16:01:14 <dcavalca> #startmeeting Hyperscale SIG
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16:01:21 <dcavalca> #chair dcavalca jvreeland
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16:01:27 <dcavalca> good morning!
16:01:36 <anitazha> 'morning
16:01:36 <dcavalca> let's wait a couple of minutes as usual
16:03:08 <themayor> Hello
16:04:16 <cmurf[m]> yay my first hyperscale meeting (finally)
16:04:26 <dcavalca> let's get started
16:04:27 <dcavalca> #topic Followups
16:04:49 <dcavalca> I spent some time getting c9s stuff built and tested out, now that it's available
16:05:00 <dcavalca> notably, we now have a systemd build tagged, which seems to be working fine
16:05:13 <dcavalca> the CI still needs to be updated though, so that one is still targeting just 8 for now
16:05:34 <salimma> hello! sorry I'm late
16:06:14 <dcavalca> salimma: excellent timing, wanna talk about openssl3 and iptables-epel?
16:06:29 <salimma> sure, one sec needed to mute my other meeting
16:06:49 <salimma> #info we have openssl3 in EPEL8 and iptables-epel in EPEL9
16:07:36 <salimma> for openssl3, that means software like systemd can start using the much nicer API (and license) without worrying about dropping compatibility with older releases - even Fedora 35 is stuck on OpenSSL 1.1.1
16:08:44 <salimma> iptables-epel -- we found out that systemd's networkd can actually be built without it and have already done it in Fedora and Hyperscale. for non-HS users networkd is in the add-on systemd-extras package, maintainer hasn't branched it for epel9 but I've filed a bz
16:09:56 <dcavalca> thanks salimma
16:10:11 <dcavalca> #info systemd is now available in Hyperscale for CentOS Stream 9
16:10:45 <dcavalca> anybody else has followups?
16:12:08 <dcavalca> alright, let's move to
16:12:12 <dcavalca> #topic Announcements
16:12:13 <salimma> there's office hour after this, we should follow up on being able to use flat package layouts
16:12:25 <dcavalca> salimma: oh yeah, good reminder
16:12:42 <dcavalca> my only announcement is that it's CfP season for a bunch of conferences
16:13:00 <dcavalca> I've submitted an hyperscale update for CentOS Dojo FOSDEM
16:13:21 <salimma> oh right, I need to submit too
16:13:27 <dcavalca> and another centos-related talk for SCALE (which will likely cover the same material as my LISA one)
16:13:44 <dcavalca> I also had a submission for devconf.cz (which is now virtual) but I'm still waiting to hear back
16:14:23 <salimma> I 90% won't be able to attend SCALE but I wonder if they accept donatinos
16:14:45 <dcavalca> salimma: I think they do, but check with KC
16:15:25 <salimma> dcavalca ack
16:16:35 <dcavalca> anybody else has announcements?
16:17:52 <dcavalca> alright, let's move to
16:17:55 <dcavalca> #topic Tickets
16:18:20 <dcavalca> salimma: did we make any progress on #59 ?
16:18:24 <dcavalca> (the powertools one)
16:20:29 <salimma> no, alas. I think Conan Kudo said he's working on a tool to flip the repo on that we can call?
16:20:56 <salimma> so basically the same hacky approach as now, but not in some janky script. RH definitely won't turn CRB on by default
16:24:27 <dcavalca> alright
16:24:36 <dcavalca> I don't think we have anything else for tickets?
16:25:22 <dcavalca> #topic Membership
16:25:28 <dcavalca> themayor: did you sort out your account stuff?
16:25:45 <themayor> dcavalca: yes i did and i added a message to the ticket
16:25:58 <dcavalca> ah I missed that
16:26:02 <dcavalca> lemme see if I can add you now
16:26:05 <themayor> i guess someone needs to bless me to for the SIG
16:26:13 <themayor> there was no mechanism to actually request it
16:26:18 <dcavalca> yeah I'm still not seeing you
16:26:25 <dcavalca> can you try going to https://accounts.centos.org/group/sig-hyperscale/ and requesting to join?
