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15:00:14 <pjgeorg> #chair pjgeorg billings
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15:00:58 <billings> Hello
15:01:00 <pjgeorg> Hi
15:01:08 <billings> Thanks for giving me access to the gdoc
15:01:37 <pjgeorg> You're welcome.
15:01:52 <pjgeorg> I didn't really have any time lately to work on it. Busy teaching students.
15:02:53 <billings> Yeah, my schedule has been packed too
15:04:11 <billings> I was looking at the Goals and Motivation slide
15:04:29 <billings> I thought we could maybe brainstorm on some of the slides here today
15:04:40 <billings> if that's OK?
15:04:51 <pjgeorg> Sure.
15:04:59 <pjgeorg> Please go ahead.
15:06:39 <billings> Currently, it is "Provide kernel modules not included in CentOS Stream
15:06:43 <billings> "
15:07:26 <billings> we currently are only building in-kernel packages that aren't enabled in the kernel build process
15:07:37 <billings> but we are also thinking about other GPL-compatible kmods that aren't upstream, right?
15:08:22 <pjgeorg> For el8s we are also building wireguard which was not part of the kernel when el8 was branched. So not sure how to count that one.
15:08:45 <pjgeorg> But you are right: We are interested in other kmods that aren't upstream.
15:09:07 <billings> Maybe we could make that a separate bullet
15:09:51 <pjgeorg> Yes.
15:11:05 <billings> Ok, I updated the slide
15:11:19 <billings> Maybe I'll add something about that not being our current focus?
15:12:05 <billings> I'm forgettting what other GPL-compatible 3rd-party kmod we were looking at
15:12:09 <billings> v4l2loopback?
15:12:32 <pjgeorg> v4l2loopback is one example.
15:13:16 <pjgeorg> In case I find enough time I might add some HPC specific ones, e.g. drivers for Fujitsu FX700 (aarch64)
15:14:22 <pjgeorg> But priority is indeed on in-kernel modules not enabled by build process or need to be backported.
15:14:38 <billings> Oh I know, another priority is to get *signed* kmods
15:14:50 <billings> er
15:14:56 <billings> another *goal* and motivation
15:14:58 <billings> not priority
15:15:25 <pjgeorg> I'd probably add signed kmods and DDs on a different slide
15:15:42 <billings> ok
15:16:47 <pjgeorg> These two are similar.
15:17:08 <pjgeorg> And in both cases we currently can not really do anything. Waiting on other people.
15:17:51 <billings> Right
15:17:58 <pjgeorg> One example I'm interested in backporting for el9s (in case RHEL does not do it): The new Paragon NTFS driver
15:18:15 <billings> I want to see if I can get the ksmbd driver backported
15:19:34 <pjgeorg> Nice. Something quite some people might be interested in.
15:19:54 <billings> it just came out in 5.14 so it might take quite a bit of work
15:20:11 <billings> I'm hoping it doesn't have a lot of integration into some of the kernel subsystems that are rapidly changing
15:20:45 <billings> Ok, I added a separate slide for the signing stuff
15:21:11 <billings> OH, did we ever find slide theme stuff we can use here?
15:22:02 <pjgeorg> Ok. I think we can now almost ditch slide 6 "What's in scope". Probably just add the case of kernel modules enabled in kernel config but with removed pci ids to slide 4.
15:22:39 <pjgeorg> I think we have not found any slide theme stuff. I think you asked for a CentOS slide template, but it seems something like that does not exist (yet).
15:22:54 <billings> Maybe move the in scope user tools?
15:24:06 <billings> Right.  I kinda want to use the new logo design anyway
15:25:54 <pjgeorg> Yes, move the user tools. I added an item for the deprecated adapters to slide #4
15:36:56 <pjgeorg> I'd also like to add one slide about difference between Stream and non-stream for packaging kmods.
15:37:25 <pjgeorg> Mentioning issues like using weak-updates not really being an option anymore.
15:37:36 <pjgeorg> But that's something I have to work on offline.
15:45:15 <billings> Ok.
15:45:34 <billings> Before we run out of time, do we have any other issues to raise?
15:46:31 <pjgeorg> No issues from my side. Can just report that I started building some packages for el9s.
15:46:41 <billings> Sounds like a good thing to report
15:47:00 <billings> I created a e1000 repo to build but haven't submitted any srpms
15:47:20 <pjgeorg> It's mainly the kmods with remove pci ids + isci. The last one I do require for one of my servers.
15:47:29 <billings> Ah, right
15:47:46 <billings> I'm sure the centos infrastructure team would be interested in anything that their hardware needed, too
15:48:05 <pjgeorg> Looking at https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2002344 e1000 might actually be re-enabled.
15:48:50 <pjgeorg> Let's wait an see if the centos-infra team has any other requests. Happy to help them restore support for their hardware.
15:50:46 <billings> There is some internal chat about our SIG on that BZ
15:52:00 * billings takes off his RH hat and puts back on his CentOS hat
15:52:19 <pjgeorg> Ok. I am not allowed to read it, but good that at least one of us can read it.
15:53:31 <billings> I still think this is a great example of how CentOS can influence RHEL
15:54:05 <billings> I think one of the ideal outcomes of the SIG providing a kmod is that we end up not having to support it after Red Hat realizes people want it and re-enables it
15:54:58 <pjgeorg> I agree. I can also imagine that one day more RHEL Devs join to allow them to publish kmods they do not yet support to see how many people are actually interested in before adding official support.
15:55:55 <pjgeorg> Similar to the technology previews that are added sometimes, but probably even more experimental.
15:56:36 <billings> Right.  And with c9s being the public development of RHEL, I'm sure we'll see even more
15:57:22 <pjgeorg> I think that's it for today. I hope to have a few hours available this week to work on the slides. That should probably be the priority for the next two weeks.
15:57:37 <billings> Agreed
15:57:54 <pjgeorg> Thanks for your time!
15:57:58 <billings> Thank you!
15:58:45 <billings> #endmeeting