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16:00:40 <jcpunk> hello
16:00:46 <pjgeorg> Hi
16:02:37 <pjgeorg> Not sure Jonathan is around, can't find his user in the list
16:03:07 <pjgeorg> Some progress report from my side
16:03:22 <pjgeorg> EPEL has now been added to our packages-main tags
16:03:33 <pjgeorg> This is required for userspace packages
16:03:37 <jcpunk> excellent
16:03:48 <pjgeorg> ecryptfs-utils is being built on CBS right now
16:03:53 <jcpunk> :)
16:04:38 <pjgeorg> virtualbox-guest-additions is blocked by missing dependencies in epel9
16:04:54 <jcpunk> On that front, did we want to also build it for 8?
16:05:09 <jcpunk> I don't think we've had any requests, but I figured I'd see what the thoughts are
16:05:32 <pjgeorg> It has only been requested for 9
16:06:15 <pjgeorg> I haven't tried building it for 8 yet.
16:06:28 <pjgeorg> Personally I prefer to only add it to 8 once requested
16:06:31 <jcpunk> I'm showing makeself and kbuild are already branched for EPEL8 for what that is worth
16:06:39 <jcpunk> Agreed, I'd wait until someone asks for it
16:06:53 <jcpunk> Just figured I'd bring it up so we could reach consensus
16:07:12 <pjgeorg> All my personal systems have already been updated to 9, so that's my main target
16:08:18 <jcpunk> makes sense to me, I've got a pretty random assortment these days
16:08:43 <pjgeorg> I'm still not sure how to handle the epel requirement in our centos-release-kmods package.
16:09:43 <pjgeorg> Which btw is already prepared for c9s, just waiting for the "OK" to release
16:11:19 <pjgeorg> Something we can probably discuss in a pagure issue.
16:11:25 <jcpunk> On that front, I generally dislike packages that reconfigure other packages (https://pagure.io/centos-sig-kmods/sig/issue/12 option 3.3).  I've been maintaining a suite of those for years and they are always a mess.  Either option 3.1 or 3.2 are fine with me (and I won't block 3.3 if you and billings prefer it)
16:11:58 <pjgeorg> I totally agree with you concerning 3.3
16:13:07 <pjgeorg> I thought about a mix between 3.1 and 3.2: Document it and add a Recommends: epel-release
16:13:28 <jcpunk> I'll add my thoughts to pagure just so you've got it listed.  Recommends is a great idea!  I keep forgetting that exists
16:14:52 <pjgeorg> Thanks! I'll do the same and add this option doc+recommends
16:15:05 <jcpunk> :)
16:15:57 <pjgeorg> Other progress: All (possible) kmod-? packages are now also being built for ppc64le
16:16:08 <jcpunk> That is awesome!
16:17:15 <pjgeorg> kmod-btrfs is available for c9s. This has been mainly possible thanks to work done by Eighth_Doctor
16:17:43 <Eighth_Doctor> 🎉
16:19:46 <pjgeorg> sigs.centos.org/kmods has been updated, especially to ease mainting it (no more static package list, link to CBS).
16:20:17 <pjgeorg> I'm working on some more updates for it which I'll hopefully be able to push soon.
16:20:24 <jcpunk> awesome!
16:21:54 <pjgeorg> I also worked on a dnf plugin
16:22:12 <Eighth_Doctor> do we have a build of btrfs-progs in there too?
16:23:17 <pjgeorg> Eighth_Doctor: Not yet. I have to decide whether to tag your hs build or build it ourselves. Probably have to build it ourselves due to missing ppc64le in hs.
16:24:25 <pjgeorg> Building it is not that complicated, so it is probably the easiest solution to just build our own version.
16:25:32 <Eighth_Doctor> pjgeorg: no worries
16:25:40 <Eighth_Doctor> just reuse what we have in git.centos.org ;)
16:26:13 <pjgeorg> Any particular reason why you have disable RAID5/6 support? Afaik this is not done in Fedora.
16:26:42 <pjgeorg> I know it is buggy. But I think there are enough warnings included.
16:27:10 <Eighth_Doctor> it's not done in Fedora because there's a potential install base using it
16:27:28 <Eighth_Doctor> I'm waiting for a significant rework of raid56 support to land upstream before restoring support in CentOS
16:27:55 <Eighth_Doctor> just because I really don't want people getting mad about it
16:28:30 <pjgeorg> That makes sense. It's probably best we also disable it in the kmods' build.
16:29:26 <Eighth_Doctor> the userspace disabler is sufficient
16:29:35 <Eighth_Doctor> so as long as you don't remove the patch, you should be fine
16:29:44 <pjgeorg> Yep, I'll just grab your patch ;)
16:29:48 <Eighth_Doctor> I explicitly allow mounting existing ones, but not creating new ones
16:34:55 <pjgeorg> Back to the dnf plugin: It helps to prevent kernel updates as long as compatible kmod-? updates are not available for all installed kmods.
16:35:16 <pjgeorg> https://pagure.io/centos-sig-kmods/dnf-plugin-kmods
16:36:13 <pjgeorg> Without it might happen that a new kernel is being installed for which a required kmod is not kABI compatible anymore and an updated version is not yet available. In the worst case the system can not be booted anymore.
16:37:35 <pjgeorg> I already use it on one of my systems, but want to do further testing before release especially as this is the first dnf plugin I've ever written.
16:38:04 <pjgeorg> Plus I'm not sure about the name yet. Any suggestions or is dnf-plugin-kmods fine?
16:48:27 <arrfab> pjgeorg: that's a good addition to kmods themselves
16:51:27 <pjgeorg> You mean the dnf-plugin-kmods? Yes, will probably add it as Requires or Recommends to our kmods in some point in the future.
16:55:42 <pjgeorg> It's a pity that it can't be done without a plugin :(
16:58:07 <pjgeorg> Time is almost up.
16:58:59 <jcpunk> Sorry I got distracted but work stuff, I think the elrepo folks have a plugin for their nvidia stuff.  Might be worth a review over there
17:00:10 <pjgeorg> I'll have a look. I do now nvidia has one. But it is specifically designed for their use case.
17:00:57 <pjgeorg> Ok, I think that's it for today. Thanks for attending!
17:01:27 <pjgeorg> #endmeeting