CentOS IRC meetings

Meeting schedule

The IRC meetings schedule is driven by the github.com/CentOS/Calendar repository. To propose a change or add a meeting, please submit a pull-request to that git-hub repository. This repository is mirrored to git.centos.org.

Here is the link to a .ical file containing all CentOS IRC meetings, for use in your favorite calendaring app: iCalendar Meeting Schedule

A list of all meetings is available below.


CentOS IRC channels and meetings are logged. You can find them here.

Meeting List

Here is a list of current meetings with their descriptions:

Atomic SIG

Cloud SIG

The CCS intends to take ownership of existing CentOS Project relationships with vendors, and help to maintain the updated package repositories for all participating cloud projects.

Community Buildsystem & Infrastructure Meeting

Config Management SIG

OpsTools SIG


Software Collections SIG Sync-up

Storage SIG

Virtualization SIG

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