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16:00:10 <billings> Good day
16:00:23 <pjgeorg> Good day
16:00:24 <jcpunk> hello
16:00:24 <pjgeorg> #chair pjgeorg billings
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16:01:46 <pjgeorg> jcpunk: FYI I just built kmod-ecryptfs for el8, el8s, el9s and tagged it in release. I'll file requests to get ecryptfs-utils into epel8 and epel9 later.
16:01:55 <jcpunk> excellent :)
16:02:13 <jcpunk> I use that to make "encrypted git repos"
16:02:26 <billings> Interesting!
16:02:34 <billings> I was thinking something more along the lines of systemd-homedir
16:02:48 <jcpunk> Also a good use case
16:02:51 <arrfab> pjgeorg: interesting that one would have the kmod in one repo and userland tools from another one
16:03:27 <jcpunk> In theory that will lower the burden on the ELRepo folks
16:03:52 <pjgeorg> arrfab: My reason is to allow others to use it as well. We are not the only party to provide this kernel module.
16:04:05 <billings> arrfab: that's actually common for tools like this.  :(
16:04:17 <billings> I tried to get the kAFS tools that way too
16:04:43 <pjgeorg> elrepo kmod comes to mind. But also elrepo kernel-* and it seems RL is also planning to provide a mainline (LTS?) kernel.
16:05:39 <billings> if anyone was trying to get ZFS kmod and userland in place you'd probably have to be careful because you need them fairly closely matched.
16:05:45 <billings> Not that I'm volunteering
16:05:53 <pjgeorg> Yes that's right.
16:05:59 <pjgeorg> The same applies to btrfs-progs
16:06:01 <billings> (Anyway, OpenZFS licenses make them not part of our initial plans)
16:06:17 <pjgeorg> And btrfs is on my todo list :)
16:06:30 <jcpunk> https://github.com/jcpunk/encrypted-git-template for the curious
16:06:45 <billings> I started on a kSMB kmod but the userland for it is broken in my testing
16:09:08 <pjgeorg> Does it have its own user space tools or re-using the Samba stuff?
16:11:34 <billings> https://github.com/cifsd-team/ksmbd-tools
16:12:32 <billings> https://github.com/cifsd-team/ksmbd-tools/issues/224 might be fixed now
16:13:10 <billings> at any rate, I'll need to get a package for it built if I plan on making the kmod-ksmbd production
16:13:51 <pjgeorg> I agree.
16:14:18 <billings> elrepo has it already
16:16:52 <pjgeorg> I just checked, I can only find the ksmbd-tools but no kmod-ksmbd
16:18:55 <billings> I wonder if they have it enabled in the elrepo kernel
16:19:46 <pjgeorg> I guess.
16:22:25 <billings> https://elrepo.org/bugs/view.php?id=1168
16:23:06 <billings> I wonder if we can just get it turned on in c9s?
16:24:15 <pjgeorg> You can try to. Best approach is to open a issue on bugzilla and PR on https://gitlab.com/redhat/centos-stream/src/kernel/centos-stream-9
16:24:28 <pjgeorg> At least as far as I know.
16:25:55 <billings> speaking of, any progress on the BLAKE2 feature?
16:26:10 <billings> BLAKE2B
16:27:41 <billings> oh, it looks like it's currently in QE
16:28:36 <pjgeorg> Should be merged soon.
16:28:38 <Eighth_Doctor> pjgeorg, billings: fwiw, zfs is finally not broken on EL9: https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/home:Pharaoh_Atem:ZFS:Release/zfs
16:28:51 <Eighth_Doctor> (still not advocating for zfs in kmods sig, but at least third party builds should work now)
16:29:24 <Eighth_Doctor> for btrfs, we need blake2b and zstd enabled
16:30:08 <Eighth_Doctor> btrfs-progs and btrfs.ko don't require exact matching
16:30:28 * billings nods
16:30:38 <Eighth_Doctor> graceful degrading is supported to a certain extent
16:30:40 <billings> although the btrfs-progs that were in el7 were positively ancient
16:30:50 <Eighth_Doctor> feel free to ask more details about this in the #centos-hyperscale:libera.chat chat
16:30:55 <Eighth_Doctor> yeah, el7 was a mess
16:31:13 <billings> I haven't even looked if something is in el8
16:31:25 <billings> I kinda hope el9 has supported btrfs but I doubt it
16:31:40 <billings> (I mean, at some point down the line)
16:32:30 <Eighth_Doctor> it's always a possibility
16:32:54 <Eighth_Doctor> Hyperscale is planning to provide some community maintenance of fs/btrfs in the RHEL kernel sources
16:33:00 <pjgeorg> Eighth_Doctor: Thanks for the info. I'll probably get in touch with you later anyway to see how/if we might be able to coordinate some stuff concerning btrfs.
16:33:06 <Eighth_Doctor> assistance from kmods sig and others would be welcome
16:33:34 <Eighth_Doctor> you can see more details on our plans in our sig report that just went live: https://blog.centos.org/2022/01/centos-hyperscale-sig-quarterly-report-for-2021q4/
16:37:14 <pjgeorg> Reminds me to finally join #centos-hyperscale
16:37:34 <Eighth_Doctor> :D
16:37:54 <Eighth_Doctor> personally, I'd love to see btrfs return as tech preview in el9 at some point in the future
16:38:25 <pjgeorg> Same, but I doubt that's going to happen (at least for el9)
16:38:29 <Eighth_Doctor> I don't know how that would happen, but I'll do what I can to help
16:38:38 <billings> Probably not until RAID issues are resolved.  I'd actually like to see improved crypt
16:39:24 <Eighth_Doctor> yeah
16:39:31 <Eighth_Doctor> I'm hopeful those will be done this year
16:39:55 <Eighth_Doctor> Omar Sandoval hangs out in the hyperscale chat and can talk about that at length
16:40:06 <Eighth_Doctor> same for Davide Cavalca
16:43:06 <pjgeorg> Concerning zfs: I'd like to provide it as part of the Kmods SIG. This would then be the first kmod we have to ask RH and get ruling whether we are allowed to include it or not. At least I think that's what we've been told concerning non-GPLv2 kmods?
16:47:42 <Eighth_Doctor> yeah
16:48:03 <Eighth_Doctor> however I'm pretty certain RH will say no
16:48:25 <Eighth_Doctor> they've been fairly firm on this in the past
16:53:03 <pjgeorg> It seems I have to think about whether it's worth the effort knowing that the request will probably be denied.
16:53:14 <Eighth_Doctor> that's why we got IBM to relicense OpenAFS
16:53:28 <Eighth_Doctor> because it was going to be firmly "no" until that changed
16:53:42 <billings> The OpenAFS project has wanted IBM to relicense AFS for SO LONG
16:53:59 <billings> I wonder how that is going
16:55:17 <billings> I have another appointment in 5 minutes
16:56:22 <billings> I'll join the hyperscale channel
16:56:33 <pjgeorg> I think we are done anway. At least nothing on my side we have to discuss now.
16:59:47 <Eighth_Doctor> 👍️
16:59:51 <Eighth_Doctor> yeah, I think we're in good shape
17:00:09 <Eighth_Doctor> feel free to come to Hyperscale meetings too if you want :)
17:00:16 <Eighth_Doctor> the schedule is on the calendar
17:01:06 <pjgeorg> I'll try to join next time.
17:01:38 <pjgeorg> #endmeeting