14:10:48 <rbowen> #startmeeting Board AMA
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14:10:56 <rbowen> Sorry, I forgot to start the bot.
14:11:14 <rbowen> Hello folks, we're transcribing now. Please fire away with your questions.
14:11:39 <rbowen> Directors present are dcavalca, jcpunk, jwboyer, and alphacc
14:11:41 <rbowen> Any others here?
14:12:05 <rbowen> I see mikem is on channel, but not sure if active.
14:12:14 <rbowen> Oh, and hughesjr is here too.
14:12:54 <hughesjr> hi all
14:13:06 <jcpunk> greetings
14:13:09 * dcavalca waves
14:13:28 <rbowen> The minutes from last week's board meeting are posted at https://blog.centos.org/2021/09/minutes-for-centos-board-of-directors-for-2021-09-08/
14:13:40 <rbowen> And the video is up on youtube, also, if you like watching board meetings. :D
14:16:06 <rbowen> Oh, and tru_tru is here also.
14:16:21 <rbowen> Almost a full house.  :)
14:18:07 <jcpunk> Since we've got some silence on the wire, anyone have any thoughts on my email to centos-devel on automatic updates?
14:18:37 <dcavalca> jcpunk: as long as we communicate the change clearly to users, it seems reasonable to me
14:19:49 <rbowen> Communicating the change to users is always a challenge, since we have so many install-and-forget users.
14:20:18 <jcpunk> Indeed, that is sorta my reasoning to get the updates turned on for Stream9
14:20:21 <rbowen> But if we can figure that out, it seemed like a good proposal to me.
14:21:27 <jcpunk> jwboyer: is https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/StreamFeatureRequest up to date for submitting this as an RFE for Stream 9?
14:21:31 <rbowen> #link https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-devel/2021-September/077329.html
14:22:12 <hughesjr> well .. as stream-9 is rhel-9 devel, we need to convince the rhel devs to get changes rolled in
14:22:51 <hughesjr> i amfine with the proposal
14:25:51 * tru_tru goes reading the proposal
14:27:14 <spotz> :)
14:29:28 <rbowen> So ... any other questions/topics today?
14:29:44 <tru_tru> apply and notify issue for kmod-nvidia -> breaks running env
14:30:02 <tru_tru> but as kmod-nvidia is not shipped for c9s, why not
14:30:33 <tru_tru> might be a no-go for rhel9, but ymmv
14:32:11 <tru_tru> desktop applying upgrade while short on battery?
14:33:06 <tru_tru> I would rather notify, and let the end user choose when they are installed.
14:33:19 <jcpunk> Those arguments make sense to me
14:33:35 <jcpunk> notify is better than nothing for sure :)
14:33:38 <tru_tru> Even downloading when people are on limited bandwith is not good. Just my 2 cents
14:36:11 <tru_tru> one of our researcher jumped to ubuntu18.04-LTS/Dell and hit upgrade just to find that uefi got messed up completly... funny to fix from remote!
14:36:19 <jwboyer> jcpunk, yes, as far as i know.  is there something you'd expect to see different?
14:36:58 <jcpunk> Just checking before I file a request
14:37:54 <rbowen> I don't think that they've actually fielded any requests yet, but I believe that they're ready to do so. bstinson That's right, isn't it?
14:38:23 <tru_tru> I don't mind changing the default, just making sure that it is documented and allow one to "fix" the preference is fine with me.
14:38:32 <jwboyer> i think i'd prefer a notify approach without automatic apply
14:38:42 <bstinson> reading scrollback
14:39:30 <bstinson> yes, we can schedule another discussion for that on the 21st
14:39:32 <tru_tru> offering the choice at install time? [X] auto update [ ] notify [ ] leave me alone
14:39:52 <tru_tru> + kickstart option would be enough for me
14:40:30 <jwboyer> i think either way it might be good to have an RFE to actually configure root notifications to go somewhere during install
14:40:58 <rbowen> That would also require that we have a page that explains *exactly* what "auto update" means, linked from that option.
14:43:54 <jwboyer> there's some technical things we'd need to sort out first if we decide to do anything with that proposal.  it's going to be a behavior that differs between CentOS Stream and RHEL
14:49:03 <rbowen> We are almost out of time. Are there any topics that anyone wants to address to the Board?
14:53:46 <rbowen> Do people find this valuable? Want us to keep doing it?
14:55:30 <rbowen> Thank you to all of the directors who showed up. I'll post the transcript to the mailing list in a bit.
14:55:33 <rbowen> #endmeeting