16:00:40 <pjgeorg> #startmeeting Kmods SIG
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16:00:49 <jcpunk> hello
16:00:55 <pjgeorg> Hi
16:01:37 <pjgeorg> Nothing on my agenda for today. I've been very busy with work recently.
16:01:47 <jcpunk> Understood, me too
16:02:21 <jcpunk> With nvidia being non-gpl (and thus probably never a viable candidate for the kmod-sig) I've opened up https://github.com/NVIDIA/yum-packaging-precompiled-kmod/issues/31
16:02:59 <jcpunk> #link https://github.com/NVIDIA/yum-packaging-precompiled-kmod/issues/31
16:04:34 <pjgeorg> I'll have a look at it. There spec file should actually allow them to easily support CentOS Stream.
16:05:13 <jcpunk> yep, in theory it is only a few hours of work to get their full CI pipeline running against stream too
16:05:58 <pjgeorg> I guess the main issue is that they do not want to review daily kernel releases for changes.
16:06:10 <jcpunk> yeah
16:11:46 <pjgeorg> I'm really looking forward to an answer and I hope that CentOS Stream can be supported somehow.
16:12:02 <jcpunk> me too!
16:12:40 <pjgeorg> We got two request for kmods recently.
16:12:55 <pjgeorg> kmod-qib_ib
16:13:00 <pjgeorg> #link https://pagure.io/centos-sig-kmods/sig/issue/20
16:14:06 <pjgeorg> This one is little more complicated then than the usual request.
16:15:10 <jcpunk> I saw that, InfiniBand seems to move a lot.  building that is going to be some work
16:15:18 <pjgeorg> Yes, it is.
16:15:47 <pjgeorg> Not sure yet when I find time to work on that one.
16:15:59 <pjgeorg> I think the only subsystem moving even fater is drm.
16:16:05 <pjgeorg> *faster
16:17:02 <pjgeorg> The other request is about FireWire
16:17:05 <pjgeorg> #link https://pagure.io/centos-sig-kmods/sig/issue/22
16:17:29 <pjgeorg> Not sure yet what is requested. Afaik FireWire is enabled in EL8.
16:18:46 <jcpunk> I believe that is correct, I vagly recall FireWire is on the "dropped hardware" list for EL9
16:20:08 <pjgeorg> For EL9 I'm not sure there is any hardware that supports running EL9 but is only missing the FireWire kmods.
16:20:25 <pjgeorg> I'm in particular thinking about the raised x86_64 base level here.
16:22:10 <jcpunk> That is a good question, I'm not seeing anything obvious in my searching
16:22:38 <pjgeorg> I'll just ask for more information.
16:22:45 <jcpunk> +1
16:23:38 <pjgeorg> Independent of this request the increased x86_64 base level probably means that it makes no sense anymore to provide some of the "dropped hardware" kmods.
16:28:34 <jcpunk> I really need to read up more on x86-64-v2 hardware support
16:32:00 <pjgeorg> I always use Nehalem as a marker. Anything before that is not supported anymore.
16:55:16 <pjgeorg> Time is almost up.
17:00:04 <pjgeorg> #endmeeting