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16:00:14 <dcavalca> #chair dcavalca jvreeland
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16:00:19 <dcavalca> morning everyone
16:00:33 <jvreeland> Morning
16:01:53 <salimma> morning!
16:02:40 <dcavalca> let's get started
16:02:42 <dcavalca> #topic Followups
16:03:12 <dcavalca> chantra pushed a few more updates for the rpmcow stack in experimental
16:04:42 <dcavalca> daan is still working on updating systemd and backporting a few changes from upstream
16:04:54 <dcavalca> davdunc: did you get your openshift access sorted out in the end?
16:05:45 <dcavalca> anybody else has followups?
16:06:33 <chantra_> I have some updates on RPM CoW if that fits in followups
16:06:52 <dcavalca> chantra: sure thing
16:08:53 <chantra_> ok, so we are now at rpm-4.14.3-21.4.hsx.el8.x86_64 in hyprscale experimental, so far, so good. The 2 previous releasesuncovered some issues. the first one w(.2) as the handling of directory not owned by the RPM itself, the second release (.3) was with hardlinks.I fixed both and we seem to be good now as much as internal deployment tells.
16:09:56 <dcavalca> sweet, thanks
16:10:13 <dcavalca> let's move to
16:10:16 <dcavalca> #topic Announcements
16:10:27 <chantra_> individual commits fixing issues can be found in changelog, but here goes : https://git.centos.org/rpms/rpm/c/732e023fb16b92aeb61e59d2100c67174e239555?branch=c8s-sig-hyperscale-experimental and https://git.centos.org/rpms/rpm/c/592a091deb736fc8c171c79b847da4fffe0ea574?branch=c8s-sig-hyperscale-experimental
16:11:34 <dcavalca> I filed https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2052740 to get libselinux-static added to the composes, as we needed it for busybox
16:11:53 <dcavalca> only tangentially related, but I figured this crowd could be interested
16:12:06 <dcavalca> any other announcements to share?
16:13:50 <dcavalca> oh, I forgot: we're doing the hyperscale hangout this afternoon
16:13:56 <dcavalca> so you should join us there
16:14:23 <dcavalca> https://www.centos.org/community/calendar/#Hyperscale_SIG_monthly_hangout
16:14:39 <dcavalca> time for
16:14:42 <dcavalca> #topic Tickets
16:15:11 <dcavalca> looks like we now have 5.14 kernel builds for both c8s and c9s
16:16:06 <dcavalca> I filed https://pagure.io/centos-sig-hyperscale/sig/issue/100 to see if we can get a testing pipeline hooked up to the systemd repo on pagure
16:16:27 <dcavalca> once we figure that out, we could use a similar approach for the kernel
16:17:18 <dcavalca> I think we can use zuul for this, but I'm not sure at all how any of this works, so if you have suggestions I'm all ears
16:18:36 <dcavalca> oidoming: for #54, I put some more details in the ticket, lemme know if you need anything else there
16:19:43 <oidoming> okay
16:20:50 <oidoming> do we have a repo to commit the logic for #54?
16:21:15 <dcavalca> oidoming: feel free to make a new one on pagure under the centos-sig-hyperscale namespace
16:21:27 <dcavalca> you should have access, if not lemme know and I'll make one for you
16:21:44 <dcavalca> salimma: for #59, we need to sort out the release package situation as we still don't have one for c9s and folks are starting to ask about it
16:23:18 <michel> Ah
16:23:26 <dcavalca> I'm inclined to drop the powertools logic altogether for the time being if we can't get consensus on it
16:23:52 <dcavalca> it's been a while and tbh I've forgotten where we'd landed on that
16:23:55 <michel> Yeah I think that's a no go. Esp now that we have two repos to deal with
16:24:06 <michel> I'll update and close the issue
16:24:11 <dcavalca> thanks
16:24:41 <michel> In c9s even epel-release needs to be downloaded separately so people have the expectation to do manual work
16:25:03 <dcavalca> oh that'll be annoying, given that be have a BR on it in our release package
16:25:13 <dcavalca> I wonder if we can make the case for getting it shipped in extras
16:27:25 <dcavalca> I think that's all for tickets
16:27:30 <dcavalca> #topic Membership
16:27:44 <dcavalca> we have a new membership request in https://pagure.io/centos-sig-hyperscale/sig/issue/101
16:27:52 * kcwells waves
16:27:54 <kcwells> Hi
16:27:59 <dcavalca> kcwells: aekoroglu: would you like to introduce yourselves to the group?
