trying to do some sort of port there :)
13:44:35 <jstanek> In more general news, we have about 10 minutes left of the meeting… is there anything else to discuss (from anyone)?
13:55:31 <jstanek> It seems this is everything for today… thanks everyone for participation, and see you in 14 days!
13:56:01 <jstanek> #endmeeting