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15:00:07 <jcpunk> hello
15:00:10 <pjgeorg> Hi
15:01:08 <pjgeorg> Some time has passed since the last meeting.
15:01:57 <pjgeorg> Unfortunately, I still don't have much to report.
15:02:22 <jcpunk> No worries, there is a lot on your plate
15:03:12 <pjgeorg> We do now have a namespace on GitLab: https://gitlab.com/CentOS/kmods
15:03:20 <jcpunk> excellent!
15:03:36 <pjgeorg> I already created one project there to test if all is working as expected. Looks good.
15:04:15 <pjgeorg> My idea has been to transition everything we currently have on pagure.io to GitLab.
15:04:49 <pjgeorg> With all of the CentOS Stream sources being there I think it makes sense. And probably makes work a little easier.
15:05:01 <jcpunk> agreed
15:05:31 <pjgeorg> But the main reason is that I hope that more people do have a GitLab account, i.e., it is easier for other people to contribute.
15:06:40 <pjgeorg> And if it is only to report an issue. I want to keep the requirements to contribute as low as possible.
15:06:55 <jcpunk> That is a very worthwhile goal :)
15:09:31 <pjgeorg> Good news: Since the last meeting several new kernels, for both c8s and c9s, have been released and all kmods have been automatically rebuild without me actually doing anything.
15:09:44 <jcpunk> that IS AMAZING!!!!
15:09:47 <pjgeorg> So it seems the amount of work spent on automation was well invested :)
15:09:54 <jcpunk> very much awesome!
15:09:58 <jcpunk> :)
15:13:08 <pjgeorg> I also had a look at https://pagure.io/centos-infra/issue/643 once again today after I almost forgot about it.
15:13:29 <pjgeorg> I think the second part of the issue about the extras8-extras-common-{candidate,testing,release} is very interesting.
15:14:11 <pjgeorg> Currently we only have a convenient way for CentOS Stream users to consume content produced by any SIG. But not for RHEL/Rocky/Alma/... users.
15:14:55 <jcpunk> hmmm, yeah that should be something we make easy for folks.  Stream may be ahead  of those builds, but it should still be easy for them to scoop up stuff they want from any SIG
15:15:08 <pjgeorg> Some time ago SIG's could start to (optional) build for rhel8. But the process how to get these to the users has, IMO, neven been sorted out.
15:16:39 <pjgeorg> But it is very likely that with 8.6 and 9.0 both in Beta people are simply busy working on other stuff.
15:17:11 <jcpunk> My contacts inside RH are all super focused on RHEL9.0 right now
15:19:47 <pjgeorg> Yep. I'll just keep it on my "nice to have" list for now and maybe comment on the issue now and then as a reminder.
15:22:15 <pjgeorg> I almost forgot: Last month some people from the kernel team at Red Hat attended the Office Hours.
15:23:08 <pjgeorg> This has been very interesting although the discussion was more about how to maintain your own kernel as a SIG and not about building kernel modules.
15:23:32 <jcpunk> Do you know if there is a recording I could watch?
15:24:56 <pjgeorg> I think at least one person asked about a recording on the centos-devel mailing list but I have not seen any answer linking to a recording :(
15:25:24 <jcpunk> :(
15:25:31 <jcpunk> I must have missed that thread
15:28:20 <pjgeorg> If I remember correctly the result of the discussion was that Red Hat kernel developers will look into options how to make it easier for SIGs to work on the stream kernel.
15:29:13 <pjgeorg> To my understanding the main issue is that RH can not allow any code in the stream kernel that has not been reviewed by an RH employee.
15:29:22 <jcpunk> yep
15:29:38 <pjgeorg> Even if SIGs only want to modify code which is not even compiled in the RH kernel.
15:34:05 <pjgeorg> I can work with that limitation, but obviously it would then be nice if SIGs can someone work together easily and avoid duplicated work.
15:34:22 <jcpunk> very much so
15:34:24 <pjgeorg> I will therefore continue to follow this topic and especially keep an eye on what the Hyperscale SIG is up to.
15:34:31 <jcpunk> :)
15:57:17 <pjgeorg> Time is almost up. Till next time.
15:57:23 <jcpunk> take care
15:57:56 <pjgeorg> #endmeeting