16:27:05 <themayor> yes one second
16:28:02 <themayor> yes im logged in
16:28:09 <themayor> my account is jack
16:28:34 <dcavalca> themayor: ok it picked it up now
16:28:38 <dcavalca> you should be in the group
16:28:38 <salimma> themayor: I heard you just left Twitter ;)
16:28:58 <dcavalca> for some reason the typeahead was being weird
16:29:16 <themayor> themayor: indeed, ;)
16:30:08 <dcavalca> themayor: ok, you should be all set
16:30:15 <dcavalca> https://sigs.centos.org/hyperscale/internal/onboarding/#onboarding has some basic instructions
16:30:24 <dcavalca> but pretty much the only important thing is generating the cert
16:31:58 <themayor> awesome thanks will take care of that now
16:32:29 <dcavalca> I think that's all we had for membership
16:32:33 <dcavalca> #topic Misc
16:32:38 <dcavalca> anything else folks wanna talk about?
16:32:55 <dcavalca> I'll start with a heads up: in case you didn't notice, python2 is completely gone from c9s
16:32:58 <dcavalca> .0
16:33:29 <dcavalca> and is unlikely to show up in EPEL either, so plan accordingly if you still have dependencies on it
16:34:03 <salimma> I am both excited and apprehensive
16:34:41 <salimma> kind of curious how in one way Fedora is faster in adopting new things but also slower at pruning old things
16:35:43 <dcavalca> well, Fedora doesn't have to worry about paying customers filing tickets :)
16:35:53 <Eighth_Doctor> hey
16:36:01 <Eighth_Doctor> the meeting I was in ran over
16:36:19 <salimma> that's true. they just bugged Neal
16:36:31 <Eighth_Doctor> lol
16:36:53 <Eighth_Doctor> deleting is always harder than adding
16:41:07 <dcavalca> FYI, I'm going to be on vacation from next Tue (Dec 14) to Jan 7
16:41:17 <dcavalca> so I'll likely miss a couple of these down the road
16:41:44 <dcavalca> I'll be around civilization, so you can reach out as usual if you need me for anything
16:46:11 <dcavalca> anything else?
16:46:30 <salimma> who's coming to office hour in 14 mins?
16:46:35 <themayor> i plan on being there
16:46:39 <dcavalca> I'll be there
16:46:49 <salimma> I guess everyone knows the link, otherwise we can post it
16:47:20 <dcavalca> https://meet.opensuse.org/centosstream
16:49:33 <Eighth_Doctor> I'll be there :)
16:52:36 <Eighth_Doctor> also note
16:52:44 <Eighth_Doctor> next Wednesday is our Hyperscale video hangout
16:53:11 <Eighth_Doctor> rbowen hasn't merged the PR to the calendar to update the video call link yet... https://github.com/CentOS/Calendar/pull/50
16:55:06 <salimma> let's remind him at the office hour if he shows up
16:55:28 <Eighth_Doctor> yup
16:55:30 <rbowen> Oh. Oops. Doing that now.
16:55:41 <Eighth_Doctor> I also updated the chair in the PR to be just me because I'm the guy who has to open the room
16:55:54 <salimma> I keep forgetting how on IRC you watch your own keywords so you don't have to be tagged :)
16:56:11 <rbowen> I will not be in the office hour today, as I am attending a webcast about extended CentOS Linux 8 support by Openlogic
16:57:38 <Eighth_Doctor> O.o
16:57:48 <Eighth_Doctor> that company sounds familiar
16:57:58 <Eighth_Doctor> oh Perforce!
16:58:00 <rbowen> Yep
16:58:02 <Eighth_Doctor> right now I know who these people are
16:58:26 <salimma> rbowen: link? that sounds... interesting
16:58:38 <salimma> as in "may you live in interesting times"
16:58:40 <Eighth_Doctor> they're the people that do CentOS support on IBM Cloud :D
16:58:57 <salimma> I guess they're doing an Alma / Rocky but only for paid clients then?
16:59:22 <rbowen> https://twitter.com/OpenLogicOSS/status/1468280406608859136?s=20
16:59:50 <rbowen> You do have to register, and it starts in 1 minute
17:00:14 <salimma> do they make the recap public after that?
17:00:30 <salimma> I have to run in half an hour anyway, so I'll probably just attend half of office hour, but curious to watch this later
17:00:47 <dcavalca> alright, we're out of time here
17:00:52 <dcavalca> thanks everyone!
17:00:54 <dcavalca> #endmeeting