15:00:11 <pjgeorg> #startmeeting Kmods SIG
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15:00:32 <pjgeorg> #chair pjgeorg billings
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15:00:40 <billings> Hello
15:00:50 <pjgeorg> Hi
15:01:14 <pjgeorg> #topic Open issues
15:02:11 <pjgeorg> There are currently three issues open at https://pagure.io/centos-sig-kmods/sig/issues
15:02:14 <billings> I'm not sure if we should start discussing the contents of the CentOS Dojo
15:03:35 <pjgeorg> Yes, we should discuss this. Deadline for the CFP is at September 6th, 2021, 00:01 UTC
15:03:49 <billings> I know for #9 I've been thinking about this for a bit (ever since Fedora added the kernel/kernel-core thing) and I've been tempted to make anything that requires a specific kernel require kernel-core = package version
15:04:20 <billings> I have no idea what to do for the Dojo -- I've never attended so I'm not sure what its like
15:04:48 <billings> I think I might have attneded one at RH Summit, but it was pretty informal
15:06:47 <pjgeorg> I atteded the Dojo February and have watched some of the talks from the May Dojo later.
15:07:00 <pjgeorg> But yes, pretty informal.
15:07:54 <billings> Maybe we can just have some slides created from the initial SIG request document?  Our goals and some of our processes?
15:07:57 <pjgeorg> In February the Hyperscale SIG gave an introductory talk. You can find the slides online: https://wiki.centos.org/Events/Dojo/FOSDEM2021?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=hyperscale_sig.pdf
15:08:05 <billings> oh, nice
15:08:33 <pjgeorg> We could probably do a similar Agenda?
15:09:30 <billings> Agreed.
15:10:06 <billings> Honestly, with hyperscale building a newer kernel, there is a bit of cross actions we might collaborate on (regarding packages that need to be updated to deal with new kernels/kmods)
15:10:58 <pjgeorg> Yes, there are possibilities for collavoration there.
15:11:41 <pjgeorg> I'm not yet a 100% sure which way they want to go with the kernel package. I.e. do regular updates to provide current version, track some LTS version?
15:13:51 <pjgeorg> But something we might want to talk with them at some point. Probably especially interesting for kafs?
15:14:42 <billings> Yes, because we'll need some extra packages for either case.
15:14:50 <billings> (new kernel or the kmod)
15:15:21 <billings> Fortunately, the client packages don't really care for what version of the kernel is running, as long as its relatively recent (4.19 or later)
15:16:35 <pjgeorg> That's good. I think it is simply two different use cases. I personally f.e. can not simply update the kernel on most systems due to other constraints. Hence kmods is the only option for me to provide features not part of thel RHEL kernel.
15:17:35 <pjgeorg> And actually elrepo has been providing newer kernels for RHEL for quite some time.
15:19:36 * billings nods
15:19:44 <billings> probably in-build system vs. external build system
15:20:04 <pjgeorg> I'm currently busy with other stuff, but maybe you can reach out to the hyperscale SIG to find out more about which way they want to go with this newer kernel?
15:21:51 <billings> I will do that
15:22:10 <pjgeorg> Thanks
15:22:46 <pjgeorg> #action billings Talk with Hyperscale SIG about their newer kernel builds
15:24:04 <billings> For the Dojo, do you want to collaborate on a call for paper submission?
15:24:19 <billings> We can probably just list the equivalent of the first slide from the hyperscale talk.
15:25:19 <pjgeorg> Yes. I opened an issue for this https://pagure.io/centos-sig-kmods/sig/issue/10
15:25:38 <billings> Perfect.  I'll respond there.
15:26:38 <pjgeorg> What do you think is the best approach for collaboration? Shall we, e.g. use Google Docs for the talk? Nothing we need to decide now.
15:27:23 <billings> I've used GDocs in the past, but we could always use something more git-oriented (I think such things exist, never used it)
15:27:51 <billings> I currently use Sharepoint (ick) for a lot of collab at current workplace
15:28:30 <pjgeorg> I always prefer the git-oriented solution :)
15:29:57 <pjgeorg> I'll have to check what exists and is free to use. Let's just post-pone this decision and decide in #10 later.
15:30:19 <billings> ok
15:31:08 <pjgeorg> Looking at the other two open issues, I think we can close #4 by now. I think we agreed on the general structure and are happy with it.
15:33:17 <billings> I agree.
15:33:58 <billings> I don't see anything right now, although #9 might require some more thought, but I don't see it require substantial change
15:34:50 <pjgeorg> Agree. I'm happy with it, but will leave the issue open for you to have time to have a closer look.
15:36:00 <pjgeorg> Tthere might be something I missed. Always good to have someone else to look at it as well.
15:36:35 <pjgeorg> Apart from that I logged building the first packages in CBS, see https://pagure.io/centos-sig-kmods/sig/pull-request/8
15:37:15 * billings waits for pagure.io to respond
15:37:36 <pjgeorg> It needs some more polishing, but could end up being a really nice Guideline for new members.
15:37:54 <billings> Ah, yes, that's what I had looked at earlier.
15:39:05 <billings> I will experiement with those instructions using the kmod-kafs package
15:39:43 <pjgeorg> Nice. Feel free to comment there in case anything is not clear or you think requires more explanation.
15:40:49 <billings> Will do
15:41:02 <pjgeorg> The only other topic on my mind for today is the "Provide RHEL buildroots in CBS" https://pagure.io/centos-infra/issue/400
15:41:17 <billings> I've commented there
15:41:55 <billings> And your caveat has meit
15:41:56 <billings> merit
15:43:05 <pjgeorg> We would be nice to have RHEL buildroots. But I think there is nothing we can do about it right now. We'll just have to wait and see.
15:43:28 <billings> It would be neat to have RHEL customers be able to use it
15:43:48 <billings> but I really doubt that RH wants that kind of thing, so I'm not holding my breath
15:44:19 <pjgeorg> Agree on both. Maybe we'll be surprised.
15:45:33 <pjgeorg> Any other topics for today?
15:47:49 <billings> None from me
15:47:59 <billings> Anyone else here?
15:48:07 <jcpunk> I'm here but nothing to add
15:48:41 <pjgeorg> Ok, then we can close early today.
15:48:52 <billings> Thanks for running the meeting!
15:48:58 <jcpunk> +1
15:49:16 <pjgeorg> We should work on #10 so we have something before the next meeting.
15:49:26 <pjgeorg> Thanks for attending!
15:49:34 <pjgeorg> #endmeeting