15:02:08 <pjgeorg> #startmeeting Kmods SIG
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15:03:00 <pjgeorg> Welcome to the Kmods SIG bi-weekly meeting.
15:03:35 <pjgeorg> #chair pjgeorg billings
15:03:35 <centbot> Current chairs: billings pjgeorg
15:04:18 <pjgeorg> billings: I already started the meeting now, but we can extend it in case you have time after your other meeting.
15:05:32 <pjgeorg> To everyone else: Please feel free to to ask any questions related to the Kmods SIG!
15:33:32 <pjgeorg> Some info on recent progress:
15:33:59 <pjgeorg> #info CentOS CI jobs have been set up to automatically rebuild packages for new kernel releases if required
15:34:52 <pjgeorg> #info Auto-generated (CentOS CI) pretty plot showing rebuild statistics is available at https://sigs.centos.org/kmods/kabi/c8s/
15:36:21 <pjgeorg> Concerning CentOS Stream 9: Some of the work is already done or can be re-used from CentOS Stream 8.
15:37:02 <pjgeorg> However, we are currently blocked by https://gitlab.com/redhat/centos-stream/src/kernel/centos-stream-9/-/merge_requests/163
15:47:16 <billings> Meeting over
15:47:41 <billings> oh, that looks nice
15:48:41 <billings> what does 'LGTM.' mean?
15:48:50 <pjgeorg> Look good to me ?
15:48:53 <billings> Ah
15:49:15 <billings> I was looking at #163 in the kernel/centos-stream-9 MR
15:49:30 <pjgeorg> I hope this MR will finally be merged and included in a new c9s kernel releases
15:49:42 <billings> excellent
15:50:29 <billings> I was just talking with my counterpart at Lenovo and they were suggesting we have a particular kmod that isn't part of RHEL/CentOS (or Fedora) that would aid in debugging power/thermal issues.  Once he sends me more details, I might have a suggested new kmod
15:50:44 <billings> He said that including it in RHEL has security issues
15:51:36 <pjgeorg> Sounds good. Kmods SIG is the perfect place in case it does not fit RHEL.
15:52:04 <billings> Agreed.  It was a conf call so the details will come later
15:52:48 <arrfab> hmm, would that mean that you'd like kmods sig to build also against rhel8 (now available in cbs)
15:52:58 <pjgeorg> arrfab: Yes!
15:53:08 <billings> That would be excellent
15:53:33 <billings> I know if we ever include openafs, that would make a lot of my former customers happy
15:54:28 <arrfab> I closed #400 last week but waiting to announce it to centos-devel but it's just a matter of "hey, can you convert our tags to use rhel8 for buildroots instead of centos8"
15:54:50 <arrfab> "cbs list-external-repos|grep rhel8" :-)
15:55:28 <arrfab> billings: interested in what you mentioned with lenovo : to debug their shitty thinkpads ?
15:55:45 <arrfab> thinkpads aren't what they used to be and myself had issues with temp
15:55:53 <pjgeorg> arrfab: I was following that issue and awaited your announcement on centos-devel. In case it is fine for you, I can also open an issue to convert our tags to rhel8 today.
15:56:00 <arrfab> but mostly because RH is shipping badly configured laptops to employees :p
15:56:19 <billings> arrfab: yeah, I'm quite aware.
15:56:23 <billings> (and I'm sorry)
15:57:02 <arrfab> billings: it was before you joined the team, which to be fair was half-time job for only one guy :/
15:57:42 <arrfab> pjgeorg: we have time to do the conversion as cl8 is there at least until end-of-january (on mirror.centos.org that is)
15:57:59 <arrfab> so was waiting on some people to review it and then we can announce on centos-devel
15:58:49 <pjgeorg> I can review, i.e. use kmods tags for some testing, if that helps you.
15:59:48 <arrfab> I meant more the "political" aspect of it but yeah, we can convert yours first to validate that it works (I gave it a try on .dev. cbs instance)
16:02:03 <pjgeorg> Oh ok, concerning political I'm out. Luckily not my business. Just let me know if/when I can be of any help by doing some tests.
