10:03:03 <ndevos> #startmeeting Monthly Storage SIG happenings!
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10:03:12 <ndevos> #topic Roll Call
10:03:23 <ndevos> hi gfidente!
10:03:41 <ndevos> I assume kkeithley won't join, as he's in the US and probably still sleeping
10:04:05 <ndevos> now wondering where fmount is, he put some topics on the agenda
10:04:08 <gfidente> hi ndevos, sounds like we need to update the wiki to mention the meeting is happening in #centos-meeting2
10:04:10 <ndevos> #chair gfidente
10:04:10 <centbot> Current chairs: gfidente ndevos
10:04:31 <ndevos> well, it is on the agenda, that is why I'm here and not in #centos-meeting
10:04:36 <fmount> ndevos: o/
10:04:43 <fmount> sorry I'm late :D
10:04:49 <ndevos> hi fmount!
10:04:53 <ndevos> #chair fmount
10:04:53 <centbot> Current chairs: fmount gfidente ndevos
10:05:18 <ndevos> #topic agenda
10:05:25 <ndevos> #link https://hackmd.io/Epc35JIESaeotoGzwu5R5w
10:05:49 <fmount> ndevos: I tried to collect some items we can discuss here
10:05:57 <gfidente> fmount++ ndevos++ thanks
10:06:27 <ndevos> fmount: yes, thanks! feel free to go through them, starting with "#topic ..." when you do
10:07:28 <gfidente> so fwiw I don't see the irc chan name for the meetings in https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/Storage
10:07:56 <gfidente> and here https://centos.org/community/calendar/#Storage_SIG we have a different chan name
10:08:00 <fmount> so yes
10:08:29 <fmount> #topic per sig ML and review on the Storage sig page
10:08:55 <fmount> do you guys think we should update any info on the page?
10:09:01 <ndevos> yeah, so we probably should update the calendar, include the right channel
10:09:06 <gfidente> I would very much like having a mailing list for the sig
10:09:11 <gfidente> ndevos or just stay in centos-meeting
10:09:28 <gfidente> I guess the mailing list would help organize activities better, a lot
10:09:38 <ndevos> well, #centos-meeting had a double booking, that is why we moved to #centos-meeting2
10:10:25 <ndevos> I'm not sure about a dedicated mailinglist, we do want some visability too, so can we not use centos-devel?
10:10:49 <fmount> sure, I'm +1 having centos-meeting2, we can just probably update the page
10:10:54 <ndevos> if there is too much traffinc on centos-devel, they can kick us out into our own list?
10:11:20 <fmount> for the per sig ML the problem is that sometimes (/me included) I lost track of storage related topics
10:11:34 <fmount> but we can probably  work better w/ filters
10:11:48 <fmount> not sure if gfidente has other motivations around that
10:12:00 <gfidente> fmount mainly organize sig activities
10:12:08 <gfidente> repos, dist-git use
10:12:13 <gfidente> monthly updates
10:12:16 <ndevos> yes, I'd prefer we can use `[Storage-SIG]` in the subject, instead of requesting a new ML
10:12:49 <gfidente> ok we can try with filters
10:12:53 <fmount> it works for me
10:12:58 <ndevos> when we are seen as more active, we might get more contributors too
10:13:04 <ndevos> great!
10:13:11 <gfidente> I thought some of these aren't as interesting to everybody
10:13:20 <gfidente> for example, drafting our monthly update
10:13:31 <gfidente> picking a representative for internal meetings
10:13:56 <ndevos> #agreed use [Storage-SIG] in subjects to centos-devel, so that it is easy to filter, and others automatically see our updates/discussions too
10:14:50 <ndevos> of course, we can still CC others for direct requests :)
10:15:08 <gfidente> but it's not as easy to get the full members list
10:15:44 <gfidente> basically I am not sure filters will actually work well for the purpose of getting people involved
10:15:45 <ndevos> (active) members are in the account system, and on the wiki page
10:15:46 <gfidente> but it could be me
10:15:52 <gfidente> we can try filters first
10:16:34 <fmount> guess we can try filters first and we can go back here discussing this item if it doesn't work
10:17:11 <fmount> ndevos: next topic then?
10:17:32 <ndevos> fmount: sure!
10:17:44 <fmount> #topic ceph dist-git usage
10:17:48 <gfidente> #agreed fix calendar and wiki with meeting irc chan name
10:18:35 <fmount> gfidente++
10:18:35 <centbot> fmount: gfidente's karma is now 1
10:19:18 <fmount> so next topic is mostly for kkeithley: I basically need some help working w/ the ceph dist-git (some guidance) since I don't have too much experience
10:19:40 <fmount> last time I ended up building ceph according to the github released tags instead of using dist-git
10:19:41 <ndevos> you mean the one on git.centos.org?
