CentOS IRC meetings

Meeting schedule

The IRC meetings schedule is driven by the github.com/CentOS/Calendar repository. To propose a change or add a meeting, please submit a pull-request to that github repository. This repository is mirrored to git.centos.org.

The calendar is also available as an .ical file containing all CentOS IRC meetings, for use in your favorite calendaring app: iCalendar Meeting Schedule

Note that you should subscribe to this link, rather than import it, because it is subject to change.

A list of all meetings is available below.


CentOS IRC channels and meetings are often logged using a https://wiki.centos.org/SIGGuide#SIGGuide.2FSIGProcess.2FDailyWorkings.Meetbot_Commands, for the purpose of taking minutes. You can find meeting minutes here.

Meeting List

Here is a list of current meetings with their descriptions:

Alternate Images SIG

Automotive SIG

The goal of the SIG is to provide an open-source home for RHEL-oriented automotive work, and to attract and encourage open development of automotive software between commercial and non-commercial partners.

Please join us!

Dialup: https://meet.google.com/hkx-btgd-dyc

Working agenda:

Board of Directors

CentOS Stream Office Hours (meet.opensuse, not IRC)

Cloud SIG

The CCS intends to take ownership of existing CentOS Project relationships with vendors, and help to maintain the updated package repositories for all participating cloud projects.

CPE Infra and Releng Team stand-up

Hyperscale SIG

Hyperscale SIG monthly hangout

Infrastructure SIG


Kmods SIG


Software Collections SIG Sync-up

Storage SIG

Virtualization SIG

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