16:02:40 <arrfab> normally it was approved but just need a review on how/what to announce
16:03:40 <pjgeorg> I just looked at my other open tasks. Releasing Driver Discs is still on it.
16:04:01 <arrfab> pjgeorg: I have ideas about how to do it as there is no solution within koji
16:04:22 <arrfab> just need to find time to implement it :/
16:04:43 <pjgeorg> No worry. I do not think it is urgent.
16:04:44 <arrfab> basically a simple message posted to a specific broker and using TLS certs (so like for cbs)
16:05:36 <arrfab> and using ACL to let specific people post to $topic. a simple json file as payload would do it
16:05:49 <arrfab> just need to know eventually how you'd see the DD and what to include
16:06:18 <arrfab> single kmod per .iso or including *all* possible kmods/variants in .iso ?
16:06:50 <arrfab> because now that I think about it, I can plumb another logic in the sign+push process directly
16:07:19 <arrfab> so if you 'tag-build' something to -testing or -release it would build in the process said .iso and so push that artifact somewhere
16:07:28 <arrfab> maybe the best and automatic option :)
16:07:37 <pjgeorg> Sounds great to me.
16:07:38 <arrfab> so trigger is still cbs/koji
16:07:55 <pjgeorg> I personally prefer single kmod per .iso.
16:08:19 <arrfab> *ack*
16:08:27 <arrfab> and all NEVR for that kmod in said .iso ?
16:09:02 <pjgeorg> Yes.
16:09:20 <pjgeorg> Probably even add the arch, just like for .rpm
16:09:26 <arrfab> if you can update requirements on existing centos-infra ticket with what we just discussed I'll try to give it a try and test somewhere
16:09:41 <arrfab> yeah, we can be creative about the name of the .iso  :)
16:09:46 <pjgeorg> I'll do that. Thanks!
16:09:58 <arrfab> kmod-<name>-<arch>.iso or something like that
16:10:19 <pjgeorg> *ack*
16:10:55 <pjgeorg> For other use cases (more than one kmod in dd) I do have a script ready that allows you to easily create a DD with any kmod(s) from this SIG you'd like to have.
16:11:35 <pjgeorg> It's as simple as doing `dd.sh --arch x86_64 --release 8s --output kmods-dd.iso kmod-isci kmod-mvsas`
16:11:36 <arrfab> I had myself to build a .iso for multiple kmods for an install :)
16:11:53 <arrfab> https://arrfab.net/posts/2020/Sep/05/remotely-reinstalling-a-node-on-centos-8-with-dud-driver-disk-update-kernel-module-for-nichba/
16:12:11 <arrfab> pjgeorg: nice
16:12:32 <pjgeorg> That post of your was one of the first I read when I started looking into DDs.
16:14:05 <pjgeorg> #action pjgeorg Update centos-infra #418 after today's discussion
16:15:09 <pjgeorg> #action pjgeorg Add dd.sh to https://pagure.io/centos-sig-kmods/sig and add note about it in docs
16:17:31 <pjgeorg> I have nothing else to discuss for today.
16:17:46 <pjgeorg> billings: Anything from your side? Shall we change the meeting time?
16:18:12 <billings> That would be awesome.  The conflict is new as of last meeting, not sure why
16:18:42 <pjgeorg> Very likely due to DST. We once agreed on 1500UTC, but never thought about DST.
16:19:23 <billings> yeah, and my mistake was scheduling my re-occuring reminder using my local time instead of UTC
16:20:23 <pjgeorg> I guess the simplest is to change to the time we previously agreed, but in local time. That should then be 1600UTC?
16:21:02 <billings> That works for me, as long as you're good.
16:21:13 <pjgeorg> Good for me.
16:21:54 <billings> Great!  Lets do it.
16:22:14 <pjgeorg> #agreed Move bi-weekly meeting to Monday 16:00 UTC
16:22:59 <pjgeorg> Anything else?
16:23:48 <billings> I have no other agenda items
16:24:23 <pjgeorg> Ok, then I'll end the meeting now. Thanks for attending today!
16:24:31 <billings> thanks for your patience!
16:24:50 <pjgeorg> #endmeeting