10:19:48 <fmount> right
10:19:50 <fmount> that one
10:20:16 <fmount> basically I just want to make sure we're using the same process and approach
10:20:21 <fmount> and mine was clearly wrong
10:20:25 <fmount> kkeithley: ^
10:20:26 <ndevos> ah, ok!
10:20:39 <ndevos> he won't be here, its too early in the US
10:21:00 <fmount> oh right, I'll reach him later in the afternoon
10:21:09 <fmount> (my afternoon :D)
10:21:28 <fmount> and talk more about the ceph dist-git
10:21:33 <ndevos> but the dist-git is pretty much standardized for CentOS packages, and branches exist at https://git.centos.org/rpms/ceph/branches
10:22:33 <fmount> oh I see, guess we need also to create the pacific one
10:22:34 <ndevos> you should be able to create a new branch there (through cli) and push changes, just make sure the directory structure is the same as other branches, and the .ceph.metadata file contains the sha1sum of the file under SOURCES/
10:22:57 <fmount> ndevos: ack thanks
10:24:17 <fmount> that's interesting and I need to dig more into it (and how we're importing patches) because cephadm
10:24:24 <ndevos> and afterwards, upload the source tarball to the mirror (not in git), with tools from https://git.centos.org/centos-git-common
10:24:48 <ndevos> 'lookaside_upload' is the script for that
10:24:55 <fmount> which is the new deployed for Ceph, is going to be there from octopus onwards, probably w/ a different spec
10:25:05 * fmount looking at https://git.centos.org/centos-git-common
10:25:18 <gfidente> ndevos++ this is very interesting, are there docs or a wiki with a sort of step-by-step guide?
10:25:54 <gfidente> on general mechanics around dist-git and how you go from pushing a patch in a branch to making a build happen in cbs?
10:26:10 <ndevos> not sure... but patches would be included in the SOURCES directory (and kept in git), just like files at https://git.centos.org/rpms/glusterfs/blob/c8-sig-storage-gluster-9/f/SOURCES
10:26:13 <gfidente> or are the two completely decoupled and you just use the git repo to store .spec and patches?
10:27:18 <ndevos> cbs only builds by uploading src.rpm files at the moment, but in the future it should be possible to pass a commit-hash
10:27:52 <ndevos> the glusterfs package has README files in the dist-git, formatting looks a little weird, but you can check https://git.centos.org/rpms/glusterfs/tree/c8-sig-storage-gluster-9 for a reference
10:29:28 <fmount> the ceph README is probably built starting from the gluster approach (https://git.centos.org/rpms/ceph/tree/c8-sig-storage-ceph-octopus)
10:29:40 <ndevos> dist-git contains the .spec, patches and other text files that get included in the RPM, the binary/large source tarball should be uploaded to the lookaside system
10:30:32 <ndevos> oh, yes, looks much the same
10:30:39 <fmount> by the script you mentioned before (lookaside_upload)
10:30:42 <fmount> right?
10:31:56 <ndevos> yes, correct
10:32:55 <fmount> ok so one of the missing pieces (for me) was related to the centos-git-common tools
10:33:40 <fmount> we should probably use those tools to 1. download the src, produce the patches, rebuild the srpm and finally run the build in cbs
10:33:59 <fmount> I used to build ceph-ansible, and it was a different approach
10:34:20 <fmount> mostly tied to the spec produced on the upstream repo on a given tag
10:34:20 <ndevos> you would need to upload the source of the ceph release to the centos lookaside system
10:34:43 <fmount> yeah
10:35:08 <ndevos> all packages built for the sig, should have a repository that maintains the .spec (can be close to the upstream one) and the sources
10:35:49 <ndevos> we used to do that in github.com/CentOS-Storage-SIG, but everything should move to git.centos.org now (it not moved yet)
10:35:59 <ndevos> s/it/if/
10:36:45 <fmount> makes sense yes
10:40:03 <ndevos> fmount: next topic?
10:40:15 <kkeithley> you can add the source tarball to the lookaside cache, but nothing uses the lookaside cache. /me wonders if it ever will
10:40:27 <ndevos> ho, good morning!
10:40:43 <fmount> kkeithley: o/ morning
10:40:53 <kkeithley> good morning. ;-)
10:41:03 <fmount> so yes, kkeithley  you can read the backlog here (sorry it's too early for you)
10:41:25 <fmount> but basically I'm not familiar w/ the dist-git process and I'm trying to get more info
10:41:45 <fmount> on how it's used and the tools we need to know (like centos-git-common)
10:42:05 <fmount> kkeithley: I'll probably reach you later to ask some questions on that
10:42:12 <kkeithley> sure
10:42:31 <fmount> kkeithley: we're also planning to involve kdreyer from Ceph to build a separated spec for cephadm
10:43:01 <kkeithley> mostly it's that everyone uses the centos git repo now instead of the github repo.
