16:00:07 <pjgeorg> #startmeeting Kmods SIG
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16:01:19 <pjgeorg> Welcome to the Kmods SIG bi-weekly meeting.
16:02:39 <pjgeorg> Short status report from my side.
16:02:54 <pjgeorg> Documentation update: WIP
16:03:24 <pjgeorg> dnf-plugin-kmods (https://pagure.io/centos-sig-kmods/dnf-plugin-kmods): WIP
16:04:53 <pjgeorg> Released a new centos-release-kmods package today for c9s with countme=1. Maybe these statistics are useful in the future.
16:07:02 <pjgeorg> Opened a MR to get fs/ntfs3 backported to centos-stream-9 kernel but not enable it
16:07:05 <pjgeorg> https://gitlab.com/redhat/centos-stream/src/kernel/centos-stream-9/-/merge_requests/483
16:08:03 <pjgeorg> That's all from my side.
16:08:52 <pjgeorg> In case anybody wants to discuss / ask anything related to the Kmods SIG, please feel free to post here.
16:57:59 <pjgeorg> Time is almost up. Ending meeting now.
16:58:11 <pjgeorg> #endmeeting