15:04:53 <pjgeorg_> #startmeeting Kmods SIG
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15:05:24 <pjgeorg_> #chair pjgeorg billings
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15:06:08 <billings> sorry, labor day
15:06:25 <pjgeorg_> No problem.
15:06:50 <billings> ssh on phone is fun!
15:07:41 <pjgeorg_> Especially typing.
15:08:10 <pjgeorg_> Updates from my side:
15:08:21 <pjgeorg_> CentOS Dojo talk has been submitted
15:08:35 <pjgeorg_> Or not the talk, but the proposal.
15:08:38 <billings> excellent
15:08:40 <billings> right
15:09:36 <pjgeorg_> I also requested tags for c9s. These should already be available.
15:09:48 <arrfab> pjgeorg_: they are :)
15:09:52 <billings> oh?  awesome, I need to test that
15:10:05 <pjgeorg_> Thanks arrfab
15:10:14 <billings> i want to build the kafs kmod for c9s
15:10:52 <billings> Are there any good candidate kmods in c9s that we need to build that are disabled/removed from c8?
15:11:01 <pjgeorg_> Haven't had time yet to test anything yet. Will probably start today or tomorrow with the packages-rebuild.
15:11:20 <pjgeorg_> These are probably good candidates. List should be the same as for c8s.
15:11:35 <billings> i should do a diff with c8
15:11:47 <billings> on the x86_64 kconfig
15:12:22 <billings> c9s is based on 5.14?
15:12:27 <pjgeorg_> That'd be a good starting point. I think, e.g. e1000 has now been disabled.
15:12:41 <pjgeorg_> Yes, 5.14 currently. Afaik it will stay at 5.14.
15:12:55 * billings nods
15:13:12 <billings> that sounds like a good task to track somehow
15:13:27 <billings> maybe a new issue?
15:14:08 <pjgeorg_> We can do that. Do you mind opening one?
15:14:53 <billings> sure, but i
15:15:15 <billings> I need to be at a computer with my password keypassx safe to sign in
15:15:40 <pjgeorg_> Nothing urgent. When you have time.
15:16:41 <pjgeorg_> About kconfig: I'm not sure that it is final yet for c9s. I assume there might still be changes.
15:17:32 <billings> Most likely the base Kconfigs are going to be stable.
15:17:42 <billings> Honestly... I might be able to get more info from inside redhat
15:18:19 <pjgeorg_> Very likely. I do not have any insights at all.
15:18:22 <billings> I'll see what I can dig up
15:21:21 <pjgeorg_> Concerning Driver Discs we talked about last meeting: WIP, see https://pagure.io/centos-infra/issue/418
15:22:34 <pjgeorg_> There's also nothing new to report concerning SecureBoot / signing kernel modules, see https://pagure.io/centos-infra/issue/307
15:22:40 <billings> ok, created issue #12
15:23:06 <billings> I wonder if we should move the DUD creation process into our own docs?
15:23:57 <billings> in case they deviate from the official CentOS ones?
15:25:08 <pjgeorg_> In case we can not provide ready made DUDs we should document the creation process in our own docs. For now I hope we can somehow build them in cbs.centos.org
15:26:26 <billings> too bad there's nothing like github actions or gitlab runners
15:26:41 <billings> I think I've seen ansible playbooks for this kind of thing
15:28:34 <pjgeorg_> I do not know enough about all the resources available, but I suggest to first wait a little longer for comments on https://pagure.io/koji/issue/2998
15:30:57 <billings> I'm subscribed to it
15:31:35 <pjgeorg_> Not really anything else from my side for today. Do you have anything to discuss? Otherwise we can keep it short today.
15:32:44 <billings> Sounds good.  My new job is going to change my focus a bit -- I'm very interested in kmods that help run centos on laptops.
15:33:29 <billings> so, stuff like wireless chipsets
15:33:52 <pjgeorg_> Probably mainly for c9s then?
15:34:25 <billings> Yes, although possibly for c8s, and I'm interested in rhel8 kernels too
15:34:37 <billings> I'd be happy to chat about it offline
15:34:49 <pjgeorg_> Sure, we can do that.
15:35:01 <pjgeorg_> v4l2loopback also comes to mind when you talk about laptop stuff.
15:35:07 <billings> Yes!
15:35:11 <billings> I've built it before
15:36:07 <billings> we'd have to work with epel8 to get OBS better working too
15:37:32 <billings> Ok, I don't have anything else
15:38:00 <pjgeorg_> Then it is really better to discuss this offline. Can you open an issue about this topic as well? I prefer to have it on pagure and not via e-mail.
15:38:28 <billings> sure
15:38:59 <pjgeorg_> Ok, thanks. Then we are done for today. Thanks for your time and have a nice labor day
15:39:09 <billings> thanks!  Have a great day!
15:39:16 <pjgeorg_> #endmeeting