10:43:03 <fmount> which is, right now, in the ceph code base and a small change in it required the whole ceph being rebuilt
10:43:40 <fmount> kkeithley: sure, I was looking for a Readme/guide on the process of importing patches
10:43:47 <fmount> and run the build in cbs ^
10:44:16 <fmount> but I guess first I need to take a look to the existing resources and come up w/ some questions
10:45:54 <ndevos> mostly it is just following the branch from the previous version, use the same naming convention and directory structure
10:46:15 <fmount> ndevos: the next topic is strictly tied w/ this one, it's basically cephadm and a separated spec for it, but mostly a fyi on the fact ceph people would provide a new spec to build this rpm
10:46:29 <fmount> ndevos yeah
10:47:13 <ndevos> hey, these are your topics, feel free to combine/split when you like :D
10:47:37 <fmount> kkeithley: the reason we need a separated cephadm spec/build is because the OpenStack CI
10:47:42 <fmount> starting from Wallaby
10:47:53 <fmount> is going to deploy octopus w/ cephadm in place of ceph-ansible
10:48:17 <fmount> and using the classic promotion system (-testing/-candidate/-release)
10:48:44 <fmount> we can setup the OpenStack CI to consume cephadm bits (the rpm) from centos
10:49:02 <fmount> for both pending and released packages, the same way we did for ceph-ansible
10:49:11 <kkeithley> fmount: sure, that doesn't seem unreasonable. You just need to ask Arrfab to create the cephadm distgit repo in git.centos.org.
10:49:41 <kkeithley> I think you can build it with the same build tags/targets as ceph.
10:49:53 <fmount> kkeithley: ack I'll do, exactly ^
10:49:57 <ndevos> you can request that on https://pagure.io/centos-infra/
10:50:30 <fmount> it's just a "logical" split because the idea is avoiding spending _hours_ to build a simple rpm
10:50:40 <kkeithley> yup. :-)
10:50:56 <fmount> kkeithley: thanks for the info, I'll do the request
10:51:03 <kkeithley> cbs is pretty fast though these days, but it still takes an hour to build ceph.
10:51:28 <fmount> #action fmount to request a cephadm distgit repo in git.centos.org
10:52:10 <fmount> and this is pretty much all I had for today
10:52:19 <fmount> the next steps for me are
10:52:34 <fmount> 1. learning more about the process of building ceph using the existing dist-git
10:52:47 <fmount> 2. request the cephadm distgit
10:53:02 <fmount> kkeithley: we should also have the pacific repo
10:53:39 <fmount> not sure if there's already a tag we can use upstream
10:53:42 <kkeithley> we don't need a separate repo, just a pacific branch in the repo. (sorry  for being pedantic)
10:53:45 <fmount> but it will be there soon
10:54:43 <fmount> kkeithley: yes I jsut meant https://pagure.io/centos-infra/issue/168
10:54:47 <kkeithley> well, they have tagged v16.1.0, but there isn't an RC, i.e. a ceph-16.1.0.tar.gz in https://download.ceph.com/tarballs/ yet
10:54:49 <fmount> the tags
10:55:02 <fmount> I see
10:55:11 <kkeithley> oh, you mean a repo for cephadm (for pacific)
10:55:15 <kkeithley> yeah
10:55:17 <fmount> yeah
10:55:26 <fmount> sorry :D
10:56:04 <kkeithley> any you mean a tag upstream of cephadm?
10:56:10 <kkeithley> s/of/on/
10:57:06 <ndevos> { TIMECHECK: just 3 minutes left }
10:57:07 <fmount> any I mean for ceph, not just cephadm
10:57:09 <kkeithley> where is the cephadm source? Not bundled in the regular ceph source I hope.
10:57:33 <fmount> kkeithley: it's not there yet, and kdreyer should help to build it soon
10:57:53 <kkeithley> oh, okay. That's going to be interesting.
10:58:26 <fmount> exactly, just want you all to be aware of this effort
10:58:39 <kkeithley> yeah, good to know
10:58:40 <fmount> which should happen soon
11:00:44 <fmount> no additional topics on my side
11:02:16 <fmount> I'll keep you posted providing updates on the next meeting
11:02:31 <ndevos> good, any other quick things to say?
11:02:39 <ndevos> #topic Open Floor
11:02:47 <kkeithley> nothing from me.
11:03:01 <kkeithley> except I'm going to go have my breakfast. :-)
11:03:08 <ndevos> ok, I think we're done :)
11:03:16 <fmount> kkeithley++
11:03:17 <centbot> fmount: kkeithley's karma is now 1
11:03:23 <ndevos> enjoy your breakfast and coffee!
11:03:27 <kkeithley> and shovel out after the snowstorm
11:03:28 <fmount> exactly ^
11:03:39 <ndevos> #endmeeting