16:28:39 <kcwells> Yeah -- Ali and I work at Intel in our Linux Systems Engineering Group
16:29:15 <kcwells> Generally, our team is responsible for building and packaging optimizations for Linux packages across several Linux OSes
16:30:18 <kcwells> We've been working in the CentOS Stream / Fedora space internally for a bit, and have been trying to find the right alignment for where we can make these contributions in the community at large. We met with Davide and Michel back in December.
16:31:04 <aekoroglu> Hi everyone, thanks for the summary Kevin :)
16:32:23 <kcwells> We're part of a sister team to oidoming, who joined last meeting to work on CI/CD stuff in the SIG. We'll support him in his efforts, but we're predominately going to focus on packaging and maintenance
16:33:11 <dcavalca> thanks, good to see you here
16:33:16 <dcavalca> any objections to Kevin and Ali joining the SIG ?
16:33:22 <jvreeland> Nope
16:33:58 <jvreeland> Nice to meet you two
16:36:02 <kcwells> jvreeland: Yeah, same! Happy to be here.
16:36:12 <dcavalca> #agreed welcome kcwells and aekoroglu to the hyperscale SIG
16:36:30 <dcavalca> I'll take care of the paperwork later today, we'll use the ticket for coordination
16:36:42 <kcwells> Perfect
16:36:43 <aekoroglu> jvreeland: Glad to be here
16:36:51 <dcavalca> also, feel free to join us later in the afternoon at the hyperscale hangout if you'd like
16:37:33 <dcavalca> that's all for membership I think
16:37:36 <dcavalca> #topic Misc
16:37:40 <Eighth_Doctor> hey
16:37:44 <Eighth_Doctor> finally made it
16:37:49 <dcavalca> hey Eighth_Doctor
16:38:15 <dcavalca> Eighth_Doctor: still plenty of time, anything you wanted to talk about?
16:38:20 <Eighth_Doctor> yeah
16:38:33 <Eighth_Doctor> so I'm going to be taking a look at getting our sig release packages done this week
16:38:46 <dcavalca> ah perfect, salimma and I were discussing that earlier
16:38:51 <Eighth_Doctor> and my SDL2 MR to get SDL2 to use Wayland by default was merged this morning
16:38:58 <Eighth_Doctor> https://gitlab.com/redhat/centos-stream/rpms/SDL2/-/merge_requests/8
16:38:59 <dcavalca> yay
16:39:12 <Eighth_Doctor> and now built: https://kojihub.stream.centos.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=17109
16:39:56 <Eighth_Doctor> I've done basic kernel maintenance automation for myself for c9s over the weekend: https://pagure.io/centos-sig-hyperscale/linux-releng/blob/main/f/kernel-rebase/c9s
16:40:14 <Eighth_Doctor> it's not full scope, but it does enough to make my maintenance burden easier
16:40:22 <dcavalca> oh I meant to look at that, thanks for the reminder
16:40:51 <Eighth_Doctor> I want to work with you to wire this up into our CI
16:40:59 <Eighth_Doctor> so we can have hyperscalebot making test builds
16:41:18 <dcavalca> sure
16:41:23 <Eighth_Doctor> as part of doing that work, I wound up finding another bug in the kernel makefiles and sent a fix upstream
16:41:29 <dcavalca> you already have access to the openshift project right?
16:41:34 <Eighth_Doctor> https://gitlab.com/redhat/centos-stream/src/kernel/centos-stream-9/-/merge_requests/524
16:41:37 <Eighth_Doctor> I do, yes
16:41:41 <dcavalca> cool
16:41:52 <dcavalca> we can look at it this afternoon if you'd like
16:42:01 <Eighth_Doctor> sure, yeah
16:42:09 <Eighth_Doctor> after my workday
16:42:22 <dcavalca> yeah I meant during the hangout
16:42:35 <Eighth_Doctor> 👍️
16:42:37 <Eighth_Doctor> that's today right?
16:42:45 <dcavalca> yup, 2-4pm PST
16:42:54 <dcavalca> though I'll need to drop off around 330pm this time
16:42:54 <Eighth_Doctor> the last bit that's really missing is the rpmcow stuff
16:43:10 <dcavalca> chantra: had an update on that earlier
16:43:17 <Eighth_Doctor> I need a port of that code to c9s rpm, and I have a couple of things to backport from Fedora for it
16:43:36 <Eighth_Doctor> e.g. moving the rpmdb and such
16:44:11 <dcavalca> did the rpmdb Change get approved?
