16:01:05 <davide> #startmeeting Hyperscale SIG
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16:01:23 * salimma waves
16:01:38 <anitazha> Good morning
16:01:44 * kcwells waves
16:01:56 <davide> #chair dcavalca Eighth_Doctor
16:01:56 <centguard> Current chairs: Eighth_Doctor davide dcavalca
16:02:03 * Eighth_Doctor waves
16:02:10 <davide> morning everyone
16:02:51 <oidoming> hi
16:03:59 <davide> #topic Followups
16:03:59 <davide> let's get started
16:04:45 <davide> I'm still working on a conferences recap for Hyperscale to post on the centos blog
16:05:00 <davide> will try and finish the draft later today and share it in the channel for comments
16:05:45 <davide> the only other followup on my end is that we've rebased openssh, and I've made some progress on prereqs for qemu
16:06:34 <davide> there's still ongoing discussion in BZ on adding edk2 and friends to CRB for 9, but in the meantime I got a build going in Hyperscale based off the Fedora one to get things moving
16:06:44 <davide> still need to sort out ipxe-roms, and then we should be be in business there
16:06:59 <davide> anybody else has followups to share?
16:07:01 <salimma> huh, so something in RHEL is using edk2 I guess?
16:07:12 <davide> qemu uses it
16:08:00 <salimma> ah, and EL has qemu, just older
16:08:06 <davide> yup
16:09:48 <davide> moving on to
16:09:50 <davide> #topic Announcements
16:10:03 <davide> I spent a bunch of time last week reorganizing the docs
16:10:24 <davide> hopefully they're a bit easier to work through now
16:10:35 <davide> I still have https://pagure.io/centos-sig-hyperscale/sig/pull-request/134 open, feedback welcome
16:11:14 <davide> still need to update the conference talks and the meetings minute pages with the last couple of months of updates
16:11:24 <salimma> will take a look at that PR
16:11:27 <kcwells> Cool
16:12:27 <salimma> yeah, not so hot on 'deliverable' either, will try and think of an alternative and comment there
16:14:02 <oidoming> is there a way to automatically add the meeting minutes to the docs?
16:14:36 <davide> I haven't seen an easy one, short of writing a scraper for the minutes site and/or for the meetings channel
16:14:40 <salimma> if it's Fedora, there's a stable meetbot.fp.o URL we can link to
16:14:40 <davide> and both seem kinda overkill for this
16:14:44 <salimma> but for centbot I"m not sure
16:15:18 <salimma> if we have a URL to list all meetings, probably no point manually linking to each note, right
16:15:43 <davide> well we also have agendas
16:16:09 <davide> though usually it's just a hackmd I scribble five min before the meeting so stuff doesn't get forgotten
16:17:24 <Eighth_Doctor> I'm surprised centos meetings aren't aggregated by a mote instance
16:17:47 <davide> I didn't find one, but it's totally possible I missed it
16:18:12 <salimma> probably something to ask the centos infra folks, is there any reason centbot doesn't behave like meetbot/mote
16:18:56 <davide> yeah, wanna file a ticket?
16:19:10 <salimma> sure, where?
16:19:19 <davide> the centos-infra tracker I guess
16:19:24 <Eighth_Doctor> yeah that's the best place
16:19:31 <Eighth_Doctor> oh, oh oh, that reminds me
16:19:43 <Eighth_Doctor> we now have the kiwi plugin deployed on CBS
16:20:11 <davide> that should be in
16:20:12 <davide> #topic Announcements
16:20:14 <Eighth_Doctor> and and we have spin_media tags now for c9s
16:20:44 <arrfab> salimma: centbot isn't managed by infra so you can file ticket but it would be handled by community members anyway :) (fyi)
16:20:46 <davide> did we get a build running end to end on CBS?
16:20:56 <Eighth_Doctor> we can't release anything, since there's some goofiness around trying to sign random stuff
16:21:01 <salimma> arrfab: good to know
16:21:04 <Eighth_Doctor> Davide Cavalca: I will be trying some scratch builds asap
16:21:24 <salimma> the infra tracker is fine though right
16:21:43 <arrfab> salimma: just to ping external people but can work I guess
16:21:58 <arrfab> Bahhumbug would be ping'ed there (if he doesn't mind that) :)
16:22:34 <arrfab> davide: as said to Eighth_Doctor, don't tag anything to -testing or -release for kiwi and spin_media
16:22:53 <arrfab> as the sign+push process doesn't know anything but rpm repositories, so would be trying to find rpm, etc
16:23:15 <arrfab> it would need a change to plumb some functions for some tags (like we did for DuD .iso images)
16:24:59 <davide> sounds good, thanks for the heads up
16:25:11 <davide> anything else for announcements?
16:27:54 <davide> moving on
16:27:55 <davide> #topic Tickets
16:28:56 <davide> I'd started working on https://pagure.io/centos-sig-hyperscale/sig/issue/129 a couple of weeks ago but need to pick it back up
16:29:09 <davide> likewise for https://pagure.io/centos-sig-hyperscale/sig/issue/127
16:29:25 <davide> I could use some help with that last one actually if someone has some spare bandwidth
16:31:39 <davide> anything else for tickets?
16:31:56 <oidoming> I created https://pagure.io/centos-sig-hyperscale/sig/issue/132 to track the automated rebuilds
16:32:24 <davide> nice, thanks
16:32:55 <oidoming> so for this, for all hyperscale packages, merge the new package release into the hyperscale branch on git.centos.org and make a build on CBS?
16:33:48 <davide> yeah, something like that, though we need to figure out how to it in a way that's safe
16:34:15 <davide> for some packages, a blind merge and build is probably fine, but for others that definitely won't work (or they could require additional testing)
16:34:48 <davide> for a first cut implementation, it's probably enough to merge, make a src.rpm and do a scratch build of that
16:35:03 <davide> then down the road we can expand it to pushing the branch and doing a real build off that
16:35:37 <davide> (we'd have an allowlist of packages where we do this)
16:36:04 <davide> and further one, ideally we'd have a way to run automated testing on these packages and automatically promote them to -release if all is well
16:36:25 <davide> does this make sense?
16:36:33 <oidoming> yeah
16:39:59 <davide> moving on to
16:40:00 <davide> #topic Membership
16:40:09 <davide> I don't think we have anything here for this week?
16:40:42 <davide> #topic Misc
16:40:49 <davide> anything else folks wanna talk about?
16:41:18 <davide> it does look like FOSDEM is on for next year, so we'll likely have a Dojo the day before that
16:41:25 <davide> so you may wanna start thinking if there's any talk you'd like to present there
16:44:28 <davide> if there's nothing else, we can close this out early and get some time back
16:46:02 <davide> thanks everyone!
16:46:04 <davide> #endmeeting