15:00:36 <billings> #startmeeting Kmods SIG
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15:00:52 <billings> I don't have any specific agenda, so
15:01:03 <billings> #topic Open Issues
15:01:37 <jcpunk> On issue 4, I believe pgreco has a proposal for us to review
15:01:45 <billings> It looks like pjgeorg resolved issue #1 "CBS build targets/tags naming"
15:02:32 <billings> I'm looking through the comments on #4
15:02:49 <pgreco> jcpunk: I do?
15:02:56 <billings> probably pjgeorg
15:03:01 <jcpunk> woops
15:03:05 <jcpunk> yep, pjgeorg
15:03:10 <jcpunk> (silly auto complete)
15:03:25 * pgreco whistle away....
15:03:34 <pgreco> *whistles
15:04:08 <jcpunk> There is a ton of good information in that issue, but also a lot to digest
15:04:17 <billings> I know regarding #3, one of the things that came up was rebuilding on each release
15:04:39 <billings> in my experience in building in the old CBS, getting hooks to *make* it automatically rebuild every kernel release would be really useful
15:05:04 <jcpunk> I'm somewhat hopeful we can get such hooks in place
15:05:24 <billings> I'm assuming that the new infrastructure and the fact that we will be hosting the files in centos git repositories, we'll have access to those kinds of hooks
15:05:45 <billings> it would certainly be helpful in detecting when Stream breaks a kmod
15:06:06 <jcpunk> In theory with the new gitlab there should be some sort of message queue we can attach to to notice new kernel builds
15:06:31 <billings> the important part is there needs to be some sort of messaging generated from kernel builds
15:06:37 <jcpunk> indeed
15:06:45 <billings> I did play around with the fedora message bus when I was building kmods for Fedora too
15:07:30 <billings> #idea Need to have infrastructure to rebuild kmod packages on new CentOS kernel release
15:07:49 <jcpunk> I know the infra sig has been working hard on getting the message bus into place for Fedora (thankfully we've got nearly 100% overlap between the CentOS Infra staff and the Fedora Infra staff)
15:08:22 <billings> Excellent
15:08:50 <billings> I think that'll be something we will want to focus on once we have a working kmod
15:09:34 <billings> I know that I was slightly depressed after reading what Phil Perry wrote: https://pagure.io/centos-sig-kmods/sig/issue/4#comment-741241
15:10:11 <jcpunk> I think automation will be key for keeping sanity
15:10:16 * billings nods
15:10:35 <billings> so, what package do we want to start on for an example kmod package?
15:11:00 <billings> you mentioned the Wireguard one, that seems like a pretty good candidate.  Does it require out-of-tree code or is it just building what's in the kernel now?
15:11:31 <jcpunk> I'd agree wireguard looks to have the edge for test pilot mode
15:11:50 <jcpunk> I'd start with what is in the stream kernel now for that codebase
15:12:01 <billings> Sounds good
15:12:34 <billings> #action jcpunk will build a Wireguard kmod package for a test pilot
15:13:10 <jcpunk> Down in the nitty gritty, I'm inclined to see if we can use the "official macros" where we can and try to extend them where we find them lacking.  That should help us partner with our downstream friends and create more consistency
15:13:42 <billings> Agreed
15:13:42 <jcpunk> I'll see how it feels when I hack on it
15:14:03 <billings> should I note that in the minutes?
15:14:12 <jcpunk> Please
15:14:37 <billings> #agreed We will strive to use the official RPM macros where we can, and extend them where we find them lacking
15:15:38 <jcpunk> I'm not sure I've got much else
15:15:45 <billings> #link https://pagure.io/wireguard-kmod-el-rpm/blob/master/f/wireguard-kmod.spec Wireguard kmod spec file
15:15:51 <billings> just so it's noted
15:15:56 <jcpunk> :)
15:16:05 <billings> Yeah, I've been super busy at work so I haven't had a chance to try and build anything
15:16:11 <jcpunk> same
15:16:46 <billings> a really easy thing to do is to get the centos-release-kmods built
15:16:56 <billings> which is #3 issue
15:17:35 <billings> because its his issue (and he isn't here to object :) pjgeorg gets that task
15:17:54 <billings> #action pjgeorg will finish creating hte centos-release-kmods package
15:18:04 <billings> oops, typo.  Oh well
15:18:08 <billings> I think that's all I have
15:18:18 <jcpunk> sounds good to me
15:18:19 <billings> Quick and easy.
15:18:22 <billings> Ok
15:18:27 <billings> #endmeeting