16:44:17 <dcavalca> I lost track of where we were with that
16:44:23 <Eighth_Doctor> separately, I've filed an issue asking for CBS to support building from src.fedoraproject.org: https://pagure.io/centos-infra/issue/661
16:44:31 <Eighth_Doctor> the rpmdb change was approved and implemented in Fedora Linux 36
16:44:37 <dcavalca> sweet
16:44:39 <Eighth_Doctor> I did it a few weeks ago
16:44:54 <Eighth_Doctor> we definitely need epel-release in centos extras
16:45:17 <Eighth_Doctor> so please can you try to get bstinson to include epel-release and epel-next-release there?
16:46:05 * michel welcomes the Intel folks too. Sorry, hectic morning
16:46:12 <Eighth_Doctor> also, hi Intel peeps
16:46:42 <Eighth_Doctor> be prepared to contribute to Fedora and RHEL/CentOS Stream directly as part of Hyperscale work ;)
16:47:52 <dcavalca> Eighth_Doctor, so for extras, my understanding from the last conversation was that we were going to get a dedicated CBS tag that we could use for release packages
16:48:12 <dcavalca> so that SIGs would be able to build and publish those independently instead of having to bug infra all the time
16:48:17 <Eighth_Doctor> so that means someone just has to "own" epel-release and epel-next-release and do that?
16:48:28 <Eighth_Doctor> if that's the case, we can certainly do it
16:48:35 <dcavalca> possibly, I'm not quite sure where we are with that in practice
16:49:08 <Eighth_Doctor> since CBS lets us use SRPMs to build and release, that might be our sole exception
16:49:12 <Eighth_Doctor> I don't want to maintain a git for epel-release
16:49:14 <chantra_> >  I need a port of that code to c9s rpm, and I have a couple of things to backport from Fedora for it
16:49:48 <chantra_> Eighth_Doctor, we can sort this out. Lemme bake the current version on c8s and once there is no obvious bug, we can port it to c9s
16:50:03 <Eighth_Doctor> 👍️
16:50:10 <dcavalca> Eighth_Doctor: https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-devel/2021-November/098666.html was the thread on the extras stuff
16:50:53 <dcavalca> which was approved by the board in https://blog.centos.org/2022/01/december-2021-board-meeting-minutes/
16:50:54 <Eighth_Doctor> anyway, I'm going to close out the kernel ticket now that jvreeland has c8s in tow
16:50:57 <chantra_> Eighth_Doctor, my work happens on a relatively new master (1 month old maybe). AFAIR, this ports easily to c9s rpm version. c8s was a bit more chalenging.
16:51:08 <Eighth_Doctor> good to know
16:51:40 <bstinson> i haven't gotten around to doing this bug i'm volunteering carl (or another delegate from EPEL) to manage epel-release in Extras
16:52:08 <dcavalca> thanks bstinson
16:52:13 * carlwgeorge nods
16:52:15 <dcavalca> did the extras stuff actually land?
16:52:18 <dcavalca> I was looking at https://sigs.centos.org/guide/delivery/#centos-release-package now
16:52:36 <bstinson> it's functional, i need to add some more members to the group in the account system
16:53:08 <dcavalca> bstinson: yeah, it's not clear to me from cbs list-permissions --mine if/what I have access to tbh :)
16:53:12 <carlwgeorge> i'm ready to add epel-release to extras whenever, but i could use a guide for how this is supposed to work for c9s
16:54:20 <dcavalca> carlwgeorge: looks like there's a set of extras9s-extras-common-* tags in CBS
16:56:05 <bstinson> since we're here... carlwgeorge you've been sponsored
16:56:29 <bstinson> if you build against those -extras tags in CBS and tag it to -release it'll automatically show up in Extras
16:56:51 <dcavalca> bstinson: can we do the same for our hyperscale release package?
16:57:27 <bstinson> yep, that's exactly what you should do for 9. i show you as a member of the group already so you should be good
16:57:40 <dcavalca> perfect, thanks bstinson
16:57:45 <dcavalca> we'll give it a try
16:58:35 <bstinson> if you want to delegate other members to help manage the release packages, open an infra ticket and we can get them added
16:58:36 <Eighth_Doctor> so later on I'll adapt our packages for 9
16:58:38 <bstinson> we started with SIG chairs
16:58:46 <Eighth_Doctor> I've already got some of the changes staged locally, so...
16:59:51 <dcavalca> I'll file a ticket to get Eighth_Doctor and salimma added too, as they've both done work on this
17:01:33 <dcavalca> https://pagure.io/centos-infra/issue/663
17:01:33 <michel> +1
17:01:39 <dcavalca> alright, we're over time
17:01:43 <dcavalca> thanks everyone!
17:01:49 <dcavalca> #endmeeting